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(VT) Shisha Blackcurrant

By: Vape Train (VT) - Buy Direct

Used in 23 recipes at an average of 1.388%.


6 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Silence is golden.
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Let them in.
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Waxy candy ala starburst but nasty.

This is a blackberry & blackcurrant marshmallow cream on top of a ginger graham crust.

The FLV Boysenberry isn't really used for its flavor but to jam up the berries and make them extra syrupy. I really wanted to use VTA Shisha Blackcurrant. It is easily my favorite standalone currant flavor, but it is pretty potent and tends to want to take over a mix which is why I used it really low. The CAP Gingerbread & CAP Graham is an idea I stole from @ID10-T he used it in his recipe https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/48608#titanic_by_id10_t. The CAP Whipped Marshmallow I used by mistake. I wanted to use CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream, but grabbed the Whipped Marsh by mistake and didn't notice it until after I mixed it, but it worked out pretty well.


I liked VTA Blackberry so good, I thought I run the Gambit on it. The VTA Shisha Blackcurrant is a little cleaner than the rhubarb. The Milkshake Base really thickens up the ice cream into a well rounded vape. Sweetner was added in also, makes the Blackberry shine. Any kind of sweetner would be fine, I just like FLV better.

A delicious blackberry Croissant Breakfast dish.

The Croissant VT Croissant and VT Biscuit Base

Berry base: VT Blackberry, VT Shisha Blackcurrant, and VT Warm Custard

Drizzle frosting VT Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

"Learn more about mixing here:

Black currant and strawberry tobacco.

Vt shisha black currant- is a syrupy black currant. Initially I used this at a higher percentage and it completely took over the mix. So i dialed it back a bit

INW Shisha Strawberry- is a syrupy strawberry that smells and taste alot like a strawberry jolly rancher to me.

FLV Native & Kentucky taste very similar to me. Mildly sweet & lightly spiced tobacco with a hint of smoke. But in my experience with FLV tobaccos most tend to fade in a steep so i paired these together

FLV Cured- the tobacco note in cured taste very similar to kentucky and native, but cured doesn’t have spice that the others have. I also get kind of a syrupy note with Cured which i figured would go well with the shisha flavors. Cured also fades rather quickly if it is not paired with another tobacco

A nice back to basics shake and vape. It doesn't need sweetener, but a little WS-23 and/or Vape Train Fizzy Sherbet could be added to give this a nice extra few accents.

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