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Pistachio, crossiant, honey, baklava, balaklava - mix this up lemme know what you think. needs savory notes

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Custard Premium and Pudding Base do the heavy lifting here, with Holy Vanilla, Maple Syrup and Honeycomb adding a sweet vanilla depth and then topped off with the Devon Cream to bolster the cream element and give a nice hint of chocolate.

Please try and let me know what you think!

Thrown together on Fresh03's "Mixing For Mike" show on 6/12. Rawlinsonboy's donation to the GoFundMe for VapinTrucker's family bought him a recipe request, and that request was honeycomb chocolate cheesecake. I asked everyone if the chocolate meant chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, or the cheesecake itself is chocolate cheesecake, and fellow mixers seemed most interested in chocolate chips, which made me happy because it's by far the easiest to do, though VT Chocolate Mousse probably wouldn't have made chocolate cheesecake too hard. I just used PUR's NY Cheesecake and Cheesecake Graham to give a slight upgrade to this Cheesecake Trinity, dumped a ton of VT Honeycomb on top, used as much WF Chocolate Chunks as I thought I could get away with without it getting weird, and added some Sweetener because chocolate honeycomb cheesecake. The little bit of VT English Toffee is where I imagine the honeycomb toffee bits and cheesecake start to melt together a little in your mouth.

This might be done, but I'm probably going to try it again after a steep and tweak it a bit. Might consider switching to a chocolate cheesecake instead of a cheesecake with chocolate chips in and on it, switching from graham to a chocolate cookie crust, or trying to make it more like a milk chocolate-coated honeycomb toffee candy bar crunched up on a cheesecake. But it's already pretty yummy, and if Rawlinsonboy's happy, I'm happy.


Honeycomb Custard: Reborn.

A different Variation of one of my most popular recipes, this isn’t to better or to replace that, this is simply a quicker steeping, more honeycomb pronounced spin-off.

The premise is the same as the original, the MB legendary custard and FA premium form the custard base for which the honeycomb will penetrate, the honeycomb is made up of obviously the VT honeycomb but helped massively by the OOO Creme brulee an FLV cotton candy which both supply a caramel note imperative to the honeycombs attendance.

Gone are the days of the sugar cookie, say hello to my lil friend... OOO bread pudding, such a good concentrate especially for mouthfeel and natural sweetness. I use this low to form a canvas for everything to sit on.

Sweetener is subjective although very tasty and helps the honeycomb out.

Steep: 5 days+ but still nice from the shake.

If you like this recipe (which you will) then please rate and review accordingly.

Rich, decadent Butterscotch Torte for this weeks episode of Mixin Vixens
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Hey guys, I don’t know about you lot but I just love a nice bowl of cornflakes with chopped fresh strawberries on top! 👌🏻

Thing is, trying to translate the above in vape form and actually capturing all the right notes etc is a lot easier said than done...
now,the obvious choice to get things started for me could only ever be CAP cereal 27 however it does need some support IMO. I paired this with FLV popcorn and VT honeycomb to add fullness and some extra texture. I really love this combo and have spent some serious man hours refining it and feel it’s a solid Kellogg’s “cornflake”.

Now I mentioned we are having (FRESH) strawberries with our cereal so a strawberry combo I’ve used in the past for that kinda application is FA juicy strawberry with TPA ripe strawberries, these 2 together make a beautifully fresh,moist,full 🍓 without any syrup or jammy qualities.

Finally I completed the recipe by adding the milk. I wanted the milk part of the recipe to taste like the cereal had been sitting in there awhile so to achieve this VT milkshake base comes into play, I really like this concentrate and feel it was made for this kinda usage! @ 1% it adds a malty quality to the milk which is reminiscent of the actual food source and works perfect to capture the right nuance I was after. Adding in oOo cream milky undertone amps up the (fresh milk) and really puts the icing on the cake...or milk on the cornflakes in this case!
If you look at my recipes they all have sweetener in them as I feel for the most part, seasoning your recipes with subtle suggestions of sweetness really brings out those top notes and for me,makes the vape experience much more enjoyable. I personally recommend this particular recipe does have the CAP super sweet however, there’s a fair bit of EM in Tpa ripe strawberries so if you really prefer your ejuice without it then don’t add it. 😁

I put a lot of work into this recipe and feel it’s one of the best I’ve released in awhile. I would love you all to give this one a mix and leave me your feedback, I hope you all love it as much as me! 😎 stay safe guys and take care 💙


  • Waffle and Caramel

A delicious fluffy Belgian style waffle, with an ooey gooey caramel drizzle!

MB Classic Belgian Waffle is the main part of the recipe - The waffle itself. Sweet and rich vanilla flavor.
SSA Crisp Waffle is there along with the VT Honeycomb to add some crispy caramelized crust to the waffle, as the MB Classic Belgian Waffle doesn't really have any of that on its own.
VT Golden Syrup along with VT Butter Toffee Base is the caramel part of this recipe. I found these two together do a better job, than any single caramel flavoring I've tried.

This does need a steep though.
VT Butter Toffee Base tastes a bit weird at first - and the waffle really shines, after it has had time to develop.
After 12 days, it all comes together.

/ Please feel free to leave feedback


A delicious bowl of honey Graham cereal with lashings of fresh,whole milk. This recipe is a must for all you cereal lovers!!! 💯👌🏻 Minimum 7 days steep, please leave your feedback on my creation. Happy holidays guys 💙

Remixed this for the show. I love this version give it a go!

I have no idea if this is good as I hate tobacco vapes so if someone wants to mix this up and tell me that would be great.


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