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(VT) Fig

By: Vape Train (VT) - Buy Direct

Used in 23 recipes at an average of 1.579%.


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Strawberry forward recipe with VT Fig. Wanted to try this one.
Thoughts are welcome 😊
*Little Miss Figgy is actually a small fig tree.
*Not thinking about Miss Piggy is quite impossible 😎

Fig and dark berry tobacco.

My original recipe https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/94745#honey_i_figged_up_the_bacco_by_ebc88. I used Fig @2% and didn't tame all the anise/licorice off that it brings along with it. Then I seen this recipe https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/126455#concrete_newtons_by_alfredpudding, and thought I would give VT Fig another shot. It pairs perfectly with VT Red Dates & the FLV Milk & Honey adds some creaminess and sweetness to the fruits. Flv Native & INW Black for Pipe pair excellently together, & the INW keeps the FLV tobaccos from doing the boomerang fading thing they like to do when they steep. Black for Pipe also has some really great berry notes mixed in with the pipe style tobacco. The VT FIG & Red Dates really bring those notes out.

I enjoyed this fresh but INW tobaccos need 10-14 days to steep. So they fully come through in the mix.


This was supposed to be a collaboration with Concrete River. Unfortunately the only adjustment my first version needed was moving VT Fig from .25% to .75%. If you're a strange person that wants to vape a Fig Newton replica, this is your recipe. As much as Concrete would like to say he had nothing to do with this creation, he was the person that introduced and recommended using VT Red Dates. It's used to fill out the inner dimension of our factory-pressed cookies with fruit paste perfectly. If you're a Newton connoisseur you know they're thicker than a snicker, so I used JF Biscuit, CAP Sugar Cookie, and FA Cookie to get you there. Then I added the AP version of cinnamon with FLV Cinnamon Crunch for the tiniest hint of spice in the background. I know that VT Fig is pretty much black licorice in a bottle, but after steeping at .75% I assure you there's no black licorice in these bars. It's essential for accuracy.

Sweet strawberry fig jelly candy.
VT Fig is not much fig to me, but has a pronounced anise note, which suits this profile. I was happy to find a mix, where it can be useful:) WS-23 is optional - just added small amount to bring edginess to the candy. Enjoy!


This was an April 2018 Mixersclub submission

I should probably note that FLV Tobaccos & tobaccos flavors in general will gunk up coil pretty quickly

MENU: A burley & virginia blend tobacco with some honey & fig

NOTES: My WASP in here is the VT FIG. Tastes like black licorice to me. When i first got this flavor from BCF a week or so ago. I looked up Vape Trains recommended percentages. They suggested 2-5% in a mix and 5-9% solo. So I tried using it with burley and cured with FIG at 2%, and the licorice was all I got. So the challenge to myself was to keep it at 2% and push the licorice out of the mix & to get it to compliment the other ingredients. I believe I accomplished that.
The Conn Shade was used for a smokey ashy note. The burley & virginia are the main tobacco notes. With the Cured being in here to add to the tobacco notes and to help the other tobaccos survive a steep. The Milk & Honey adds some honey like sweetness which really helped with my Fig problem, also adds a little creaminess

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