(VT) Mandarin

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This is not an exact clone. Only had the original commercial juice once but it was unique and inspirational.

On day one, a mandarin explosion. Very enjoyable as is, but the way I preferred it was with a day steep. The mandarin will blend with the cactus and jack fruit. Very juicy and sweet.

Sweeten to taste.

Tested in the Horizon Tech Falcon Tank and entheon.

A quick little VT only mandarin soda , adjust your own cooling and sweetener levels I like it relatively low.

A heavy cookie with some brighter orange notes. Turned out rather pleasant with a full mouthfeel and a sweet orange backnote.

Simple Orange ice cream using ID10-T's 1 2 3 idea.
I'm still trying to figure out VT Mandarin. IMHO it is a candy orange but has an almost effervescent quality to it (ALMOST). I'm just getting into Orange vapes so my stockpile of flavors is limited. This is the most candy-like orange I have and it works pretty well here.
FA Orange gets a bad rap but it's very realistic which seemed to balance out the VT mandarin's syrupy taste plus it's strong enough to show up @ 1%.
LB Vanilla Ice Cream was a no brainer for me since I don't get pepper from it and it works well @ 3%.
I didn't use sweetener because VT mandarin is very sweet already but it's DIY so if you like it sweeter then go for it.

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