(VT) Persian Lime

A pretty well-rounded lime, mixing tartness, sweetness, and a bit of zest.

By: Vape Train (VT) - Buy Direct

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Taken from this post , by @concreteriver

Setup: Recoil w/ flavor barrel, Dual 12 wrap 24g 3.5mm SS316 @.31 ohms. 60w power, 450F temp limit. Full Cotton Wicks.

Testing: Vape Train Persian Lime, 1%, 4% and 8%, 60/40 VG/PG base, Steeped 16 days.

Flavor Description: A pretty well-rounded lime, mixing tartness, sweetness, and a bit of zest.

The lime here is all over the place, in mostly a good way. Vape Train says this is their realistic lime, and it definitely hits some of those kind of notes. I get a pretty realistic lime zest in the top notes. Not overwhelming or too harsh, but manages to be fairly present, at least before a longer steep. There is also a fairly realistic lime tartness to this. I wouldn't really call it fresh lime juice acidic, but the tartness adds some contrast and feels fairly realistic for something like a limeade. That tartness and zest plays off a sweeter, heavier base. Unsteeped, it's a little less thick than FA Distilled Lime, but it also isn't nearly as harsh. I think the base ends up sweet enough it kind of pulls this off a super realistic lime profile, but it's pretty well balanced.

And what would a citrus be without at least a little bit of weirdness in steeping? While this doesn't completely fade out like some other lime flavors, it does seem to change a bit. Off a shake, this actually seems to have quite a bit of fairly realistic lime zest. It's a bit thin, not terribly harsh, and reminds me a lot of a fuller version of FA Cold Pressed. Understandably, some of those really heavy zest notes start to die down with a steep. At about a week, I was still getting some zest but it was definitely a bit less aggressive.

This also seems to sweeten up considerably on a steep. At a week the uptick in sweetness was noticeable. At 16 days, it seems even sweeter and it's pushing a bit towards a candy or limeade type flavor. It's not that obnoxious bright "green" kind of skittles lime taste like something like FLV Lime, but more of a sweeter, heavier lime hard candy. Still has some pop and acidity like an actual lime, but it's gotten heavier and kind of sugary. It's kind of reminding me of a lime version of what some of the lemon flavors do where they basically turn into a lemonhead with a steep.

Trying to put this in some context, seems somewhere between the sweeter, brighter FA distilled lime and the more realistic FA Cold Press lime. As it steeps, it also picks up some of the sweetness of something like FW Key Lime or TPA Key Lime. It's the utility infielder of the lime world.

Off-Flavors: Nothing un-limeish. Seems to steep out considerably sweeter than it starts out, so that's a bit odd.

Throat Hit: Light. Pretty mellow for a lime or citrus in general.

Percentage testing: At 1%, especially steeped, I'm not getting a ton out of this. Some light tartness, some heavier candy sweetness, but it doesn't really feel fleshed out or filled in at all. I'm tasting a bit of my base through this.

At 4%, this is starting to fill in. That lime zest is coming through a bit more,there is still some tartness, and that sweeter base is definitely deeper and more solid. Balance is fairly good here, and there isn't much harshness.

At 8%, this doesn't really feel blown out. The zest is a bit heavier but it isn't too harsh and the base is feeling pretty heavily candied. While I'm getting most of what I want out the flavor, there isn't really anything that makes me think this couldn't comfortably go a bit higher.

Vape Train suggests using this mixed 3-5% and standalone 6-9%. That actually doesn't seem far off. It's one of the least intense lime flavors I've had, especially with a steep. Just based on these tests, and if you're planning on anything with a steep, I'd probably be using around 3-4% as an accent, and maybe 8% as a primary note but that seems flexible. As a S&V or short steep, I'd probably go at 4-5%.

Uses & Pairings: Kind of a catch-all lime. At lower percentages the zest and tartness are going to come through a bit easier than the sweeter parts of this. Should work well as a lime accent in stuff like fruit mixes or sweeter beverages. I think it's probably a bit too sweet for really heavy cocktail applications.

Should mix pretty well with heavier creams and custards in general, adding some decent lime flavor without coming across as too tart, bitter, or harsh.

Should also work in bakeries or cheesecakes, especially at higher percentages where that sweetness really comes out.

Second Opinions: Noted had a big old lime fiesta recently and VT Persian Lime was covered. Starting at 54:50 the mighty ID10-T and some other jerk talk about this flavor. Selected quotes: "I dig this one." "Better alternative to (FA) Distilled." "lime zest up top, sort of that syrupy type base, less fizzy but a whole lot more limey than Distilled." "not harsh at all."
Here is the product page from Vape Train. Their description: "Persian Lime has a real lime taste that’s sour just like a real lime, this flavour can be used and paired with other fruits such as Apricot, Banana, , Fig, Grapefruit, Guava, Lemon, Lychee, Orange, Mango, Papaya, Passion Fruit, Persimmon, Pineapple, Raspberry and Strawberry. Persian lime is also suitable for your alcohol beverage e-liquid recipes which may include Brandy, Cognac, Gin, Rum, Tequila & Vodka." That is a whole lot of things. After a steep I'd quibble a bit about how realistic this comes across, but yeah... throw it in whatever.

