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(VT) Jam It

By: Vape Train (VT) - Buy Direct

Used in 93 recipes at an average of 1.269%.


6 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Red touch is chemnovatic strawberry

Results of the 6/13 LIVE mixing, hosted via the Beginners DIY vape group on Facebook.


Come check us out, whether you are new to DIY or an old dog in the game, come share your thoughts and help others out there kick the stinkies and learn to create a healthier and more fun alternative!

Lets break this one down:

VT Jam It : I have a love hate relationship with this flavor. The jam effect is pretty on point in my opinion, however, it has a very citrus like top note to it, and almost an apricot taste and aroma. This makes it slightly difficult per se to pair with other fruit flavors when making a really convincing jam. However, if youre like me, you spread butter AND jam on your toast, and when you pair that with strawberry jam, it almost gives it that light citrus kind of flavor that I get from VT Jam It. Check this flavor out if you dont have it, its pretty fun to mess with.

WF Croissant - This one is an interesting one. WF is probably my favorite flavor company right now, and thats not because im a Canadian. I actually love the way this one tastes, and after a week to two week steep, it tastes like those oily buttery flaky croissants you get by the dozen at the supermarket. This isnt the "jam monster" toast taste that you might be hoping/expecting, however, give it a try. I find it to be a really nice almost 'lite' version of the commercial juice but with a unique twist to it.

TPA Butter - what can I say, its fuckin butter. Tastes like butter. Dont use too much or youll be drinkin butter. Butter butter butter.

Chemnovatic Strawberry - Im still on the fence about Chemnovatic. Their Lemon Cream Wafer is out of this world amazing, so I had to order their whole lineup. Chemnovatic Strawberry is nice and flavorful but not too dense. Lacking a bit in mouth feel but I dont want to press it higher and get a candied strawberry taste, so thats where FA Juicy Strawberry comes into play.

FA Juicy Strawberry - helps give some body to the red touch and make it an overall nice strawberry jam. Helps overpower the citrus notes of Jam It.

You can essentially swap out the strawberry flavorings for any fruits that you wish. Thats the beauty of Jam It and this recipe. Go ahead and try it and feel free to let me know what you think. I wouldnt go too high on the fruits, and be careful, as some dont pair too well with butter.


adjust sweetener to taste. Going for that dirty dangles commercial sweet here with 1% SS.

Orange slices with milky chocolate. The perfect combination of chocolate and orange in my opinion.

A pure and simple apricot jam, perfect zingyness, perfect sweetness, i wouldn't advise dropping the sweetener as it helps massively

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Aimed for a fried donut with a sweet jam filling without icing or creams.
Had to be a simple and tasty vape with few aromas.

FLV's aromas Lembas Bread and Fried Dough for the donut, a perfect light fluffy yeasted and fried combination.
VTA's aromas Jam-It en Shisha Strawberry for the filling.
Littel Super Sweet and you got a perfect jam filled donut.

Steep: recommended to steep 8 to 10 days

If you love The Prophet by Illusion, check this one out.

TPA Dragonfruit and FW Blueberry both at 4% are the main notes in here.
I'm pretty sure I can taste INW Cactus in the original so .7% INW Cactus and round off the sharp edges with .5% TPA Marshmallow.
FLV Boysenberry at .5% to bend the Blueberry into a little darker blueberry to give it a little bit more depth.
CAP Sweet Strawberry at 1% takes the Dragonfruit to another level.
VT Jam It and TPA Whipped cream both at .5% to blend all the flavors together.
.5% CAP Supersweet is optional.

I'm mixing for a few years now. Most of my mixes are based on premium juice profiles.
My recipes are remixes and not clones. In my attempts to remix these juices I'm always trying to make
it as good as, or even better than the commercial juice without the loads of sweetener these companies throw in.

Give it a try and enjoy ........................

steep for 4 weeks the deep fried dough takes a wile to come through

Flavor Notes