(VT) Devon Cream

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Custard Premium and Pudding Base do the heavy lifting here, with Holy Vanilla, Maple Syrup and Honeycomb adding a sweet vanilla depth and then topped off with the Devon Cream to bolster the cream element and give a nice hint of chocolate.

Please try and let me know what you think!

Nice malty banana shake that goes well with morning french vanilla coffee. devon cream gives this choclate note but its creamy buttery goodness overrides after a day or so. Vanilla custard and yogurt has alwasy been a favorite of mine when it needs a thick creamy custardy vibe. Its another must try... Enjoy #JMWP

This is my take on a Guinness Nitro Cold Brew. A thick creamy Guinness styled beer with notes of caramel coffee and chocolate. The original actually has a burnt coffee taste with light caramel and mocha. With the beer notes coming in after. I wanted to use a good creamy coffee flavor with more caramel and mocha. And a full beer flavor coming though on the exhale.
For the Beer I'm using HS Beer with FLV Yakima Hops. To add the caramel and coffee note I used PUR Caramel Coffee W/Sweet Milk because it is nice and creamy. Along with VT Caramel Mocha and VT Devon Cream for the extra caramel and creamy chocolate mocha notes. To enhance, sweeten and darken the caramel and beer flavors I'm using WF Molasses and FLV Sweetness. Then for the finishing touch VT Coffee Milk Froth because when it steeps it becomes really silky smooth and airy and gives the effect of being nitro brewed and gives thr effect of a nice frothy head on the beer.🍻 Cheers!!!

Really nice cookie RY4 that tastes great after about a week. The vanilla pudding, Devon cream, cookie and biscuit work in tandem to give a nice dessert base. Then the RY4 Double with a touch of red burley makes a tobacco that really finishes everything off.

A Banana & Chocolate Creme’ pudding

Tested off the Shake on a Hadaly 0.24 Ni80 Alien @ 55w

Banana VSO & VTA Banana Custard combine for a lovely full dessert banana flavour.

VTA Chocolate Mousse along with VSO Chocolate are my main chocolates with VTA Devon Cream adding to the overall chocolate & creme in the recipe.

VTA sweet cream is a great cream to add a thick mouthfeel & in my unhumble opinion brings forward the creaminess to this recipe

Another lightly boozy drink vape using Irish cream
smooth and creamy with a minty bite to it. Good off the shake but best after about a week or so


Experience the extra creamy goodness this Is actually one of my Personal ADV minty and chocolate,vanilla 😋 sharing this recipe with pride...If you love SADBOY Shamrock cookie give this a try...

Smooth,buttery and creamy banana pie.Tested for both mtl and dl vaping

This is a remix using all Vape Train Australia Flavors (yes using VTA Custard Tobacco one shot) based off the Five Pawns E-liquid Black Flag Risen it mimics two tastes that go together like no other.
Featuring a creamy coffee flavor, this mix is enhanced with a creamy flue cured sweet Virginia tobacco custard for a full-bodied taste. Mixed with chocolate mousse, Devon Cream, Caramel Mocha and Toffee flavors and finally topped off with a touch of walnut flavor.


my attempt at a peanut butter dark chocolate milk

after the Noted chocolate milk episode I got excited and mixed this up=]
I added MB Mlikshake for the mouthfeel it provides mostly and the PB was a spur of the moment decision, either DX or normal TFA PB work just as well I think.

tested in a VV Widowmaker RTA, dual core fused clapton

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