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Props to EyeMsam: https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/3644155/LEMON%20%F0%9F%8D%8B%20FIZZLE
For an excellent lemon combo to sit on top of this creamy-icy sherbet. If you don't have the PUR Citrus Menthol, you can sub either regular menthol or WS-23, but if you do have it, boy does it pop.
Bring on summer!

Update: Also tried this substituting in CC Lemon Sherbet. It’s much brighter and more tart, I prefer it as originally made with DV Sherbet Lemon.

Homemade recipe I'm working on for a sunny day vape

Got idea for this a few months ago when weather started warming up. Add coolant as option. This is refreshing light but full flavored juice. I seldom mix recipes twice as I am part of that ADD group of juice mixers and have amassed alot of flavors constantly chasing new juice. This one was in a batch of 15 or so mixes I made up over a week and didnt get to it for 3 or 4 weeks so thats what I'll recommend for a steep but its a fruit mix so I also need to try it off the shake. So any ways I probably go thru 20 or 30 juices without remixing anything cause it didn't trigger my "oh man thats good" reflex. Well this one did and when I looked I couldn't believe it was one that I mixed up personally. So enjoy. Also, thanks a ton to all the mixers out there that take the time to post their craft on pages like these. Literally teaching people as they go is awesome and I for one appreciate you.

So, I originally made a peaches and cream I did not feel was good enough to share, the white peach was way too strong! This time, we’ll I’m not going to lie I am surprised with how good this is!! I have only been mixing a few months and this is third one I have came up with on my own and this one is great and my favorite! Works well as a shake and vape. Something about the berry flavor settles the peach down and is amazing. I also put 3 drops of cap sweet mango per 60mls but that is optional and hardly measurable. Enjoy

The term "perfect storm" is nearly synonymous with "worst-case scenario", although the latter carries more of a hypothetical connotation.
This drink is pretty much the opposite of its name: Tasty, aromatic, refreshing and something special. Originates from the classic "Jamaican Mule", also seen as "Jamaican Storm"

Well-balanced drink of Ginger Beer, spiced rum and lemon juice, served on the rocks.

"Weird show!" you mumble, sitting back in your car on your way home. "This weather is killing me and I'm dying for a drink!"
You keep your eyes open, hoping to find a restaurant, bar or at least a gas station to buy some refreshments. But the recent events barely left any business alive.
"What's that?" You squint your eyes, not sure whether you're hallucinating or you really just saw a flickering neon sign, advertising a bar. You slam the break and jerk the steering wheel to take an immediate u-turn. The highway is empty, as usual these days, so there's nobody that could be bothered by your maneuver.
As you get closer, you feel more and more positive about the existence of that neon sign, until you finally reach the parking lot of a rundown bar with barricaded windows. But you hear some music from the inside, so you enter the taproom. Nobody is around, only the bartender listening to some music and polishing glasses.
You take a look at the menu - "Is this some kind of joke?" you ask, pointing at the sheet of paper that contained - ONE - drink.
"Nope, take it or leave it, bud..." the barkeeper mumbles.
Who would even call a drink a "Perfect Storm", especially at these circumstances? But do you really have a choice? During the last weeks you learnt to lower your standards and that being too picky usually ends in getting nothing at all.
"Alright, Perfect Storm please, cant't get any worse, can it?" The bartender nods, throws some ice cubes and a slice of lemon into a glass before pouring over some murky brown liquid. He hands it over, nods again and continues to polish his glasses.

You take a smell, breathe a sigh of relief and gulp down a huge, thirsty sip. The bartender just renamed the good old "Jamaican Mule".
After a few more sips you enjoy the heat of the alcohol flowing through your body. You enjoy the warmth and spiciness of Ginger Beer, paired with Caribbean Spiced Rum, juicy lime, a slice of cucumber and the refreshing coldness of the ice cubes.


  • VT Fizzy Sherbet Brings in the fizzy mouthfeel of Ginger Beer.
  • TPA Ginger Ale Basis for the Ginger Beer. Nice ginger note.
  • VT Ginger Root Adds more ginger to the Ginger Beer, especially on the spicy side that differs Ginger Beer from Ginger Ale
  • FLV Heat Does not add taste but turns the Ginger Beer into a spicy and slightly hot version, like brands as Thomas Henry or Bundaberg
  • FE Lemon Refreshing lemon taste that pairs well with both, ginger and rum.
  • VT Light Rum Basis for the rum component, especially on the lighter notes and slight boozy notes. More of a white rum than a spiced rum.
  • FA Jamaican Special Caribbean Mule is usually mixed with spiced rum. This one helps to bring in the spice.
  • VT Russian Vodka Adds more booziness for more authentic rum experience
  • CAP Cucumber Cucumber usually is a part of the cocktail. Only in for a very slight taste, mostly for a more watery mouthfeel.
  • WS-23 You don't like lukewarm drinks, do you? Works perfectly fine together with FLV Heat.

Additional Notes

  • I did also try FLV Citrus Soda instead of Fizzy Sherbet. Works but not as good. Feel free to lower or remove the Heat in case you don't like the mouthfeel. Doesn't contribute taste, only makes the ginger more authentic.

Testing Notes

Developed for DL on Hadaly (handmade single coil (Alien), 0,2 Ohm, SS316L), Aromamizer Supreme V3 (dual coils, 0,1 Ohm, NiCr90) and Taifun GX (handmade single coil (Alien), 0,34 Ohm, NiCr80)

The picture is taken from inshaker.com


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A sherbety lemon chew bought to you with the help of Nick Evans, he doesn't know he helped so don't tell him but I stole his taffy base for help with this. Find it here: https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/218080#nick_s_taffy_base_by_nickevz

This is great off the shake. Enjoy 😋

Just took the recipe id10-t made for me and did some additions to it.

Tastes amazing off the shake

I'll write something cute later when I'm sober

it's from chefs.
it's green.
it's a lemonade
by reeeeeeeka

Well Id10-t said it tasted like Sprite.....on Noted on diyordie youtube every Monday at 10pm(est) with MlNikon and EyeMSam....He was correct. I decided to add some fizzy to give it, fizz.....shocker.

Cactus lime is to team up with Reka/Wrecka(from chefs uk).

So imo, the sprit....I mean VTA lemonade is a almost perfect sprite but missing that lime whereas lemonade green is the TOTAL opposite. It has the lime. So I combined the cactus lime and lemonade green to give a juice carbonated lime.

Fizzy Sherbet literally is just the dude cheering on everyone at the party. He only does good. He is the man holding you up during a stand. Legend. You really dont need it but it thickens up the recipe and gives even more carbohydrates or carbonation or some cool word.

Btw. Lemonade green is good but SUPER potent compared to other lemonades(kinda like vta)

Hope u enjoy

picture of a Sprite can here

So inspiration came from Spiders Duet entry actually, i decided to throw a pineapple in there because it sounded good and wanted to make a sorta pina colada with mango prominent throughout while not taking over the pineapple too much.
VT Shisha mango and FA MIS makes a nice and well rounded mango for me.
VT sugarloaf pineapple needed a little help from INW pineapple but thats fine.
and VT fizzy sherbet with FA whipped cream really thicken this up quite a bit and give it a good smoothie texture.

just a remix on developed blue raspberry apple fundip, replaced the green apple and the blue raspberry with OoO pink lemonade and CAP pink lemonade, hopefully this is a banger, we'll see in a few days and i will update the decription :)

Flavor Notes