(VT) Shisha Banana

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A creamy peanut butter blended with fresh banana custard and then drizzled with velvety caramel flavor. With a light biscuit base.
I don't know what it is about peanut butter and banana that makes it so good. This original reminded me of a banana cream pie with a layer of peanut butter underneath and a caramel toffee drizzle over the top. So that's the direction I went in also. I started with the Banana cream pie and for that I used VTA Banana Custard with a bit of VTA Creamy Custard thrown in for extra creaminess. And because Creamy Custard has a banana note to it. Next there is a layer of VTA Peanut on top of VTA Biscuit Base. And finally the sweet top note VTA Creme Caramel paired with VTA English Toffee and Sweet Mate.

Get a box of Runts candy and pop a handful in your mouth! This is pretty yummy off the shake but will blend together even more with a day or 2 steep! Sweeten if you dare .....this is more than sweet enough for me as is :)

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Inspired by Banana Backwoods cigars. After much experimentation, this is my perfect RY4 based blend.

RY4 Double TPA can be using in place of INW RY4 TDM, it will be just a bit dryer and less caramelly than the INW stuff.

If you don't have OOO Vanilla Ice Cream, it's good with other cream flavors too. Others I have enjoyed in there include Sweet Cream, CC Devon Cream, Avocado Cream. The rest of the recipe won't be right if others are substituted, though I have a friend who mixes this with TPA Banana Cream instead of VT Shisha Banana and says it's very good.

The menthol is surely variable to your tastes. I'd say 1.0-1.66 for former Newport/Kool smokers. Too much is higher. 0.75 for a more usual cigarette level of menthol. I'd still recommend using at least 0.33 for the flavor even if you are not a menthol vaper. People who aren't typically Menthol vapers have noted that even at 1.66, though the menthol comes through on a finger/knuckle test, it blends in with the mix very well and is barely noticeable.

i mixed the vt banana and sour lemon with the green apple and noticed that the vt banana has some custard notes to it and when mixed with the sour lemon they really came out when i mixed this and tasted it it reminded me of yogurt. I guess yogurt is a sour cream. i would love it if some more mixers made this and and gave me their opinion. Does it taste like yogurt to you?

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