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I love Japan food but vape sushi is not a great idea. So I tried to emulate a japanese dessert: Green Tea Icecream with Azuki (red bean jam).
The recipe is very simple and tasty with less then 7% flavoring.

Ice cream
A combination of LB Vanilla ice cream and CAP Vanilla custard

Green Tea
FE Green tea is the perfect solution. I tried MB natural green tea also, but FE is a better and faithfull solution

VT red bean is a perfect Azuki jam. I tried to add VT jam it but it would alter the red bean flavor.

Sweet and steep
Green tea is bitter, so we need a 0.75 CAP super sweet here.
You need at least 3 days of steeping here in order to obtain the perfect mix of green tea and azuki.

Enjoy, review, vape!

I grew up on Chinatown (or Vietnamtown) in Paris and one of my favorite things I would eat as often as I could is called "Perle de Coco" which is actually "Lo Mai Chi" or one of the most popular patisseries in Hong Kong. It is a coconut glutinous rice dumpling, traditionally filled with coconut and mung bean paste, wrapped into rice flour and coconut milk, and rolled into shredded coconut.

FE Sweet Rice/Cap Horchata/VT Rice Base/FA Jammy/Candy Wizzard combine to form the glutinous rice made of rice flour and coconut milk. I updated the CAP Jelly Candy to FA Jammy/Candy Wizzard because the CAP flavoring has a fruity gummy taste that I don't want in my rice base.

WF Coconut Custard/VT Red Bean I'm using to make the filling, I'm hoping that the texture will be authentic even if Azuki red beans taste different to mung beans. The mung bean filling is the same that you would find in moon cakes and it is made with split mung beans, coconut milk, brown sugar, and some starch. Fingers crossed.

FLV Sweet Coconut/FA Coco come together for a really smooth and rounded real coconut.

VT Desiccated Coconut is pretty handy for rolling my dumpling into shredded coconut as it would be at the pastry shop in Hong Kong

Cap Super Sweet is not an obligation, but I added it here to cut short the steeping time for WF Coconut Custard and CAP Horchata.

A few notes:
1) FE Sweet Rice will fade pretty quickly, but adding 1% of FA Coco to it will slow that down significantly. Whatever rice flavor profile you're after, that is a neat trick to use! (thank you @Shyndo)
2) CAP Horchata has a lovely rice roughness texture, but it also has some cinnamon in it which is not part of the profile in this recipe. I decided that the texture was more important.
3) This treat is supposed to be eaten warm so don't hesitate to use higher wattages.

I love coconut and exotic fruits in general, and this mix turned out really nice right off the shake even if it got fairyfied!

Enjoy, be queer & vape on!

[Photo Credits: www.jujube-en-cuisine.fr ]

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