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Props to EyeMsam: https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/3644155/LEMON%20%F0%9F%8D%8B%20FIZZLE
For an excellent lemon combo to sit on top of this creamy-icy sherbet. If you don't have the PUR Citrus Menthol, you can sub either regular menthol or WS-23, but if you do have it, boy does it pop.
Bring on summer!

My creation of a Ruby Red Grapefruit Margarita.
I actually started with the Tequila. For this I'm using FLV Tequila Agave is just what it says Tequila.
Then for the Cointreau or Orange liqueur I'm using VTA Orange Tang and VTA Light Rum mixed with VTA Sugar Cane and Vta Sweet mate which creates a simple sugar syrup. For the grapefruit I'm using VTA Grapefruit which has a bit of sourness to it mixed with VTA Honey Pomelo and I'm using VTA Sour Lemon to help boost the citrus notes.


I was going for a lime heavy fruit punch. What I got was a complete full flavored limeade. I usually try to include why I added what and such, but with how this came out. . . . I don't think there's much a point to it. Anyway, if you like lime, here you go.

Made for Fresh From the Kitchen (Cocktails)

My Aim here is to create a summer fruits Icy & Slushy Creamy Granita(esk) cocktail.

I cheated & only used the bourbon in the cream for some relevance to the alcohol component of a cocktail.

Tested on a Hadaly, single 0.27 Alien @ 40-45 watts

Off the Shake:
A sweet creamy fruity (passionfruit forward) slushy textured vape.

3 Days Steep
It is a more balanced vape & the creams and fruits are working well together, the is a slight vanilla note with a hint of booze in the tail of the vape. Texture still Feelss like an icy slushy but not as prominent as it was off the Shake.

10 Days Steep
The combination of fruits is delicious, the slushy iced aspect is still present but has fallen back into the mix as the combination of creams round out the mix.

What a refreshing set of wonderful berries with the crisp clean tinge of sour lemon lemonade. FW Blackberry is a gem. It’s very unrealistic yet delicious. Added some FM blackberry for the tangy sour blackberry that kind of just sets this off, and a bit of blackberry raspberry for a more realistic dark berry addition to this trifecta. I wanted to go with FLV lemonade in this and still may as an adaptation, but i was testing a new batch of nic against my old one to find out if it was bad (plot twist: it was.. a whole gallon of nic completely un-usable) so i wanted to make the same exact recipe to test back to back. If you don’t have LA lemonade (why the hell wouldn’t you?!) you can sub for FLV lemonade with ease @ about 2-2.5%. Enjoy!

SIDENOTE: Please keep in mind all of my mixes are made for MTL as I do not vape DTL for any reason other than testing for MTL. Most of the recipes I share ARE tested at lower nic and higher VG%, but not all of them. Thanks!


A deliciously easy, straight up rhubarb compote. Bright, tangy, sweet and delicious.

I would definitely recommend adding super sweet to this, or your preferred sweetener. But you don't have to i suppose lol.

VSO Rhubarb lays a solid foundation down here. The CAP fills out the top notes and brings some sweetness, jamminess, as well as the start of some tang.

WF SnS Rhubarb here fills out the rest of this vape with the tangy delicious authentic Rhubarb notes you want.

VTA Sour Lemon keeps things bright and sharp. Remove the lemon and you have a
Rhubarb Trinity

Add this to some creams or Soda or something. Have fun lol

I’ve had HC Lemon sitting on the shelf since shortly after the Noted Lemon episode with Kindground. Unfortunately HC has discontinued Lemon.

Sometime in 2020, I pledged to make a Lemon Head candy vape. This is as close as I got. The idea was simple -- take the best lemon flavors and smash them together.

FE Lemon - The best lemon candy flavor.
INW Lemon Mix (WG) - I need sour, but will settle for tart.
LA Lemonade - Like Lemon Mix, after sour but will settle for tart. Also adds some wetness that I rather enjoy.
VT Sour Lemon - Can I have the sour please? Still not sour, but ramps up the lemon and tartness to 11.
FA Marshmallow - White center of the candy. This wouldn't be a Lemon Head without it.

Tasty off the shake, a little less "bright" after it settles into what it's meant to be in a day or two.
The lemon holds up nicely even after a month of steeping.

Additional notes: I did play around with several versions using FW Hard Candy. They just weren't as good as this version.

A reproduction of the original Lynchburg Lemonade. A wonderful mixture of Jack Daniels and sweet & tart Lemonade with a touch of orange triple sec thrown in.

A soft puff pastry filled with a sweet creamy Lemon Custard. And a light dusting of powdered sugar.

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