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(VT) Shisha Blackcurrant

By: Vape Train (VT) - Buy Direct

Used in 34 recipes at an average of 1.777%.


8 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A pure blackcurrent mix that ive been enjoying and is very nice added to lemonade or cocktail type recipies and creams/yogurts also

Black currant is the primary profile, modded hard with NR blackberry. Brightened with fizzy sherbet, sweetened with super sweet and cooled out with bull city ws-23. Added some Lychee to add some depth and complexity to the mix. It’s very good.

Art by Tom Hamel.

Silence is golden.
Open your mind.
Let them in.
Nothing to lose.

Waxy candy ala starburst but nasty.

This is a blackberry & blackcurrant marshmallow cream on top of a ginger graham crust.

The FLV Boysenberry isn't really used for its flavor but to jam up the berries and make them extra syrupy. I really wanted to use VTA Shisha Blackcurrant. It is easily my favorite standalone currant flavor, but it is pretty potent and tends to want to take over a mix which is why I used it really low. The CAP Gingerbread & CAP Graham is an idea I stole from @ID10-T he used it in his recipe https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/48608#titanic_by_id10_t. The CAP Whipped Marshmallow I used by mistake. I wanted to use CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream, but grabbed the Whipped Marsh by mistake and didn't notice it until after I mixed it, but it worked out pretty well.


I liked VTA Blackberry so good, I thought I run the Gambit on it. The VTA Shisha Blackcurrant is a little cleaner than the rhubarb. The Milkshake Base really thickens up the ice cream into a well rounded vape. Sweetner was added in also, makes the Blackberry shine. Any kind of sweetner would be fine, I just like FLV better.

A delicious blackberry Croissant Breakfast dish.

The Croissant VT Croissant and VT Biscuit Base

Berry base: VT Blackberry, VT Shisha Blackcurrant, and VT Warm Custard

Drizzle frosting VT Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

"Learn more about mixing here:

Black currant and strawberry tobacco.

Vt shisha black currant- is a syrupy black currant. Initially I used this at a higher percentage and it completely took over the mix. So i dialed it back a bit

INW Shisha Strawberry- is a syrupy strawberry that smells and taste alot like a strawberry jolly rancher to me.

FLV Native & Kentucky taste very similar to me. Mildly sweet & lightly spiced tobacco with a hint of smoke. But in my experience with FLV tobaccos most tend to fade in a steep so i paired these together

FLV Cured- the tobacco note in cured taste very similar to kentucky and native, but cured doesn’t have spice that the others have. I also get kind of a syrupy note with Cured which i figured would go well with the shisha flavors. Cured also fades rather quickly if it is not paired with another tobacco

A nice back to basics shake and vape. It doesn't need sweetener, but a little WS-23 and/or Vape Train Fizzy Sherbet could be added to give this a nice extra few accents.

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