(VT) Granny Smith Apple

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A blend of the flavors of sweet, mellow ripe apple with a savory pie crust and caramel undertones.
It doesn't get more patriotic than Apple Pie and this is my version of that classic. I start with a flaky pie crust and for that VT Croissant with VT Butter Base, VT Pudding Base and a touch of VT Cinnamon donut create a nice light Pie crust. Next I needed to load that flaky crust with apples. And VT Fuji Red Apple, VT Granny Smith make a great apple duo. VT Shisha Double Apple can be a bit fragrant but brings a molasses note which helps cook the apples. Then to aid in the cooking of the apples and to add a caramel type glaze VT Sweet Mate and VT Scorched Caramel work wonders at creating that cooked apple flavor.
I chose not to use a vanilla ice cream but if I had VT French Vanilla @ 2% would add that ice cream aspect to the flavor.

FA Bilberry = FA Blueberry Juicy Ripe (cause it's not added here yet - don't use bilberry!!!)

I was going for a pie with a little something other than apple. Originally I put 0.25% FLV Pastry Zest and FLV Basil in it...but I don't know if it is just me not liking pastry zest or if it really was clashing with another note in the recipe, so I altered the recipe slightly and it definitely tastes better to me without those two, though I am tempted to add Basil back in, but I'll leave this recipe as is and if you feel adventurous you can give it a go with the basil and pastry zest if you want to.

Check out Episode 94 of the Mixin Vixens to see the full run down of what I get out of this recipe.

Straight forward recipe, a combination of apples with a healthy punch of absinthe, this is pretty much apple sambuca on ice!

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