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A creamy peanut butter blended with fresh banana custard and then drizzled with velvety caramel flavor. With a light biscuit base.
I don't know what it is about peanut butter and banana that makes it so good. This original reminded me of a banana cream pie with a layer of peanut butter underneath and a caramel toffee drizzle over the top. So that's the direction I went in also. I started with the Banana cream pie and for that I used VTA Banana Custard with a bit of VTA Creamy Custard thrown in for extra creaminess. And because Creamy Custard has a banana note to it. Next there is a layer of VTA Peanut on top of VTA Biscuit Base. And finally the sweet top note VTA Creme Caramel paired with VTA English Toffee and Sweet Mate.

A rich creamy and spirited Irish cream blended with cinnamon and spices, and then an added drizzle of creamy caramel with subtle notes of absinthe (anise).
The first time I ever tried the original I didn't like it but it grew on me. Basically the absinthe was way to strong and smothered the other flavors. So I reenvisioned this using better quality flavors and adjusting to soften the anise flavor in the mix. I started with VTA Irish Cream which is the base flavor for the recipe, keeping it up high so that it stands out. Next by adding Creme Caramel to the mix at this % keeps the caramel soft and adds to the creaminess of the recipe. Then for the cream mixture of this VTA Milk Fresh, Vanilla Cream, and Sweet Cream with Sweet Mate make for a nice creamy mouth feel. VTA Chai Marsala is my little secret weapon here . Keeping it at 2% it brings several spices including cinnamon and anise. Though only enough to add a slight spice note of the absinthe in the original.

A semi tobacco mix.I used the HS's RY4 as a base for the tobacco,because it is still the best RY4.Kentucky blend gives a good kick in the tobacco taste,even at such low %.Oriental tobacco adds a nutty and spicy taste.Creams were added for their caramel-sugary characteristics and to add volume to the mix.Butterscotch and Scorched Caramel are that little something,to add a distinguished finish
Although caramel and cream seem to be on the top of the mix,they are not,the mix does keep all the tobacco properties and it is very balanced when it comes to sweetness.It steeps really fast,in 2 days it is very vapable and tasty,but it gets smoother after a week

A rich caramel custard cheesecake.

The cheesecake base is made up of inawera's yes, we cheesecake. 3.5% makes a sturdy base to build off adding in flavorahs cream and brie cheese adds some extra cheesey and dairy notes to the cheesecake, trying to accomplish a more up market variation. Caps graham cracker i find stands out more than the others and lifts the crust notes in yes, we cheesecake.
Fa's whipped cream is rich and had a slightly fluffyish mouthfeel with vta creme brulee giving off some pudding and custard aswel as some caramel notes we now start making head way on the topnotes. Jf dulce de leche is the most accurate of the bunch and is pretty present at 2% combined with ssa butterscotch to enphasise it abit more.
If you like cheesecakes this ones well worth a try

Super creamy,thick,buttery cheesecake with pecan notes.Needs at least 1 week steeping


Tasty flan, melty caramel, thick mouthfeel. That's all you need to know.

I went exclusively with VTA concentrates for this one, because they have both great cremes and caramels that work quite well when mixed together.

Creme Brulle, Creme Caramel and Warm Custard combined give a nice custard with good mouthfeel, subtle vanilla notes and less subtle sticky caramel notes. Adding Sweet Cream gives an even creamier and full mouthfeel.
The caramel notes from the aformentioned concentrates are not enough to create a caramel topping that sticks to the top of the mouth, so English Toffee and Honeycomb are added to achieve this.
Super Sweet makes it even yummier, don't omit it!

Needs 4-5 days of steeping.

Hope you like it! Would love to hear some constructive feedback from you all!

Nothing fancy going on here just a simple creme caramel that has become my default dessert vape.

This is a Reworking of a recipe I had published a while ago as I wasn't happy with it.

WF Crispy water was dropped. It's a muddled flavour and not to my liking. I'm convinced a lot of WF flavours are better off in food recipes.

3% VT Creme Caramel is quite a weak flavour but after it steeps a bit those creamy caramel/ butterscotch notes come out.

However, it has zero body so 2% FA Custard Premuim adds a creamy custard base.

Finally 1% DYFS Holy Vanilla adds that smoky vanilla top-note and a little cream without detracting from the recipe. .

• 0.35% Flv Sweeteness (optional)

Dig in if you like but benefits from a 3 day steep.


Any resemblance to actual "1-2-3" recipes is purely coincidental.

This is my first tobacco recipe. After a couple of weeks steep, it's a smooth and creamy vape with a dark tobacco note throughout.what I like about this recipe is that it's well blended; no single note is overwhelming and they work together well. I hope you like it. 2 weeks steep for me but your mileage may vary.

Ice cream with caramel layers and chunks of gingerbread. Topped with whipped cream. You can sub the whipped cream for a brand you have, the rest are necessary as they are listed

Caramel Cheesecake. Testing VT Caramels over the personal favourit stone CAP NY Cheesecake 5%, TPA Cheesecake (Graham Crust) 2%, LA Cream Cheese Icing 1%. Steep days 7.

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