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(VT) Raspberry Jam

By: Vape Train (VT) - Buy Direct

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Buttery crumbly pastry, a layer of jam and banana, filled with custard and topped with coconut.

I’m a huge fan of a method I call the “two birds method”, showcased here by using the VTA creamy custard to aid the custard element and also that banana note without using a banana titled concentrate.

The custard - creamy custard, premium and Devon cream make up the custard here, the creamy custard adds a basic custard taste, mouthfeel and that banana note. The FA premium adds another layer and Is brilliant at lower levels of the spectrum and the Devon cream transforms all of that into your typical tinned custard taste.

The jam - VTA raspberry jam is a killer concentrate but needs help here to prolong that raspberry taste on the tongue so good old raspberry sweet comes to the rescue, both concentrates together along with super sweet give that jammy taste.

The pie crust - the apple pie, biscuit and zeppola make up the pie crust here, there’s something in zeppola that to me adds a “crumble” mouthfeel at lower percentages, along with INW biscuit, FA zeppola also has a slight coconut note which helps the coconut out by giving it another dimension.

The coconut - fairly explanatory... the FA coconut adds a nice coconut taste while making the whole vape fresh and moist, along with the zeppola it’s a really good coconut flavour that I’m happy with.

Please rate and review if you make it 😊


So I thought why not give a try my hand at a Cronut (which is a fried croissant in the shape of a donut- it is very much like a french crueler dounut) - with some of the croissant flavors now available. The challenge is getting the buttery fried Croissant with light flaky airy inside to stand out and be noticeable especially when adding a strong sweet jam filling

WF fried dough, croisant and glazed donut along with some cap butter get close to that cronut pastry .. The bakery in this takes a 5 - 7 day steep to come forward and for the contrasting fruit to settle in a bit

I really love VT jam fruits they are really a true jam but will tend to fade a wee bit. Although for this application that is fine

powdersugar because well I love powder sugar and more is better for me

Sweetner of choice for that super sweet - teeth rattling donut filling sweetness
Made for Mixn in the kitchen sunday youtube show


VT Turkish Delight - used for the rose note and for the caster sugar sweetness instead of extra sweetener
The cherry cola is used to boost the raspberry jam through the dominant cola.
VT Rb Energy Drink is enough to make the recipe pop due to its red berry fizzy candy syrup notes.
VT fizzy sherbert is a great additive for that simulated fizz
Sweeten to taste.
WS-23 can be increased but start low if a beginner.

Special thanks to Theo Kalaitzis

Inspired by

Coke/ Raspberry Rose Advert - the other advertisement I saw had ice cubes with a rose petal on the bottom with raspberries.


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