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A delicious key lime cookie with a creamy white chocolate finish. Read to the bottom as there are 2 subs\versions of this recipe. Worked on this a while, if the last year+ wasn't so straight up fucked up for me and people around me this probably would've been out before last Xmas. But, shit happens and better late than never right? This is the only recipe of mine that I would highly recommend if it looks or sounds good to you: mix more than normal, you won't regret it 🤤

Steep: Vapeable overnight if you don't like Steeping, way better after 5 days, optimal at 10-14.

The layers:

Lime: I like TFA key lime and was accidentally sent an extra 15ml bottle so it gave me some more wiggle room. Nachef uses it high like this in joker I believe, most use it very low. I needed to make sure it came through while not getting too harsh. Experiments with fa, both of them, VT persian (a great lime) all resulted in too much throat hit with not enough punch to get through the cookie and white chocolate cream. Adding a little bit of a potent lemon proved to be the trick imo. Was a shortlist to start and I found fe lemon and VT sour lemon to be the best.

Cookie: Who doesn't like or at least have cap sugar cookie?? It's not great on it's own unless you're going very basic or want to get into a weird muting balancing act. I think it starts to mute a bit much over 3% and that is not always a bad thing. It eats a bit of throat hit from the lime. Not much, but worked much better than trying to smooth it over with unnecessary shit.
Note: I also found out in development 2 drops of tpa smooth will TOTALLY eat a great cookie texture and flavor for breakfast. Great for throat hit reduction and actually left the lime layer in tact as well as white chocolate.
To boost it I ended up with fa if you want it unsweetened or Sweet Betsy if you have it works for a sweeter version and imo gives it a better cookie flavor. Cap crunchy frosted cookie is just a lie. Jf kept turning it into a damn pie (which is good as hell, but not my goal). I already know what inw and jf biscuits do (see: tart). Those damn lactone filled bastards with great texture, fuck off 😂.

White chocolate: You need flv white chocolate if you want to be serious about white chocolate. Great flavor. Only thing it misses is that it can be a little chalky if I'm nit picking, which I am. Really that's all I needed to "fix" with it. I ended up having to keep bumping this up, which is how I arrived where I did. In most applications I feel you can get by with about half as much, but don't be afraid to push it if needed.
VT love adds to the richness and almost firms up the white chocolate body in the same way I feel MB glamour chocolate would work if your regular chocolate recipe was too syrupy. Why fix what's not broken though? Flv at that % should be plenty thick right? Yeah. But I wasn't done fkng with it yet:

Ever since getting it I've been enamored with WF white chocolate (milky cream). It's interesting. It's a nice cream flavor that's for sure. Solo white chocolate? Ehhhh that's pushing it, but I've also never tried pushing it to breaking point. After I mixed it with another white chocolate though I see why they named it the way they did instead of just milky cream. This adds another layer, the creamy finish. Pushing it much higher in this recipe started to make other things fall apart, and low enough to just cover the chalkiness of the flv white chocolate works BUT there's also this middle ground. I also just plain love a good cream finish in my vape.

Sweetener: Totally optional but it's pretty sweet with the white chocolate and sugar cookie. I like it with the sweet Betsy cookie being used as a sweetener with purpose (see subs below) but a little ss or fw sweetener works as well.

There are 2 subs that will work in the recipe:
fe lemon and VT sour lemon, at the roughly the same % achieve the same goal. In development my partner in crime at the time preferred it with the fe, while I liked it with the VT, if subbing with VT punch it to 0.5%
FM sweet Betsy cookie at same % as the fa cookie gives a great vape, but if you don't like sweetener then you won't like it. If you do make this sub and you're sensitive to lactones becoming coconut-y I suggest not using the sweet Betsy cookie above 1.5%. if you need it commercial sweeter than that add some sucralose. Even with the muting that the sugar cookie is doing that flavor at 1.7% made it stick out to me.

I've worked on this on and off for over a year vaping a version the whole time either personally or someone very close. and there's still 2 versions. It's fucking done..

Thanks for reading and enjoy! Happy mixing 😎💨💨

A simple recipe with the strawberry trinity mixed up with some white chocolate and peppermint.

Fear not, I am here for all the white chocolate lovers that wanna taste that little extra, a sweet white chocolate mixed in with some hazelnuts, what could go wrong?


You Voted, We Mixed a White Chocolate Raspberry....kinda.

What we were going for was a type of raspberry infused, white chocolate "fudge Bon Bon". What we ended up with was more of a Raspberry and Cream. Although it wasn't accurate to the profile we were going for, it was close and very delicious. The raspberry is sweet and is most definitely the top note, but by adding the VT Love DIY, it seemed to help blend the creams with the raspberry to give it a more balanced feel. If you want to get more white chocolate and less of the raspberry, you can increase the FW White Chocolate to 2.5%. This seems to be a bit more accurate to the original profile we were going after, but we enjoyed the over-all recipe as listed below. See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/RhcL50uOXE8.

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Bowden’s Mate features the flavors of crisp creamy mint with subtle dark chocolate notes and a malted French vanilla finish.
The original Bowdens Mate by Five Pawns reminded me of a Andes Candy a mint cream wedged between two slices of Dark Chocolate with a little bit of malted cream mixed in. So for my remixed version I decided to go with VTA Creme de Menthe for the mint aspect because it's minty with a hint of chocolate. Next I chose VTA Dark Chocolate with VTA Love which has a white chocolate and malty taste. The white chocolate aspect actually helps the French Vanilla Ice Cream pop more. VTA Sweet Mate give it a slightly sweet bump. Next the VTA Swiss Chocolate is more of a cocoa than chocolate but it helps boost the chocolate notes in the creme de menthe. The Vanilla cream adds to the creaminess of the flavor.

a recipe based on what I thought might be nice really, I set out to make blueberry waffles but thought a little bit of this and a touch of that with drop of dappy goodness turned out really nice in my humble opinion.

The blueberry juicy ripe FA is the star of the show its dark and decadent tones setting up nice with blueberry FW.

A VTA Remix of Five Pawns Classic Symmetry Six. Featuring lots of strawberry and sugared rhubarb compote, this is enhanced with savory Graham cracker and a malty, velvety vanilla cream for a bold full-bodied taste.

Seen the new Kellogs release and had an idea.
Rice Crunchies makes up the main cereal aspect and is a popular choice amongst many simular profiles, paired it will some acetyl pyrazine so as not to loose the grain/ cereal too much.
Love & Strawberry milk make up the flavoured cereal and milk aspect with the meringue bringing in some extra sweetness to the milk and premium add a layer of subtle richness for the white chocolate notes.

I havent done any tests for this recipe really kind of just mixed what i thought would work then let it sit over night and started vaping it, so if anyone has some suggestions let me know but so far this isnt bad at all and does taste like what it supposed to be. Will get better after a steep i should imagine but let me know your thoughts 😄

Those little Debbie Vanilla white cakes with Creamy insides.

Fluffy white cake and rf sugar cookie make up my cake base here, rf sugar cookie is a more "cakey" cookie, like a cupcake, so here it fits very nicely.

For the cream notes i used vta sweet cream and vta love. The white chocolate notes in love arent too prevalent, but love acts as a nice bridge between the cream layer and the frosting layer, working both ways. Flv frosting and fa oba oba make up the shiny outter coating of this treat, and everything on this just adds to the whole vanilla aspect of things.

Steep this for a week for best results, 3 days minimum.


A rich and decadent vanilla custard with swirls of white chocolate.
The custard is thick almost like a pudding type mouth feel with bright & sweet vanilla notes that turn deep on the exhale and creamy white chocolate running threw the vape.

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