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This Maybe-A-Sangria. Im not sure because I've never tried sangria, but damn this stuff is tasty, fruity, and ADDICTING. I haven't tried it yet, but adding some WS-23 or some koolada might make it even tastier. I don't think many people like to drink their wine warm.

Have you ever looked at the art work on a commercial bottle of e-liquid and been inspired, when I saw the brilliant label on strange fruits "Spoiled Milk" I wanted that e-liquid, but I wasn't going to pay for it, I read the profile, a lime citrus milkshake and I had a bash at it a few versions down the line and this recipe was born and so I proudly present "Spoiled Milk blind remix" .

A Twister lolly, sweet raspberries cushion up nicely with a tart and sweet limes, a delicious ice cream wraps this all together to make this twisted mix.

Twizted II will bring those childhood memories flooding back, the addition of 0.25% WS23 or favoured cooling to give that ice lolly vibe.

You Voted, We Mixed a Brazilian Lemonade! With special guest Rugly, we mixed what in essence is a Creamy limeade. This version was first mixed without PUR Condensed Milk and was pretty good. So if you don't have PUR Condensed Milk it's fine, but if you do, you'll find it fills out the creamy body much better. See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/S_EhltMj9hM .

This is a collaborative creation by DEVELOPED: NaChef, Max Savage, and Folkart, with special guest Rugly.
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This tastes GOOD right off the shake!
This was an impulsive mix, first version, off the top of my head that tastes pretty damn good!

It kinda tastes like you put a red, a yellow and two pink chews in your mouth at the same time and got real busy in the chewing department..

It's a fun mix, interesting how you can pick up on the different notes at different times. It's got a nice texture, it's soft and pink and slightly chewy, the cherry and strawberry are somewhat combined and sit atop the "chew" base and towards the second part of the exhale the citrus notes come through, they are a nice mix together - lemon lime and orange. The apple I can taste more after the exhale.

This sounds complicated and I wasn't sure how this would turn out to be honest but I am really enjoying this and it's a wonderful candy vape without being way overpowering and in your face. This is really interesting how these flavours play off each other. SSA Juicy cherry is really nice in this mix. This flavour would pair so well with coconut.

If you've got these flavours, give this a mix and tell me what you can taste! This is a fun and fruity mix for sure!

Super Sweet is totally optional, for reference, I added it at 1% like I do with most candy or soda recipes, but you can add less, or more, if thats your thang. Enjoy :)

Update: After 1 day steep the citrus notes are more prominent over the pink notes and I may try and balance this out, this mix continues to surprise me!


INW Yes, We Cheesecake is a wonderful, creamy, authentic cheesecake with graham crust that makes an excellent base for this recipe. We're using it here as the main note at 4%.

I wanted to really crank up the graham cracker note so I added 2% TFA Cheesecake (Graham Crust) it's a really great buttery graham crust that pairs nicely with the INW.

I didn't the lime to be sharp or the main note but I wanted to be able to taste it. VT Persian Lime is a solid zesty lime juice. I've used it at 1% here, that's just enough to make itself known but not dilute or overpower the mix.

It was important for me for this recipe to have a vanilla note, as I'm (loosely) attempting to recreate the juice I used to quit smoking. OOO Marshmallow Vanilla is a good sticky, little sweet vanilla note here at 0.5%.

Sweeten to Taste.

Watch the Video Here:


First of all, this recipe uses a part of recent Developed Mango recipe.
Thx for that, it's an awesome candy base I use all the time.
Anise is a difficult flavor, but here it really compliments the Sweet Current very well.
The Sweet Currant normally gets boring soon, the Anise takes care of that.
I used to avoid Anise like the plague, nowadays I can't leave it alone. Must have vaped about a liter by now.
For me this is a topper of an ADV.
Hopefully you can enjoy it as much.
All the best,

PS: Hadeley RDA or Kree24 RTA - fused 28*2/38 clapton NiChr80 - 30 to 40W

A tropical fruit mix which is perfect for the hot summer weather . Sweetener is optional if you prefer it .

Best after 24 hour steep

A tropical fruit mix which is perfect for the hot summer weather . Sweetener is optional if you prefer it .

Best after a 24 hour steep


In this mix, the Raspberry is the main note, in which all other profiles work on top of. I utilized FA Raspberry and TFA Raspberry Sweet to produce a vivid raspberry flavor that isn't too natural and "watery". While it's not particularly deep, it's a great base for a popsicle flavor. Next, I layed in the lime, which is the second dominating accent note. VT Persian Lime + MB Green Lime produce a very tart and bright lime flavor that sits right next to the raspberry, rather than on top of it. Lastly, I filled out the finish with FW Blood Orange, and used Menthol to add a light mint note to the mix.

Live Mixing:

Flavor Notes