(VT) Frozen Pineapple Yoghurt

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After 8 or 9 attempts at this profile, I finally feel like I have something worth sharing with this recipe. It's not perfect by any means, but I think I'm going in the right direction here...

I used VT Frozen Pineapple Yoghurt more for the yogurt qualities it has, because at 3%, I don't feel that the pineapple is very strong.
NR Pineapple Sherbet is a GREAT flavor. It's unmistakably fresh pineapple. I'm not sure about the sherbet part - it may very well be present, but my palate is shit, so I probably just can't detect it.
MB Funky Pineapple & SC Pineapple are in here to make the pineapple SUPER effin pineappley. Feel free to swap SC with INW. I didn't because I feel like INW fades quickly, but I may try it in another version to see if it makes a difference.
VT Yoghurt Drink, aside from being a great flavor, adds some more yogurty body and the lemon note kind of acts as a bridge. Thanks @MaxSavage for that tip. :D

Also - I added 1 drop of SS & 0.5% FLV sweetness, but you do you. PLEASE feel free to leave ANY feedback, good or bad. I'm still learning, so it can only help!

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