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Melon Rind (Flavorah) is a 10% reduction/dilution.

Add sweetener of your choosing.

The Sorbet Base (VTA) adds a slight minty vibe that pairs well with the fresh and candy melons. The melon rind adds that fresh and authentic melon profile. Very refreshing mix that's perfect for a nice hot summer day.

Personally i think that a summer vape should be either fruit or ice cream/sorbet . Custards and bakeries are just too heavy in hot weather and much more suited to autumn and winter . I wanted to mix something simple avoiding most of the usual standard fruits . I decided on grapefruit as it's something i haven't used very much previously . I chose VT Grapefruit as it is quite authentic tasting and also pairs well with other citrus flavours and combined this with Inawera Grapefruit to add more tartness and body . FA Mandarin is a real favourite of mine . It adds some sweet , zesty notes and i think it works well alongside the grapefruit . I added FLV Guanabana to give a tropical backnote without overpowering the grapefruit and mandarin . I've used a small amount of sweetener and ws-23 but this is optional depending on personal taste , can be higher or lower if you prefer .
Although this is can be a shake and vape i think it is much better after a 24 - 48 hour steep.

This is a candy based slushie using flavours i feel work really well together to create a mixed medley slush. Not alot gone into this one tbh kind of just had the idea, mixed it, vaped it & enjoyed it.

The blue raspberries with hibiscus speak for them selves as theyre pretty popular combo's although using hibiscus candy to fit the profile.
Sour water melon and jelly cherry are also a tasty combo and turning them blue works a treat. Using VTA sherbet as a candy like fizzy additive whilst sorbet base lifts the melon and provides some moisture for the slush rather than a straight candy. Also using sour apple as an additive as it carries little apple flavouring and more of a sour note.

in the summer I love this beverage it is a lime, watermelon, strawberry and coconut water cooler . It is similar to a slushie.
Made for day time franks Mixin in the kitchen episode on marshmallow

On the inhale you get a strawberry that transitions to coconut and ends with a watermelon and finishes with a light cooling note

watermelon is a slightly candy type of watermelon but does have some green notes here that is really prominent on the exhale. if you want a bit more realistic watermelon MB or FA watermelon lean more realistic

pineapple adds a darker sweetness that contrasts some of the bright top notes of the watermelon and sits in the middle of this mx - and it is not meant to be very prominent as it is more of a filler for the middle

Strawberry adds some jammy ripe strawberry notes that bring out the "red" notes of this mix

sweet coconut adds some volume and takes the bitter notes off of the watermelon which can occur when used above 1%

Vanilla Marshmallow adds density body, and sweetness with a light vanilla note that supports the red flavor in this mix

sherbet and sorbet are accent notes here. sherbet adds the citrus notes to help bring bright top notes of the fruit out. Sorbet has some additional melon notes with a bit of a mint cooling on the finish
feel free to add sweetner Cap super sweet at .5%

A twist on a classic cocktail the rum and coke. Sweet cola and vanilla on in the inhale with the rum and mint on the exhale, can be a shake and vape but flavor deepen 3 - 5 days
cola base VT cola is a straight up cola syrup adding the holy vanilla adds some sweetness, spice and pushes that vanilla note up front. The Fizzy shertbet adds that citrus note that is essential to a cuba libre and also gives a slight impression of effervescence
rum I like the combination of VT light rum and FA Jamaican run for a spiced rum
sorbet adds a slight minty cooling and fruity back note that is used as a top note here with the cooling on the exhale
SUBS you can use INW cola which would work pretty well here, FA cola does have a bit of a carbonation and a bit more citrus notes but the syrup is a bit thin so would need a boost - caramel or a cream soda

NOTES: Add sweeter to your liking or a bit more lime if you like that bright pop up top. If you want more cooling I would add a touch of polar blast but the sorbet does add that on the exhale . if you want more Boozieness then bump the VT light rum .
Best vapes at 40 - 60 watts in a RTA/ RDA

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This is an end of the day fruit tea that you drink as you watch the sunset. During summer vacations growing up we would go to visit my grandparents in NC , we would go and pick peaches for our SWEEEET fruit tea. This is my take on that tea
FLV Black tea - is my current favorite black tea , it is solid and not overpowering with a light drying effect that you get from tea. It is less earthy and dark then FA and has a slight floral note that works really well in a sweet fruit mix tea.
FA white peach/CAP juicy peach - my perfect peach mix of a ripe sweet peach - with some juiciness in it.
FA Blood orange - This combo adds some acidity and brightness to mix along with some sweetness. red orange is a slightly deeper orange note that works well with the peach and tea as opposed to a a more orange juice flavor that works better in cocktails.

flv milk and honey adds a base dark sweetness to this almost like a darker honey and helps to add some body to this mix and softens some of the tannin aspect of the tea
ADD TO YOUR TASTE sorbet - add a slight cooling with citrus and mint which is noted at the end of the vape. sweetner to taste - I like my tea to be SWEEET! best vaped at a slighter higher wattage ( 50 watts or so) to gain some of the darker notes from the black tea

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strawberry watermelon syrupy slush with cooling and the slightest touch of mint.

Created by Myself, Nevans.

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I've been on a yogurt kick lately and my mission has been to make a mango yogurt. While developing this recipe, I decided to try to add cooling agents after many variations to see if it would benefit the recipe and it definitely did.

The goal was to create a thick creamy yogurt that was slightly tangy and had delicious mango. I settled on using Cap Creamy Yogurt for the body, Cap Greek Yogurt for the extra tang, and VT Yoghurt Base to help make it pop (VT Yoghurt has a slight citrus note).

For the mango, I could have just settled on using the great FLV Mango but decided to add VT Shisha Mango. This combo gave it alot more depth and added more juiciness. I love these paired together.

Now onto the cooling. I decided to add VT Sorbet for the effect. It has a slight citrus note, lemon and lime, that work well with the Mango at helping it pop. The citrus is not noticeable in the mix. I wanted to add a little more cooling without going overboard with it so I settled on FA Polar Blast. It comes out to 1 drop per 10ml. This is chilled and it's definitely not overpowering.

Use sweetener to your liking. I like it with Cap Super Sweet at 0.50%


After many variations, I'm happy to release this.

This is a shake and vape, but the flavors pop after 2-3 days. I primarily use the Recurve, Wasp, Hadaly, Troll RTA, Serpent Mini, and mix it at 70VG. I don't like a real hot vape and usually use a resistance between 0.25 - 0.50

I have not tested this on sub ohm tanks since I don't like them, so I really don't know how this would taste in one.


May i introduce you to another strawberry juice? Yeah Strawberry how innovative, tell me more, tell me more.

Okay - it's Strawberry Science Sorbet or simply THE RED.

scientifically optimized formula to deliver mouthful fresh tasting schtrawwberry sorbet.


This was made for Mixin in the kichen red, white and Blue challenge
this taste very much like the OG bomb pops
BLUE - The LB blue rasp with the cotton candy work for there blue rasp type of sweet and tart note
RED - The grenadine is a a nice sweet pomegranate type syrup which I really like but it is sort of weak and is boosted a bit by the blue raspberry flavors.
WHITE - the lemon lime soda and sorbet create that type of lemoade note - I really like WF lemon lime as it has bit more sweetness that I wanted then other lemon lime soda I have used
Russian vodka is noted on the back end but it is very subtle as would be in a cock tail like this
Add sweetener if you like - will bring out more of the bright raspberry notes

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