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What can I say about Isolani it's basically a lemonade cookie flavor. I really enjoyed the original, but I did a remix anyway because it is hard to find the original. So here's my remix I started with VTA Lemon Meringue Tart it has a bright Lemon note, nice light crust and fluffy meringue that I like. And to help soften that I paired it up with VTA Vanilla Cream, VTA Sweet Mate and VTA Vanilla Classic. Now on to the hard part VTA does have a cookie flavor called Cookies and Cream which is pretty weak so I had to back it up with VTA Biscuit Base to get the cookie to stand out.

I have no clue how close this is to the cutwood liquid of the same name and profile and I'm not trying to clone or remix it. I just wanted to create something in this flavor profile and it is pretty darn tasty.

A dessert with biscuit and white chocolate for the quarantine days ! :D

This is more like a variation on an existing recipe,an exercise on how to remake an older recipe using newer flavours,without changing the profile of the original recipe,which is this one https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/122776#almond_macarons_by_nks.The idea was suggested from me in the vape alchemists group and i guess it could be really helpful for new mixers and it could also be a kind of example on how to adjust any recipe depending on your taste buds and your flavour stash
Overall,the recipe doesn't change much,i still enjoy the older version as much as i enjoy the new.

rich, decadent butter pecan ice cream sandwiched in between two sweet sugar cookies with toffee bits

A delicious melon ice cream.Created as part of an inner contest between members of the vape alchemists group


Hello. White chocolate biscuits with cream and some sweet rice. Steep 4-5 days and ready for vape. Enjoy!

Banana, Chocolate and Biscuit Crepe!
This recipe is a little bit complicated, making it harder for me to add a comprehensive explanation about why I picked each ingredient and how they interact with eachother. I ll try to do it at a later time! I just really liked this mix, and wanted to share it :) This one is a steeper, for the first couple of days all you are gonna taste is the bananas and the WF Crepe SC, this is because the Crepe concentrate really likes to overpower everything else. After 5-6 days everything settles.


Cookies with hazelnut and cream and a note of caramel. Steep time 5 days. Enjoy!

A creamy delicious tobacco vape,based on Australia's Vape Train flavours

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