(VT) Red Soft Candy

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This is a Raspberry Jelly (Jello)
Tested on a Profile 1.5 RDA 0.13 Mesh at approx 100w

27 Bears and Gummy Worm candy bring the gummy texture along with WF Raspberry Jelly Bean.

As these are more of a Gummy than the Jelly Texture I was going for VTA Red Soft candy softens the Gummy up bringing this into a Jelly along with the VT Raspberry Jam
The Raspberry is a blend of candy sweet Raspberries from all of the flavours except for Gummy Worm Candy

My Attempt at a Raspberry Jelly Belly, made much simpler by the new WF Cotton Candy Jelly Bean.

VT Red Soft Candy is actually VT Red Chew Candy
Absolutely delicious, raspberry chew candy. Add sweetener to your preference. I added .5% Super Sweet.
Tested on Entheon .25ohms, @60 watts. Also va;ping in Cog MTL RTA .76ohms @22 watts.

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Created live on Mixing after Dark.

Please note Vape Train Red Chew Candy was used not soft candy.
a delicious candy vape with chewy cherry and raspberry.


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sweet Red Gummy Candy

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