(VT) Sour Lemon

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This started out .as an attempt as a blueberry granola bar and has become a blueberry lemon snack bar.

Raspberry Lemon Custard e-liquid is a thick creamy baked lemon infused custard vape, drowned in a warm raspberry sauce, with mild undertones of cinnamon and vanilla. A well balanced e-liquid for any custard lover.
Using my favorite Lemon Custard blend and adding TPA Vanilla Custard 2 and SSA Raspberry Syrup to the mix gives this mix the extra kick it needs.

Lemon Shandy Lager e-liquid is a delicious blend of freshly brewed beer and fizzy lemonade. This is a refreshing ejuice you’d want to take everywhere you go. On the inhale you will get loads of lemonade that’s not overly sweet with a subtle exhale of your favourite lager taste.

Blackberry Mint Lemonade e-liquid is a refreshing infusion of ripe juicy blackberries blended with lemonade and a touch of fresh mint. This ejuice defiantly makes for an indulgent flavourful beverage vape, any time of day.

Sometime in 2020, I pledged to make a Lemon Head candy vape. This is as close as I got. The idea was simple -- take the best lemon flavors and smash them together.

FE Lemon - The best lemon candy flavor.
INW Lemon Mix (WG) - I need sour, but will settle for tart.
LA Lemonade - Like Lemon Mix, after sour but will settle for tart. Also adds some wetness that I rather enjoy.
VT Sour Lemon - Can I have the sour please? Still not sour, but ramps up the lemon and tartness to 11.
FA Marshmallow - White center of the candy. This wouldn't be a Lemon Head without it.

Tasty off the shake, a little less "bright" after it settles into what it's meant to be in a day or two.
The lemon holds up nicely even after a month of steeping.

Additional notes: I did play around with several versions using FW Hard Candy. They just weren't as good as this version.

A reproduction of the original Lynchburg Lemonade. A wonderful mixture of Jack Daniels and sweet & tart Lemonade with a touch of orange triple sec thrown in.

A soft puff pastry filled with a sweet creamy Lemon Custard. And a light dusting of powdered sugar.

I absolutely love Ginger and I originally wanted to make a Ginger lemonade but since I had no experience with mixing lemonades I ended up with this off of hand taste pairings. I'm NOT sure about the required steeping time as I didn't get to try it until a while after I mixed it.

I really liked this one, I hope you'll enjoy it too.

My goal was to create a saturated full flavored blue raspberry candy. This nails it.

Solub Arome - Framboise is Raspberry

Shake and vape is a go. Really comes together after 3-4 days.

Developed with N80 on the Barrage rda.

With credit to ID10T for the inspiration, this needed a soda push.

I give you cherry lemon lime soda (akin to 7up)

This is so tastey and saturated and juicy idc if you snv it just mix this up

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