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(VT) Strawberry Custard

By: Vape Train (VT) - Buy Direct

Used in 55 recipes at an average of 2.514%.


7 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


A version 2 strawberry milkshake with some changes that makes the mix even better. I recommend to steep it for at least 5 days and its ready to vape. Enjoy!

So we have a combo of milk with melted strawberry inside and a note of caramel. Steep time 10 days. I hope you enjoy it!


Its a strawberry cheesecake with some newer materials for our cheesecake and our strawberry on the top. I snv cause i cant w8 the steep, otherwise keep it 10 . Cheers


A strawberry ice cream, really tasty and creamy. Steep time 7 days. Enjoy!

The best strawberry custard in my opinion.

For the cream i used FA Custard Premium, CAP Vanilla Custard, FLV Vanilla Pudding which gives me a thick delicious Vanilla. I help them with VT Pudding Base.
For the strawberry part i am using VT Strawberry Milk, VT Strawberry Custard which gives me a creamy strawberry. I add FA Red Touch for the natural strawberry i am looking for. Then i boost the strawberries with TPA Dragonfruit and VT Fairy Floss.
This recipe in my opinion needs some sweetener. So i use CAP Super Sweet. You can adjust this into your prefferences.
I was trying to mix it for more than 3 months to be perfect. Finally here it is. My favorite Strawberry Custard.

A really milky and creamy milkshake with strawberry. Steep it for 4-5 days and its ready for vape. Enjoy!!


This is a really rich pudding pound cake with a bright sweet strawberry glaze. The banana custard adds a creamy sweet note that is at the end of the inhale and the strawberry pops on the exhale . This was made for Mixin in the kitchen on day time franks channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpzG9vsIgaCUzHVrUMHiV_g

Cake - Pound cake, cake dip and inw cake create the cake base. pound cake is a fantastic butter cake base, with cake batter added for sweetness and frosting. INW lemon cake was added to support the cake body and use the lemon to get the strawberry to really pop up on top, the lemon note fades a good bit and is in the background

banana custard, Strawberry custard - added to provide a pop of bananna and strawberry flavor profile along with a custard. This is not an EGG heavy custard and I would call it more of a thick pastry cream filling ( cause who does not like the straw - nanna combo) - WF banana puree could have been used as well but I wanted to add more of that rich custard base to the cake

Strawberry glaze - VT does jams and glazes really well and this strawberry glaze is just that and works perfectly here

Holy vanilla - is just my favorite vanilla it adds a body and creaminess with a vanilla that sort of settles into a mix depending in the percent you use - inw shisha vanilla could be used as well but is not as deep a vanilla

can shake and vape - and the flavors taste bright and forward with minimal custard notes as the custard notes develop the bright banana and strawberry settle down into a really tasty mix

if you want that commerical sweetness add the sweetener of your choice, although this mix is inherently sweet - sweetener will make the strawberry and banan pop a bit more

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