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Fw Lemonade is actually Vta Lemonade Solo.
This is just a bright and tart lemonade loaded with lots of dark berries. VTA Bilberry Ripe, Blueberry, Boysenberry and Blackberry make up the berry blend. While VTA Lemonade Clear, Lemonade Solo and Plain Lemonade make up the lemonade.

In this episode of Blind ReMix, we enlist eyeMsam to describe the e-liquid that got him off cigarettes; Wild Watermelon Lemonade by Lemon Twist.

It had been awhile since he had the original, but his description was, a candied watermelon lemonade and not a more natural watermelon as the name seems to suggest. Our first attempt was pretty close to what he remembers except that the lemonade part was different, but still good. We went through several versions during the live show and were split on which version was the best. Folkart and MaxSavage liked this version while eyeMsam and Nachef liked Version 1:

Version 1
FE Lemon | 1%
VT Lemonade Clear | 1%
WF Lemonade SC | 2%
CAP Super Sweet | 1%
FLV Watermelon | 1%
WF Watermelon Candy (Extra Sour) | 1%

You be the judge which is better. See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/nAGzeih52kg .

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Blackberry Mint Lemonade e-liquid is a refreshing infusion of ripe juicy blackberries blended with lemonade and a touch of fresh mint. This ejuice defiantly makes for an indulgent flavourful beverage vape, any time of day.

This is my VTA version of Developed's Brazilian Lime Cream. Of course being a huge fan of VTA i just had to try Vape Train this recipe. The Lemonade clear works great with the Shisha Lime and Lime Cordial. Pear halves helps sweeten and thicken up the mix. And Milk Fresh and Warm Custard (which is actually a Condensed Milk) create a wonderful cream layer.

A reproduction of the original Lynchburg Lemonade. A wonderful mixture of Jack Daniels and sweet & tart Lemonade with a touch of orange triple sec thrown in.

Here is a release of the Christmas special in the Divine FanTastic Range from way back when.
It’s based on the popular English snowball cocktail that a lot enjoy over the Christmas period well in the UK anyway.

My take on the Mixin Vixen's Unicorn Drink. I based this solely off the picture. I did not use any alcohol but if I would, it would be VT Light Rum @ 1%-1.5%

Steep: 3 days to mellow out

VG/PG: 70/30

Developed in the Reload S RDA using N80 quad core fused clapton.

This is my take on a simple blue razz lemonade. LB and OSSDIY are clearly the best Blue Razz flavors, but even combined at a high percentage need a little support, which is why added in the INW Rasp. I love using INW rasp low to bolster the Blue Razz flavor and make it pop.

I didn't want to cheat this recipe and build on my puckenade, so I took a shot at using some other lemons. I really like the VT Lemonade clear its a nice lemonade with a touch of fizz, I don't really get the fizz in this, but that's because I didn't want this to be fizzy. The vt sour lemon is extremely potent and adds some of that fresh lemon pucker and the FW Lemonade is just a lemonade support.

I used the TFA Pear as a bit of sweet blender along the cactus to round some of the sharp edges. For you cactus haters out there I can't taste any cactus since it's used so low. The WS-23 and Cap SS can be used in whatever quantity you prefer. For a simple recipe this took 2 additional revisions after I first mixed it, so this was nice little challenge.

A simple lemon-lime soda that's zesty and refreshing, gentle on the throat.

I find that FLV Citrus Soda and WF Lemon Lime Soda have an aspartame-like sweetness that's off-putting while CAP Lemon Lime is too astringent for my taste buds. I wanted to make a simple version that suited my own taste buds and hopefully yours too.

5% VT Lemonade Clear: a light lemon forward/ lime soda. The lime notes get too piney any higher than 5%. However, this needs help to get it where I want it:

2% VT Sour Lemon and 1.25% FE Lemon boost lemon notes and add tartness and volume.

1.5 % VT Fizzy Sherbet adds "effervescence" and light lemon/lime. When used over 1.5%, I find its lime notes get way too bitter and intrusive.

0.25% Super Sweet rounds out sweetness.

WS-30 for cooling effect and to enhance fizz effect.

Needs at least 1 day minimum steep. Don't make big batches as this mix will lose vibrancy after 1 week, although still vapeable.


0.30% VT Ginger Root for a hint of fresh ginger.

Lemonade, bitters, cranberry juice, rum, and a dash of cream provides a drink as Supreme as the High Command itself!

Sweeten to taste.

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