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So inspiration came from Spiders Duet entry actually, i decided to throw a pineapple in there because it sounded good and wanted to make a sorta pina colada with mango prominent throughout while not taking over the pineapple too much.
VT Shisha mango and FA MIS makes a nice and well rounded mango for me.
VT sugarloaf pineapple needed a little help from INW pineapple but thats fine.
and VT fizzy sherbet with FA whipped cream really thicken this up quite a bit and give it a good smoothie texture.

Watermelon splash, rum and pineapple with a sweet watermelon exhale. Perfect for the summer months and a nice simple mix.

Certified shake and vape, would work well with some Ws-23.

Mixers Club June 2021 White Whale - Pineapple Float

Thanks to Snapbackhatthat for inspiration.

So the base is pineapple Ice Cream. It contains
River Pineapple Sherbert - obvious reasons and somehow I picked it up on river sale so yeah.
Flv Vanilla Pudding - overall creaminess and nice vanilla touch plus good texture
Wf Marshmallow Gooey - make it thick. I said THICK
Lb Vanilla Ice Cream - more phat to ice cream base. Makes it a bit heavier and ice creamy.
The base turned out very well but unfortunately the pineapple juice made me struggle. Here is why
VT Sugarloaf Pineapple is the only pineapple I have left apart from some wf candy flavor. It was hard to make a bright pineapple juice part so I made my best. The base of juice it is.
Inw Cactus to make it a bit tangy and spiky and refreshing
Fa Kiwi - this one here is for the body of the juice. It is making everything in the juice part come together and slightly separate from the base. Adds extra juiciness and along with the creamy ice cream it plays very well.

But overall I am pretty sure the juice base will benefit from another pineapple flavor but I am yet to discover it

This is one of the most exciting combinations I’ve ever stumbled onto. These 3 flavors are pretty amazing at balancing eachother out. The end product isn’t really a cherry recipe OR or a pineapple recipe, but is deliciously unique and flavorful as hell.

I’m really happy with the tartness this recipe brings. Somehow the cherry batters away the acidity of TFA Pineapple, while the pineapples add some life to the big, dumb flavor of SSA Juicy Cherries. It has a great natural sweetness without any sweetener. The final product is tangy, bouncy, and very saturated with flavor.

The pineapples lend a hot top-end, and the cherry fills out the body very well on its own. Most importantly, this taught me that the best way to create a good mix is to keep it fuckin’ simple.

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NOTES: In a pinch, one could probably sub 1.5% SSA Compote Cherry for SSA Juicy Cherries, because they are similar.

SSA Juicy Cherries is a great flavor to boost the “middle” of a fruit recipe. If one of your fruit recipes needs some body, SSA Juicy Cherries can almost certainly help!

I hate to sound like an SSA fanboy, but if you dig this recipe... give SSA Multivitamin a shot. It has a similarly mystery-fruit deliciousness.

WaRnInG: Sensitive throats might find this recipe a bit harsh.

Made for Fresh From the Kitchen (Cocktails)

My Aim here is to create a summer fruits Icy & Slushy Creamy Granita(esk) cocktail.

I cheated & only used the bourbon in the cream for some relevance to the alcohol component of a cocktail.

Tested on a Hadaly, single 0.27 Alien @ 40-45 watts

Off the Shake:
A sweet creamy fruity (passionfruit forward) slushy textured vape.

3 Days Steep
It is a more balanced vape & the creams and fruits are working well together, the is a slight vanilla note with a hint of booze in the tail of the vape. Texture still Feelss like an icy slushy but not as prominent as it was off the Shake.

10 Days Steep
The combination of fruits is delicious, the slushy iced aspect is still present but has fallen back into the mix as the combination of creams round out the mix.

Might be a bit flavor heavy for some as i make this for my wife who still uses and Igo-W.

In honor of Springtime.

Mixer's Club - March 2021


I was sent FLV Basil and knew that is was meant as a task. Whether it was intentional or I made the task up, I took it. I knew I wanted to make a soda, but I couldn't think beyond conventional thought for a soda so I leaned on my cocktail knowledge to let me think outside my own box. I landed on Pineapple and that's where this train stopped.

VT Fizzy Sherbet for the soda base.
FLV Citrus Soda for a stickier, greener soda.
INW Pineapple for a syrupy pineapple.
VT Sugarloaf Pineapple to brighten INW up.
VT Persian Lime to add a tarter lime body to the bottom.
FLV Basil because that's what this recipe is centered around.


After the reviews from Mixer’s Club I changed some of this around to make it more flexible depending on the coils and wattages being used.

I dropped VT Persian Lime because it seemed to get in the way at lower wattages.
I upped the pineapples.
I upped the Citrus Soda.
I switched the sweetener to CAP Super Sweet.


The day I single flavor tested my Yoghurt Drink I knew I wanted to mix some peaches in there, so this is what I've come up with after 3-4 variations, While not perfect I think this is a damn delicious vape.
VT Yoghurt Drink @ 3.75 Brings a really nice creamy vague citrus/lemon flavor
Juicy Peach & Peach White make together for a good, yet calm combo. I prefer my peach to be a bit light, so I kept both at & under 2%.
VT Sugarloaf Pineapple was originally meant to be used as a "Sweetener", but ontop of sweetening the flavor it also brightened the light citrusy notes in Yoghurt Drink.
I personally don't think CAP/FW/FLV Sweetener is necessary but feel free to add some!
Shake and vape is quite nice but an overnight steep really ties it all together. Would love to hear feedback.


Got inspired by the snapple lemonade flavor was craving a pineapple lemonade for the warmer weather came up with this still working on it

Creamy Blueberries and Pineapple with a hint of lemon lime

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