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(VT) Rhubarb Compote

By: Vape Train (VT) - Buy Direct

Used in 50 recipes at an average of 2.86%.


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Rhuberry Custard Tart, is a soft pastry case, layered with a healthy smearing of rhubarb and raspberry filling and then topped with thick delicious custard.

Ok so, FA Apple pie and FA cookie build the tart casing, Sugar cookie will contribute too.

The custard is fairly explanatory, it’s just custard premium as I didn’t want anything to stand in the way of that sticky rhubarb and raspberry filling, don’t get me wrong, the custard is there but it’s just not overboard.

Ok now to it, the best rhubarb by a country mile is VTA rhubarb compote... the only problem, it’s weak so you have to push it, it’s already thick, sticky and tart so adding VTA raspberry jam just finished it off beautifully.

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A valentines day cocktail - Sweet strawberry on the inhale that transitions to the slight tart bright citrus & rhubarb finish
best vaped on an RDA at 50 - 60 watts
This was made on FRESH 03 fundraiser https://www.theguardiansfoundation.org/

I like the mix of a tart and sweet in a cocktail and this mix does just that
Rhubarb compote is a slightly sweet thick almost syrup rhubarb paired with glazed strawberry create that sweet simple syrup of the mix.

sweet and sour rhubarb adds that back sour note along with some of the fizzy sherbet for those additional citrus notes
fuji apple adds some more bright top notes and inherit sweetness
sugar cane adds that darker sweetness of the sugar cover rim of a martini glass

Blackberry Pudding, with a lil rhubarb to give it some tartness.
This needs a least a 4 day steep. I get the best Blackberry I have encountered, and this is Blackberry in your face, but not overdone.
I usually don't use sweetner, but it is needed in this, It makes that Blackberry really pop, plus vta is sometimes on the dry side.
I also vape at around 35-55 watts. I bumped it up to 70 watts and got a whole better vape.
Using citadel at 14 ohms @ 70 watts with Topside Squonker.

A thick vanilla pudding laced with Rhubarb, Raspberry and Dragonfruit.


Tried VT Yoghurt Drink for the first time and this is the recipe i came up with.

Rhubarb stands out with the tartness but gets some help of lemon and apple.
Yoghurt Drink combination of Frozen Yogurt and Yoghurt Drink seems to be a good combo, i'll guess with that base there can be a lot of variations of this recipe.
If you like this with cooling, use WS23 but very low.

Summertime Recipe
Tartness of Rhubarb, the fizzy goodness of VT Sherbet, combined with Quince to introduce some water.
Maltol and FLV Cream are used to simulate the smoothness of a creamy icecream.
If you like you can add just a touch of cooling if you like so

This recipe should not be an insult to God and has nothing to do with it.
In my childhood, my mother always made Gods Food (in Swiss German: Götterschpys, in German: Götterspeise).
In a bowl, she has always added a layer of rusk (Graham Cracker Clear), a layer of rhubarb compote and a layer of fine vanilla cream on top of each other until the bowl was full.

I have now tried to replicate this fine dessert in a liquid and I think I have succeeded very well.

If you like rhubarb, vanilla cream and rusks, you should try this liquid recipe immediately.

My Granny had a rhubarb patch in her back yard, and every year we would have rhubarb tart, rhubarb crumble, rhubarb jam, and my favorite: rhubarb fool.

It's essentially stewed rhubarb and sugar whipped into thick cream, and it tastes decadent, tart-sweet and divine.

When I saw Vape Train had a Rhubarb Compote in their line, I knew exactly what I wanted to try to do with it.

FLV Cream - I wanted a full cream with a smidge of sweetness and vanilla that stays well away from any buttery notes. 1.5% is to make sure it has body but doesn't start to feel too heavy.

DIYFS Holy Vanilla - bolsters the creaminess while keeping things light, and the vanilla pairs beautifully with the hint from FLV cream to cut some of the tartness out of the Rhubarb.

VT Rhubarb Compote - This is the bright shining star here, it's probably a little more like a stewed rhubarb than a compote - but that's not a bad thing. It's a little sweet, but plenty tangy too - just a really accurate flavor. I can see this being perfect for rhubarb and custard vapes, and it does exactly what I wanted it to here.

FA Marshmallow: There is something of a marshmallow fluff texture to a good rhubarb fool, so I went here for that in terms of mouthfeel. And for the sweetness, of course. May seem high at 3% but I promise you that that's where it works best here.

It's fine to shake and vape but better after 72 hours.


Springtime is all about having some fun and now winter has almost vanished its time to get outside and start having some fun and this should be no different to your vaping habits ditch them custards!!! It’s time for something more lighter,more brighter and for something that really latches on to them springtime vibes and so to get the ball rolling chill out with a refreshing Bellini. Rhubarb works great with champagne so this simple recipe spotlights how good VT RHUBARB RAW really is and it’s works so well combined with FA champagne and with addition of VT sherbet to add extra FIZZ and a little sweetener to calm the tartness down this is perfect for lazy spring days all the way through to relaxing summer evenings enjoy!!!

Feel free to use VT RHUBARB COMPOTE as a sub

Add ws23 for a cold cocktail

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