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I was thinking back upon the times I used to drink Cream Sodas, and having Italian Sodas from CPK. I thought hey why not add mango to this mix? I love mangos especially mango juice. So here we are, a mango cream soda with a refreshing bit of cool to it.

WF Island Mango is a really excellent mango and really does a great job at capturing the sweetness and flavor to a very ripe yellow mango. FLV Mango is yet another excellent one and adds the body of the fruit without the common overwhelming chese notes. VTA Shisha Mango is sweet yet has a bit of sour bite which is perfect for rounding off the fruit and giving it a bit of acidity to it.

VT Creaming Soda is the real player here and is quite phenominal for a cream soda base. I used it here at 1.5% as I didn't want to overwhelm the mix with notes of vanilla.

Now mangos are pretty naturally sweet fruits, and I wanted to replicate that profile especially since a cream soda is sweet on its own. I didn't want any off notes or muting so I settled for FW Sweetener and used it at 0.4% here just to give it a touch of sweetness since WF Island Mango is already sweet enough.

Lastly two drops of WS-23 or 0.25% provides just enough coolness to the mix to give it that nice iced finished without overtaking the whole mix.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have making it. Please feel free to rate and comment it.

Mike loved his bourbon so I made a cream soda with a touch of bourbon to honor my friend. Mike was so important to many of us in the community.

Sarsaparilla tastes similiar to Root Beer, but different in nature! The old West was known for Sarsaparilla along with their tonics, elixirs and remedies. What better time for the the song by Bon Jovi to come on “Wanted Dead or Alive” LYRICS: “It's all the same, only the names will change” No need to steep this just shake and vape, but in three days it will be a little thicker and fuller. Mix this, listen to the tune, kick back and vape… Enjoy!!!

its a simple ginger cream soda.

This isnt the dry ginger beer that ive been searching for but its a success along the way. @EyeMSam mentioned this cream soda combo on Noted recently and I threw a little ginger at it and im quite pleased by the results. Nice vanilla cream with a little ginger kick.


Half peach half marshmallow ring candy

(FLV)Peach gummy is the star of the show , supported by (FA)White Peach and (TPA)Nectarine to give a full candy citrucy peach flavor.
(VTA)Creaming soda is used as a bridge.It has a nice berry candy note with some fluffy vanilla notes as well.(OOO)Marshmallow Vanilla gives that full marshmallow mouthfeel and the lingering vanilla endnote is supported by the candy vanilla note from the Creaming Soda

I do get a throathit on almost all peach mixes so i enjoy this after a 5day steep.Its def vapable as a SnV tho.

Sweeten to taste

Tested on a citadel with SFC 0.5 Ohms @ 40Watts


A smooth cream soda infused with raspberry and a creamy vanilla finish.


Made on Live Mixing

Feel free to swap Molasses for Brown sugar if you don't have it

Butterscotch Cream Soda!! Or, Butterbeer!

Pretty simple layers here, fw butterscotch ripple and fa butterscotch paired together is a wonderful combo, and here i deepen that with the wf milk caramel candy.

Ooo cream soda is, in my opinion, more of a soda than vta creaming soda, but has that more bitter carbonated vibe, and vta is soda Creamy Vanilla, but both of them together is a match made in heaven, bolstering each other. And flv cotton candy here boosts the caramelization notes from both the butterscotch and the cream soda.

This doesn't necessarily need sweetener but if you did .5% ss should be plenty

A tropical fruit mix which is perfect for the hot summer weather . Sweetener is optional if you prefer it .

Best after a 24 hour steep

This is taking my Guava Soda recipe and tweaking it into a cream float for the #MHM homework of Cream Soda Ice Cream.....

You can find my inspiration from the origional recipe here: https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/201375#guava_soda_by_johnny2vapes

Update: I changed the LB Vanilla Ice Cream to TFA's Vanilla Bean Ice cream and sat it at 1.5% as it was overtaking the delicate notes of the guava, I also changed the FLV white chocolate for FLV Cream since it's just a much better bridge to the ice cream. Lastly I was lacking the element of carbonation so I figured a little VT Sherbet would do the trick. Thank you to @Wolfwheeler for the help in tweaking this recipe

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