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(VT) Fuji Red Apple

By: Vape Train (VT) - Buy Direct

Used in 86 recipes at an average of 1.493%.


4 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

I really really like VT Mangosteen it’s definitely easier to work with than FA Mangosteen which ends up tasting like some sort of body spray my fiancé would use ... Vt Mangosteen is a floral fresh mangosteen (never had IRL) kinda like the mangosteen in that Snapple Drink , I took my base from Prickly Dragon and made some subs such as the JF Fugi and The VT Red Fuji Apple simply because I cant taste FA Fuji right now (Vapors Tongue Sucks) give this one 3-4 days and it really starts popping and getting refreshing but you can SNV Hope You Enjoy , Comments and Feedback is always appreciated.... Fuck any type of Vape Ban

A VT only recipe for you. The Fuji Red Apple plays well with the sticky rice and pudding base as the sweetener.
The pandan leaf is potent so only use 1 drop per 20ml.

1. Lightly grease a round baking tin using CAP Golden Butter
2. Process OO Pie Crust, *TFA Acetyl Pyrazine ,FA Cookie and CAP Butter Cream in a food processor until mixture resembles fine crumbs.
3. Roll out pastry between two sheets of baking paper until large enough to line base and side of prepared tin.
4. To make custard just add FA Custard Premium
 in a large jug until smooth
5. Combine PUR Country Apple with FLV Apple Filling and VTA Red Fuji Apple in a bowl. Spread over pastry base. Pour over custard.
6. Shake and Steep in a moderately dark room for about 5 days or until you just can’t wait anymore.
7. TIP: If pastry becomes too soft when rolling out, return to steep for 1 more day with an extra drop or of AP. Store in the vape bag out of direct sunlight. Before serving, drip in RDA at about 0.25 ohms and 50 Watts.

Enjoy a refreshing and comforting milkshake made with dairy fresh milk, ice cream, apples and a dash of honeycomb and topped with fresh whipped cream.

Building blocks:

LB Vanille ice Cream and VTA Fresh Milk are a match made in heaven and are the perfect base for a milkshake.

VTA Honeycomb is a real surprise, it does not taste like cat**** like most honey concentrates but it's creamy and soft and sweet and a perfect addition to the sweet mellow VTA Fuji Apple.

Topped with CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream and you got a lovely and comforting vape all day long.

Steep 5 days


Flavor Notes