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(VT) Shisha Strawberry

By: Vape Train (VT) - Buy Direct

Used in 79 recipes at an average of 1.911%.


3 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Aimed for a fried donut with a sweet jam filling without icing or creams.
Had to be a simple and tasty vape with few aromas.

FLV's aromas Lembas Bread and Fried Dough for the donut, a perfect light fluffy yeasted and fried combination.
VTA's aromas Jam-It en Shisha Strawberry for the filling.
Littel Super Sweet and you got a perfect jam filled donut.

Steep: recommended to steep 8 to 10 days

Thought i would make a strap on (strawberry, apple, watermelon ) out of my vta flavours it turned out to be a bloody ripper. even tho the watermelon is only .25 it is very forward in the mix.

You can add cooling agent if you like as this is going to be a great summer vape.

You dont have to add the sour mate or citric but i like to throw it in with some fruits.

Strawberry filled assorted chocolate Valentines Day candy put together with the help of LabWorks and Steam on SteamRoom Vapings K.I.S.S. show.

Flavor Notes