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(VT) Russian Vodka

By: Vape Train (VT) - Buy Direct

Used in 74 recipes at an average of 2.653%.


20 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

So I have been on a Vapable Alcoholic drink kick here lately, trying to indulge alittle more on the adult side of the house, getting away from the desserts and candied flavs... this Recipe is very simple even a caveman could do it.. lol

Main Profile is Orange, the FLV Blood Orange and Orange citrus played well together on this portion of the recipe.....i wanted the Vodka to be balanced and not to over powering everything to this point worked very well together,,,added FLV sweetener to give that OJ a little pop and topped off with WS23 to cool it down ...this is definitly a shake and vape recipe should be G2G right off the shake

ADES Month MIXERS CLUB Submission.


INW Cactus: I used it to make everything extra juicy/wet so it would seem more like a drink. Rather than just a citrusy cranberry vape.

FLV Cranberry: Its my favorite of the 2 cranberries I own and it seems kind of like an unsweetened cranberry juice to me.

FLV Lemonade: I picked this up just for the purposes of this ADES month. It’s a really great lemonade and it doesn’t kill my throat which is a HUGE PLUS.

FLV Lime: I have a love hate relationship with this flavor. When I single flavor tested it ages ago my dumbass tested it at 1% and I wanted to vomit from the taste of Pinesol. I was gonna throw it in the trash but never did. Then Noted had their LIME week and everyone said how great it was you just had to use it low. So I gave it a second chance and it’s a damn good lime. It really helps to sale this more as a limeade instead of a lemonade.

VT Russian Vodka: This stuff smells exactly like cheap vodka, but it has a fairly strong citrus note when vaped. Which lends itself perfectly in here.

WS 23 30%: The idea warm lemonade/limeade just didn’t seem good to me. So I knew I wanted to use some WS23. Originally I used this at 1% in this mix and it was super cold more like a frozen Limeade. So I cut it by 60% and it seems more like an chilled Limeade now.

Hope you all enjoy

Loose Goose ... Another Take on a Bar or Casual drink .. it consist of Grey Goose Vodka and Cranberry juice topped with Sprite ( i do not have a sprite like flavor so tried my best to emulate one):

So what we have are the basics Cranberry and Russian vodka, then i added some pomegranate to enhance the cranberry and add some berry sweetness to the mix, next i tried to work on a sprite like soda hence where the Pink Lemonade and Morning Mimosa come into play.. i then added some sweetness to the end to tame the mix .
Then cooled it down with WS-23
Hope yall Enjoy.....

A mythical Drink ..From My days on the "Rock" Okinawa Japan.....This Drink is originally made with Absinthe, which i do not own the flavor for..hence why the Delosi Black licorice is in this recipe(if i had another black licorice i would have used that instead of delosi) but so goes life.... this drink would knock you down if you had more than 2 lol... it was that good .. AnyHoot
i chose WF S&S purple drink- due to its unique drink like flavor..and the main body of this profile ...
VT- Light rum & Russian vodka make up the alcohol portion(Minus the alcohol)..
FLV Sweet Coconut to compliment the Lt Rum and make it more of a Malibu style rum...
Cap Golden Pineapple to add that tropical flair to it ..
and the coup de gras.... Delosi Black licorice to give it that absinthe like taste...

this is still a work in progress and as i get more appropriate flavors i will consolidate this down to a more suitable and flavorful recipe.


This was made for Mixin in the kichen red, white and Blue challenge
this taste very much like the OG bomb pops
BLUE - The LB blue rasp with the cotton candy work for there blue rasp type of sweet and tart note
RED - The grenadine is a a nice sweet pomegranate type syrup which I really like but it is sort of weak and is boosted a bit by the blue raspberry flavors.
WHITE - the lemon lime soda and sorbet create that type of lemoade note - I really like WF lemon lime as it has bit more sweetness that I wanted then other lemon lime soda I have used
Russian vodka is noted on the back end but it is very subtle as would be in a cock tail like this
Add sweetener if you like - will bring out more of the bright raspberry notes

LOOKING for a group to learn about mixing your own juice check out these groups and youtube channels

Mixed live Wednesday night on Mixing with me Mates

Pink Lemonade (LB) is: Pink Lemonade (The Rebranded Range) From ChefsFlavours.

Be prepared to get a bit drunk on juice. Not really, but, I swear it tastes like I should be.

This is a mango lemonade with booze, now I don’t drink anymore, so I cannot tell you how authentic it is to the actual one that is sold, but that is ok, because I am not trying to make it taste like that. I am making it taste good for me.
So, that is why the name is Tam’s.

The base: This is Lemonade, VT Lemonade Clear, this is a solid lemonade to use as a base lemonade flavor, added to this is VT Mango Juice and VT Passion Fruit and Mango.
To add the boozy aspect, I used VT Russian Vodka. What can I say, but this is something VT has nailed, booze.

vT Fizzy Sherbet is used to add a bit of a wow effect to the drink.
The sweetener is optional,
This is good as a shake n vape, but is better after 3 days.


I was in the shack and Ro Ro mentioned she would like to see one of us DIYers to try making a Limoncello Creamscile. (limoncello is an Italian liquor that is made out of vodka, lemons, and sugar. Then you just wait. for months and months!!!) So of course I had to give it a go as a lover of OG home-made limoncello .

Shisha lemon / FW Lemonade have that tart/ sweet syrup type of lemon flavor combination that I wanted for the lemon base for this mix. When combined with the VTA sorbet and VTA Vodka this comes really close to a pretty darn good Lemoncello.

The vodka/ sugar cane / and sorbet are ideal to bring a slight note of sweetness, cooling and alcohol to the finish. While they are not necessary they add an authentic vibe to the mix.

oba oba adds some body and some light vanilla sweetness and enhances some of the tartness in the mix

meringue and ice cream create the ice cream base that i wanted to blend into the lemon flavor profile. Meringue brings the lemon and ice cream together ( thanks das mose for that idea)

sugar cane is just added for some deeper sweetness that is part of any home made lemoncello

This can be vpaed at 3 days but better at 5 - 7 days as the harsh edge of the lemon back down and the sweet cream comes forward. If you like a really lemon forward mix you can move that FW lemonade up to 5 - 6 % note that FW lemonade will be cloudy in a mix

This is a mix I made up for #DAYTIMEFRANKREVIEWS - Sunday mixin in the kitchen show . The Irish cream, and coffee combine to create the main profile for this mix. The meringue, whip cream and coconut add some fluffy mouth feel and create a sweet top note. The hazelnut, brown sugar and are the base notes. The vodka gives you that slight dryness on the exhale similar to what to the finish of a dry martini cocktail.

As with actual vodka this does not add a flavor to your profile - it add a dryness and extends the length of the finish on your exhale - which is a nice contrast to the sweet creaminess on the front end.

Flavor Notes