(VT) French Vanilla Ice Cream

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So, I originally made a peaches and cream I did not feel was good enough to share, the white peach was way too strong! This time, we’ll I’m not going to lie I am surprised with how good this is!! I have only been mixing a few months and this is third one I have came up with on my own and this one is great and my favorite! Works well as a shake and vape. Something about the berry flavor settles the peach down and is amazing. I also put 3 drops of cap sweet mango per 60mls but that is optional and hardly measurable. Enjoy

This is something I put together with some of my favorite dessert flavorings. I ran out of yes we cheesecake which is what I usually use as a base but the custard and ice cream along with Graham cracker may do a better job. Great summer treat. I hope you all enjoy summer after covid had us all indoors.

A creamy blend of oranges and rich French Vanilla.
Just a basic orange creamsicle is all the original is. Orange Cream and French Vanilla. I knew I could do better than that. I started with VTA Orange Juice with VTA Mandarin Orange and to fill it out and give it some texture I used VTA Orange Marmalade.
For the French Vanilla Cream I used of course VTA French Vanilla Iced Cream but I paired it with VTA Vanilla Cream and Sweet Mate for an extra dense sweet vanilla cream flavor.


Bowden’s Mate features the flavors of crisp creamy mint with subtle dark chocolate notes and a malted French vanilla finish.
The original Bowdens Mate by Five Pawns reminded me of a Andes Candy a mint cream wedged between two slices of Dark Chocolate with a little bit of malted cream mixed in. So for my remixed version I decided to go with VTA Creme de Menthe for the mint aspect because it's minty with a hint of chocolate. Next I chose VTA Dark Chocolate with VTA Love which has a white chocolate and malty taste. The white chocolate aspect actually helps the French Vanilla Ice Cream pop more. VTA Sweet Mate give it a slightly sweet bump. Next the VTA Swiss Chocolate is more of a cocoa than chocolate but it helps boost the chocolate notes in the creme de menthe. The Vanilla cream adds to the creaminess of the flavor.

This is my VTA remix of Castle Long by Five Pawns it is a blend of Bourbon with Almond and French Vanilla Ice Cream, plus light coconut and brown sugar notes.

Por fin,un clon que verdaderamente es fiel a la receta original, un sabor que no dejará a nadie indiferente.


This is a Rich Chocolate Pudding with light Bourbon Notes. Great Mouthfeel Dense Vape. We can all have an off camera Zippy Moment with this one!!


ThE pUdDiNg BaSe

VT CHOCOLATE MOUSSE - This is one of my favorite chocolate concentrates sadly it cannot be used in every application but it still ranks very high for me. This concentrate brings a medium to dark chocolate flavor but the greatest part about this n es it actually taste fluffy and airy like a mouthfull of chocolate whipped cream.

VT FRENCH VANILLA ICE CREAM - This adds a much needed vanilla note and creaminess to the base of this recipe as well as adding to the overall mouthfeel

FLAVORAH VANILLA PUDDING - Not much else to say about this one that hasn't been said. Light vanilla pudding texture and creaminess. great mouthfeel as well as a blender to combine the ingredients in the recipe for a uniform taste through out.

ThE bOuRbOn

WONDER FLAVORS BOURBON - For me this concentrate taste and smells like Jack Daniels - It is pretty well balanced in flavor profile. There really isnt a total bourbon flavoring out there for me but this one would be in the combo to achieve it . The Flavor has a slight alcohol note and some of the oaky flavor needed in a bourbon. it is missing that burn you get from drinking a bourbon by the shot.

VAPE TRAIN BOURBON - This concentrate has more of the alcohol note you need to do a bourbon right. It is still light on the woodsy notes needed in a bourbon but again would be part of a combo if trying to make a good bourbon vape. I think i could relate this concentrate to maybe a Makers Mark type of flavor.

These two together give a nice Bourbon NOTE ON THE EXHALE of the vape and doesn't hide the Chocolate Puddin'.

A strawberry and banana milkshake! It is on spot... Yes i know there are many ingredients in here but they are working well together! If you have all these flavors and you like this profile, it is worth to try this out.!!!


Hey all!. This is a remix of banana milkshake i have done few months back. I decided to do it with less concentrates from the first attempt and i think the result is very good. So get your flavors and mix it. I hope you enjoy it! Cheers

So what we got here? A creamy vanilla ice cream with my favorite banana custard. Creamy custard needs to boost banana. Steep it 5 days and its ready!Cheers!

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