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This is my impression of lovely Baklava, Off the shake I think it's good.
Is it though?

What's good what does it need? Anything?
Thank's to Wayne Walker Diy Or Die for your Live Mixing Inspo ( https://youtu.be/S0J0LXFkhZ8) for this profile that normally I would never think to make.

Almond Cookie - solid linear base line bakery concentrate & almond is always a great partner of pistachio's

Butterscotch - used low for a kiss of sweetness to help the honey/sugar syrup like notes shine a little.

Cereal 27 - A nice little bit of AP helps the bakery here as does the slight honey like note.

Salted Caramel - Makes all the sweetness shine here, this is a swiss army knife of a flavour enhancer. Salty notes always help accentuate flavours better!

WF Croissant - For that buttery flaky-like pastry notes

Golden Syrup - for a very slight dark sweet note

Green Joy - The mother of all pistachio concentrates and the secret weapon of choice here, such a perfect round pistachio flavor, not to dry, not to creamy, just right!

Honey Circles - Never overlook some of those good ol TFA staples like this, great bakery notes with some sweet honey like notes that really help with the body of this profile.

FW Pie Crust - I was wondering when or where I was ever going to use this slightly spicy greasy mess of a concentrate, but it was exactly what was needed in context of the recipe here. Lesson- Never throw out a flavour!
FLV Pisatchio - a little gives a contrast of that authentic dry pistachio edge.

I think it's great off the shake, can't wait to see what happens after a weeks steep!
Regardless, I think this is a winner in flavour.
Quite the shopping list, sure but well worth it for this high level of difficulty recipe to nail down.

I enjoy at 80w twin sst coil rda

Waffle with Ice Cream and golden syrup.
FA Vanilla Ice Cream is a stand in for FA Ice Cream Italian Premium

Who doesn't love a good black licorice ice cream?.... Folkart! But with that being said, this recipe turned into a chocolatey, creamy, milkshake with something like a Jägermeister drizzled on top. Even Folkart loved it. It's somewhat savory with the saltiness from the WF Salmiak Liquorice (Salty), and gives it a liqueur dessert feel to the over-all profile. This recipe would be great for someone who wants to dip-their-toe into vaping black licorice. It's smooth and refreshing.
See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/pr54-evaKvE .

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A delicious, sweet almond cake for this week's episode of the Mixin Vixens:

It is good after a shake but really changes into something beautiful after 2 weeks if you can leave it alone that long.

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A cardamom spiced pan fried cake, with a maple-pear syrup.

Bread butter toast gives the other two bread/cake layers that toasty pan fried taste. It works so well.

The pear, maple and golden syrup all seemlessly blend to create this awesome drizzle over the top.

5-7 day steep for everything to shine.


I was going for a big bowl of strawberries with a sugar syrup.

Strawberries, Strawberry gummy candy to add a contrasting candy strawberry, and Glazed Strawberries to add a little more depth and help to the sugar syrup note. I also wanted to add a little more strawberry here. I started with HC Fresh Strawberry, but hearing that it had been discontinued, I wanted to swap it out. I still prefer HC for this recipe, I'll just have to horde what's left of my stock. INW Shisha does a good job, but really almost any strawberry I think can work here as long as it has a little punch to it. I'll probably try some other strawberries in the future, but here it is as it stands.

Forest Fruits and Golden Pineapple to add some fruit depth.

Golden Syrup and Vanilla Swirl to round out the syrup and to help in blending and mouth feel.

A Fresh & Banging Maple Milk Recipe That Rocks In a Rda


A Killer Corn Ejuice That Rocks In A RDA. Not A Coil Gunker

Inspired From The Drink. Great in Rta or Rda. Not a Coil Gunker

Delicious, syrupy, buttery, blueberry waffles

LB and MB Belgian waffles form the base of the waffle and pair quite well together. I find LB Belgian can get lost in a mix pretty quickly so the MB backs it up and pushes it through the other flavors. The INW YC is a discontinued flavor as I'm sure you all know, so it can be omitted (or you can use Sasami Waffle dough at the same percentage) and just crisps up the waffle and adds a bit of a toasted note.

FW Blueberry and FA Blueberry Juicy Ripe pair quite well together giving a sweet vibrant jammy blueberry that goes great with the waffle. I initially tried this with FA Bilberry and it didn't pack the same punch.

As for the syrup and butter, well I didnt want a maple note here so I opted for the VT Golden Syrup instead of FA Maple and it works nicely. It sweetens the mix, and you get a nice syrupy taste on the exhale. FA Butter, the king of butters, does its job quite nicely at half a percent and leaves a thick, lingering, buttery note across the waffle.

Vape your breakfast

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