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(VT) Shisha Double Apple

By: Vape Train (VT) - Buy Direct

Used in 10 recipes at an average of 2.5%.


2 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Straight forward recipe, a combination of apples with a healthy punch of absinthe, this is pretty much apple sambuca on ice!


So I called this Fruit Roulette because while this profile has been done before this recipe is actually SIX IN ONE.. You can put the fruit in any order and its still a great vape with the main fruit being changed.

As posted is my favorite variation however i like them all. You can simply take for instance mix the watermelon at 2.25 the strawberry at 1.75 and the apple at 1 and it works still...just simple move the fruit flavors around in whatever order you want using these percentages and it works...hope you enjoy.

Only going to mention a few concentrates here
Cap Candied Watermelon - As the name implies it is indeed a Candied sweet watermelon..i don't get any harshness from this at all..this could easily be used higher IMO.

VT Shisha Double Apple - This apple is sweet as well full of apple flavor and a tobacco note...now the tobacco note here is why i suggest the 10 day steep..as long as the apple is used in the 1% slot the tobacco note fades to almost nothing making it seem like a spice note in the background.

Holy Vanilla - used here for some depth and Brightness

Flavor Notes