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A 10 day steep is required. But after the 10 day steep it keeps getting better.

Layers of strawberry with a strong biscuit cookie taste. Strawberry all the way through with bakery notes that makes it very flavorful.

Me and my wife both liked the Sadboy Strawberry Jam Cookie but we like OUR recipe better.
She uses a Voopoo TPP coil, I use Oxva (rta) dual coil and this recipe is great in both.

If you see this recipe else where please let me know and I will change from original recipe to give credit to someone.


Tested on a Profile 1.5 @80w, Titan V2 @ 129w

A delicious blend of Strawberry Jam and Peanut Butter
Off a shake the Jam is much more forward than the PB, after 4 weeks this becomes much more balanced.

The Peanut Butter is made up of TFA PB DX @ 5% a good peanut butter that is a little heavier on the butter, unlike the non dx version this doesn't suffer from so much fading. PUR PB Cookie @2% helps to pop up the peanut butter notes in the TFA making it more balanced bewteen Peanut and Butter and also adds some texture from the cookie part, PUR PB Cookie is a must have in any PB lovers stash.

OOO Marshmallow Vanilla serves to thicken the mouthfeel up and add a subtle vanilla to the mix this also helps to blend the Jams into the PB.

VT Strawberry Jam is one of my favourite Straw jams used here at 2% to get that sweet strawberry Jam taste throughout the PB, to this OOO Strawberry Jam also at 2% thickens this Jam up and adds it's sticky mouthfeel as well as a little sugary texture. VT Butter Base serves to add a little more butter to the whole mix and also sime moisture/grease to stop the mix from tasting too dry on the palate.

I chose not to add any sweetener to this however as always feel free to use your sweetener of choice.

Add sweetener of your choosing.

My attempt at a strawberry cream filled cannoli. Very creamy and smooth. Solid as a shake and vape but gets better after a few days.

It's not 100% just yet, but a good start. Any variations/revisions/feedback to improve this, would be greatly appreciated.

So purchased FA CCT just to try really and wow, great flavour to build around. The other flavours here simply amplify the over all expirience. Butter, creamy and jammy.

Americana is a classic New york Cheesecake with a delicious strawberry topping and a buttery graham cookie base.

Wf Strawberry Cheesecake is super good, has a great cheesy note, a great graham base and a good strawberry.
The only issue is that the strawberry just appears in the finish, so here comes VTA Strawberry Jam that gives the top sweet strawberry note.

CAP New York Cheescake adds richness to the cheesecake part while Fw Graham Cracker and VTA Butter Base help with the buttery graham base.


This recipe is soomething that i have been vaping off and on(MOSTLY ON) Since the beginning of all the covid stuff. I am still not tired of it so thats something right? Basically its a strawberry cream with some dark berrynotes and a little bakery with a light cream note. Hope you enjoy!!

FW VANILLA ICE CREAM - Similar to liquid barns VIC it is sweet as expected from FW. It is nto as eggy as LB and thats what i wanted here just a light creamy note to clean things up on the end of the vape

FW BERRY COBBLER - TAMVAPES Turned me onto this flavor and i have to say i really like it...its a berry blend with some dark notes to it and a small amount of bakery on the tail. For me it is a little harsh off the shake but steeps out nicely in about 4 days or so.

STRAWBERRIES - The Juicy and Red Touch are a great combo IMO then i added the VT jam just to give some depth to the mix and bring some sweetness without needing to add sweetener to the mix.

NOTE - Feel free to add sweetener if you want it i have used it in this mix and its still good i just prefer it most of the time without.


A thick,sweet,creamy,decadent strawberry milkshake that’s worthy of a throne. Notes to follow in due course when I have time but for now,enjoy!
This recipe has taken some inspiration from Platinum Blush created by the @developed lads! Please check there recipe out and if you mix this please leave a rating and short review for other mixers to see. 😀💙


A friend of mine recently popped round to see me over the Christmas holidays and he’d just been vapeshop and purchased this new liquid from “Just Jam”. He absolutely loved it and insisted I tried it, I was pleasantly surprised with this one I’ve gotta say!! It’s extremely jammy,bright and has a lovely biscuit/shortbread on the tale end of the exhale. Like all commercial ejuice’s it was fucking LOADED with sweetener! I would say there’s atleast 1.5% cap super sweet in the original and I just couldn’t bring myself to add that much so I opt’d for 0.75% and feel this is absolutely perfect for this recipe.
Since cracking this little beauty pretty much all my customers are hooked on it and literally can’t get enough, my friend who initially let me try the original has insisted my version is ALOT better and I definitely concur,even more so the fact that my version doesn’t cost £25 a fucking bottle!!! 🤬Please give this a mix and be so kind to leave your feedback and a rating so other mixers can decide whether to try it or not.
Building my jam
My new go to pairing of strawberries to create an authentic (JAM) is VT Strawberry jam & INW Shisha strawberry,these 2 concentrates work wonderful together and portray that sticky,Jam like quality I was looking for with this recipe. When it comes to Blackberry concentrates I’ve tried them all!! The one I always go back to due to it’s none offensive,authentic like qualities is VT Blackberry, this works wonders in this recipe at adding some darker fruit notes without completely taking over and forcing the strawberries into submission! I use 0.5% FLV Jammy berry because I’ve found when building jams,this works great at filling in any gaps and adding a decent amount of “jammy ness” even when used at a small %. This concentrate does ALOT of heavy lifting!💯
Building my cookie/shortbread
This part of the recipe took the most work... After 8 different cookie variations all of which tasting pretty dam good,I decided to go about it a little different to the norm I’m used to. I wanted the cookie to be as close to the original as possible as I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the recipe and truth be told it’s the best best cookie/shortbread I’ve Vaped to date! JF Cookie/FA Graham Crust/CAP Sugar Cookie build a VERY authentic shortbread biscuit,it’s clean,crunchy and has great depth (more so than the original) and I will definitely be using this combo again in the future when I decide to play around with this kinda profile! It really is a winner. 🙂 Finally I use CAP Vanilla custard at just 1.25% to do 2 things....
1.) - To add some butter notes to our shortbread cookie.
2.)- Add even more mouthfeel to the overall vape and smooth out any rough edges. At small percentages CAP Vanilla custard v1 really shines when used for this kinda application.
Last but not least, CAP Super Sweet is used @ 0.75% and this is vital for creating the authentic sweetness that comes with a jam! Without it this recipe just doesn’t work so if your not one for using sweetener then this recipe isn’t for you I’m afraid...
I’m really proud of this one I would say it’s possibly one of my best recipes. S&V APPROVED Happy mixing guys and gals 💙

I never expected to spend my first two years of mixing trying to nail down a strawberry kiwi recipe. After an absurd number of iterations, I finally got it to where I want it to be. This recipe is a sweet and candy-like strawberry kiwi born out of an infinite cycle of trial and error.

Just a tasteful vape full of strawberry's and a touch of white rum.

FLV Alpine is perfect for the outer fresh strawberry taste while the VTA Strawberry Jam and OSDIY Succulent Strawberry makes a perfect jelly.
Finished with the FA Candy/Jammy Wizard to sweeten and adding even more jelly to the mix.
SA White Rum for a little boozy touch, and to finish a little FLV Lime Wedge for a little sour and that's it.
A perfect summer vape.

SA White Rum can/could be subbed by VTA White Rum at the same %

Flavor Notes