(VT) Guava

Lightly funky and musky realistic guava with a sweeter guava nectar type body.

By: Vape Train (VT) - Buy Direct

Used in 5 recipes at an average of 1.6%.


Taken from this post , by @concreteriver

Setup: Recoil w/ flavor barrel, Dual 12 wrap 24g 3.5mm SS316 @.32 ohms. 60w power, 450F temp limit. Full Cotton Wicks.

Testing: Vape Train Guava, 1%, 4% and 8%, 60/40 VG/PG base, Steeped 10 days.

Flavor Description: Lightly funky and musky realistic guava with a sweeter guava nectar type body.

Guava here tries to split the difference between sweet nectar and an actual fruit. The base of the flavor is relatively full and definitely has some of that sticky, full guava nectar type of body. Some light tartness helps set offset some of the heaviness, but still feels more like nectar. Not as full-on hawaiian punch "red" as some of the other guava options, and some fresher guava type top notes. My big dumb 'murican palate reads this as sort of papaya-esque, with a softer, warmer tropical fleshy kind of vibe.

The guava here is fairly musky. The room note is honestly just a bit strange, but there's nothing really offensive when you're vaping it. Light kind of ammonia vibe, but nowhere near as obnoxious as TPA Guava. Ripe tropical fruit kind of musk, can stick out a bit in busier mixes At higher percentages, starts to pick up a sort of vegetal finish. Somewhere between a piney mango peel and some of the muddy green notes on the end of passion fruit flavors. I almost pick up a bit of a minty cooling at 8%. Overall the off-notes are present, but not completely overbearing.

Moderately full mouthfeel here. Gets thick and a bit sticky at higher percentages. Almost has a light gelatin or gummy vibe closer to 8%. Fairly full-bodied sweetness. Not overtly candied, but the sweetness level feels closer to a guava nectar, and the tartness here doesn't quite cut through those heavier sticky sweet notes.

My benchmark guavas are pretty much CAP Sweet Guava and FLV Pink Guava. This is definitely more realistic than CAP Sweet Guava, with a heavier musk and some funkier ripe guava notes. I'd say it mostly leans toward the same profile though, both having those heavier, sweeter guava nectar type notes. The top end of the VT Guava seems maybe a little more flat and less interesting than the terpene-ish citrus hops thing that FLV Pink Guava brings to the table, but the base on this is definitely sweeter and thicker.

Off-Flavors: Musky but not overbearing, probably a fit for the profile. Picks up some vegetal, almost cooling muddiness at higher percentages.

Throat Hit: Light to moderate. Seems maybe a bit harsher than CAP Sweet Guava (if the maltol there doesn't bug you) but not as harsh as something like FA Guava.

Percentage testing: At 1%, this doesn't really feel solid enough for me. It's a lighter flavor, with some guava sweetness, but it doesn't feel all that rich and filled in. I'm still getting a bit of raw vg.

At 4%, this has filled in quite a bit. Feels fleshier, maybe a bit too thick to really feel juicy. Guava flavor is definitely heavier and sweeter than at 1%. Lighter muskiness and a bit of tartness that helps to freshen up the thicker base.

At 8%, the actual guava here doesn't seem that different from 4%. Stickier mouthfeel and feels heavier and warmer. That musk is picking up, and I'm getting that sort vegetal finish.

I'm fairly new to this line, so I cast a wide net with these testers. Vape Train suggests a pretty wide range of "Mixed 3-7% - Standalone 5-8%." Just based on these tests, I think that's in the ballpark. I'd probably be on the low side of those recommendations, like 3% as an accent or 5-6% as a primary flavor. The core guava works okay at higher percentages, but the off notes start to pick up and get a bit weird at the high end.

Uses & Pairings: Pretty standard guava pairings. Should work well with stawberries or other tropical fruits. I'd be looking for something a bit brighter like passion fruit or pineapple, as the body on this already leans a bit heavy and sticky.

With the passion fruit thing said, I don't think this is the best option for a Pog Guava. I could see the stickiness of this flavor sort of amplifying the waxy thing that most orange flavors already have going on. I'd stick to zestier limes or grapefruits if you wanted to pair with citrus.

Probably not the best choice for creams or custards, as those musky notes are going to stand out against a flatter, neutral base.

Would work well in guava cocktail or beverage profiles.

Second Opinions: I can't find anything solid out there.

Here's the product page from Vape Train Australia. Their description: "a luscious sweet guava flavour that’s refreshing to use in many fruit mixes, pairs perfectly with our shisha strawberry, shisha mango and various other fruits."

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