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Fresh and tasty berry lemonade, good without sweetener but if you like to add some then try 0.5% super sweet. Or your preferred sweetener.

In honor of Springtime.

Mixer's Club - March 2021


I was sent FLV Basil and knew that is was meant as a task. Whether it was intentional or I made the task up, I took it. I knew I wanted to make a soda, but I couldn't think beyond conventional thought for a soda so I leaned on my cocktail knowledge to let me think outside my own box. I landed on Pineapple and that's where this train stopped.

VT Fizzy Sherbet for the soda base.
FLV Citrus Soda for a stickier, greener soda.
INW Pineapple for a syrupy pineapple.
VT Sugarloaf Pineapple to brighten INW up.
VT Persian Lime to add a tarter lime body to the bottom.
FLV Basil because that's what this recipe is centered around.


After the reviews from Mixer’s Club I changed some of this around to make it more flexible depending on the coils and wattages being used.

I dropped VT Persian Lime because it seemed to get in the way at lower wattages.
I upped the pineapples.
I upped the Citrus Soda.
I switched the sweetener to CAP Super Sweet.

All you need is Faith, Trust and a little Pixie Dust.

With warmer weather coming soon I wanted to start mixing some Tropical citrus recipes and with the amazingly fresh taste of Vape train Fizzy sherbet fit the bill in this monstrosity of a mix (FA) Pear added @ 1% to add that extra juicy flavor..the rest is pretty straightforward.


A recipe I always mix up for friends and families, it's super simple and easy yet super delicious! Mix it, shake it, and off you go!

A Tasty Tropcial Hawaiin Punch Vape That Wont Gunk Your Coil


If this is the first time you’re looking at one of my recipes thank you so much for checking me out. These recipes are geared towards mixers who are just starting out making their own eliquid. All of the flavors in this recipe are from a limited list of 35 ingredients. Check out my YouTube channel for lots more recipes!

I think probably about 4 million Americans have quit smoking with delicious strawberry flavor eliquid. Who doesn’t like strawberry? I know I love it.

So for the soda base we have VT Fizzy Sherbet. Maybe not a perfect soda but it’ll do. It’s got soda, plenty of bubbles, a little creamy froth and really pleasant citrus notes that’s going to pair beautifully with 3% of JF Sweet strawberry. Yeah you know it, that nice sticky, artificial strawberry syrup flavor is right at home in a soda mix. I’ve added 4% TFA Ripe strawberry to fill out that strawberry flavor make sure it’s fully saturated.

Last a little hint of FE lemon, these berries needs some
Juice and FE Lemons got it. Just a splash to make those berries pop (or is it soda) and a squeeze of fresh lemon to make it refreshing.

Sweeten to taste.

This is a mix that could benefit from cooling if you like WS23 or Koolada.

Watch the video here:


Sanctum won't stop bothering me about posting this, so here it is. The addition of FW Sweetener is thanks to him and it really helps this one out.

Submitted for Mixers Club
February 2021 - Duets

This is a duet using ID10-T's 1 2 3 Ocean Water and Commodore Mango.



I've had a special sort of love for 1 2 3 Ocean Water since I first mixed it. Not having a Sonic anywhere near me after moving away from Arizona last year, this one really hits the spot.

What could be better than that delicious and ridiculously blue drink? What if we threw a little mango in the mix? I'm a sucker for some mango, lime, and coconut. Cue Commodore Mango. With everything else going on I only really wanted to borrow the mangoes here.

After an initial attempt I decided to thumb in some WF Island, because while the mangoes were good, I love the trinity. After adding WF the mango was definitely overpowering everything else in the recipe so I decided to drop them all by 25%. This felt much better and I got more of the ocean water from the mix.

I was happy with it, but I felt it was still lacking a little something. I tossed a little FA Florida Key Lime at it and I really liked the result. I feel like it made the citrus pop and toned down the mango a bit more.

I would imagine you could add any sort of cooling you'd like if that's your bag. I hope you enjoy it.

Tested at 63 watts on a C4 using a SS316L 28ga SFQ coil, 4mm I.D., 5 wraps coming in at .21 ohms.

Mixed at 70/30 using River VG/PG.

A smooth cream soda infused with raspberry and a creamy vanilla finish.

There really isn't too much development to go on here. I got the yoghurt drink not too long ago and tested it and I got a fizzy note from it that I thought would pair well with a fruity type soda.

MB Funky Pineapple and VTA Sugarloaf pair really well together. It's a nice sweet full bodied pineapple.
VTA Yoghurt Drink and Fizzy Sherbert form the soda base.

Oba Oba candies up the pineapple and also adds a little bit of depth to the soda base bringing the whole thing together as one.

Give it a couple days to come together

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