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(VT) Mango Juice

By: Vape Train (VT) - Buy Direct

Used in 61 recipes at an average of 2.868%.


10 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Doing MLK Mixing With fresh03 and Friends! I had to do an MLK.

You can add 0.5% of CAP Super Sweet to this mix to brighten it and round up the edges.

One of the reasons why I am working as an advocate and an activist and one of my favorite quotes from MLK: “We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

To be a voice of critic be a force of proposition, and in the steps of MLK, be the change you want to effect.

Enjoy, be queer and vape on.

[Photo credits: from the Nation Michael K. Honey https://www.thenation.com/article/martin-luther-king-jr-50-years-later/ ]


This Saturday was our Christmas LIVE Vape Rye Memorial Mix-A_Thon. Aussi Shayno requested a pomegranate, raspberry and mango juice:

Here's how this works:

Notes to come...

I love fruity vapes and this one is sweet and lovely on the shake!

Enjoy, be Queer and vape on! Also, donate to Rye to order any recipe you'd like from Fresh's Saturday panel.

Cécile aka Queer Your Vape

[Photo Credits: @dakaaar on Instagram]

Honey Peach and Mongo Juice create an ultimate combo, mango is more dominant but without that nasty mango stuff that usually comes with this flavour. Honey peach adds base note and that peach stickiness. You can mix this duo into your favorite lemonade base.

Add sweetener or cooling agent of your choice and preference, SS by Cap works the best for me around 0.15% (1 drop/10 ml). I do not like cooling.

Tested on NarCA RDA, 42W, 0.3 Ohm, Framed Staple Ni80.

I started with the Arnie Palmer. SC Black Tea is a pretty good sweet black tea. Adding that to LA Lemonade + FLV Lemonade(helps the lemonade longevity) and I wanted to try the VT Sour Lemon. This is a really sweet, tart and zesty Lemon which does a wonderful job of adding to the lemonade base. VT Mango juice is like that mango nectar that you get in a can and FLV Mango is that pure ripe mango. This is a pretty fun refreshing vape, add WS-23 or Sweetener to taste.

If you've ever had one of the Japanese candies, Mango Hi Chew, this is a very, very close replica of those candies. Sweet, slightly floral, juicy mango with hints of green notes and a touch of a melon note and the peach that rounds out and softens the mangos. Great shake and vape, steeps out into it's final state at about a week. Definite a good one to mix a big batch and vape as it steeps out.

( mango rum punch for Fresho3 fund raiser for the guardians foundation)
Helping one of the hardest working advocates out there NorCal Sickboy. He wanted a nice drink for the beach So @queeryourvape and I decided to help him out!!!


VT mango juice is perfect for this as is has a nectar type juicy mouth feel,
Royal orange is very much like fresh squeeze OJ and has a nice brightness and acts as is more of the top note here
The combination of light rum and Jamaican rum create a slightly spiced warmed finish for this punch

pomagrante was added for a slight grenadine effect
sugar loaf Pineapple sweet less bight pineapple that contrasts some of the brighter top notes of the other citrus
cinamon is added as an accent note that really creates a nice back note with the tropical flavors ( dont knock it till you try it :-) )

This is our take on a mango rum punch

This is a mango and banana fruit mix. Created for/on Interactive Mixing on the Diydownunder network

Boba teas (also known as Bubble tea, or Boba milk, boba slushie) is a sweet milk, juice or tea based beverage that has tapioca balls. Tapioca balls (boba) are the prevailing chewy tidbits in bubble tea, but a wide range of other options can be used to add similar starchy texture to the drink. Popping Boba are sphere-shaped and have fruit juices or syrups inside of them. This is a spot on boba milk to me -
if you want to add tea I would recommend FLV black tea from 1% - 1.2% for a darker base note or FLV green tea at .75% to 1.00% for a lighter tea note

VT mango juice and VT Passion are a great combo for this beverage , it creates a thick juicy syrup that is typical of Boba milk. beverage. and the VT Mango Juice flavor increases over 3 - 7 days ( you can sub for FLV mango but it does not have some of the syrup flavor notes that Juice Mango)
pur condensed milk Boba teas will often use a condensed milk to add body and sweetness to the beverage and pur condensed milk is perfect for this (and it really cant not be subed in this mix) FLV sweet coconut adds some additional tropical notes that helped bridge the bright fruit to some of the dairy flavors in this mix ,and acts like a bit of an emulsifier
VT Rice Base is ideal to add some texture and starch notes to this mix that is similar to what tapioca will provide in a boba tea

INW shisha vanilla adds some bright vanilla top notes and additional creamy body
ADD sweetner to your taste I used FLV sweetness @ .30

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Celebrate Summer with rainbow ice cream floating in tropical Champagne.

The Ice Crean Base is LB Van ice Cream, VT French Vanilla, and TPA Rainhow Sherbet to give the lovely rainbow sherbet taste.
The Punch is VT Blood Orange Champagne with VT Mango Juice, and VT Passiin Fruit and Mango.

LOOKING for a group to learn about mixing your own juice check out these groups and YouTube channels


Be prepared to get a bit drunk on juice. Not really, but, I swear it tastes like I should be.

This is a mango lemonade with booze, now I don’t drink anymore, so I cannot tell you how authentic it is to the actual one that is sold, but that is ok, because I am not trying to make it taste like that. I am making it taste good for me.
So, that is why the name is Tam’s.

The base: This is Lemonade, VT Lemonade Clear, this is a solid lemonade to use as a base lemonade flavor, added to this is VT Mango Juice and VT Passion Fruit and Mango.
To add the boozy aspect, I used VT Russian Vodka. What can I say, but this is something VT has nailed, booze.

vT Fizzy Sherbet is used to add a bit of a wow effect to the drink.
The sweetener is optional,
This is good as a shake n vape, but is better after 3 days.

Flavor Notes