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(VT) Cola

By: Vape Train (VT) - Buy Direct

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Vanilla Cola

To get an idea of what this is I would describe this more of a vanilla Pepsi sort of profile but still not exact to a Pepsi or cola but edging more towards that Pepsi side of things.

FA cola and VT cola team up to create a good cola base, VT creaming soda is the vanilla and adds that effervescent fizz feel, sweetener and coolant to complete the profile.

As you can see, a pretty simple mix but successful in satisfying me towards my vanilla cola target.

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A glass of frozen coca cola with a slice of lemon.

A glass of frozen coca cola with a slice of lemon.

A twist on a classic cocktail the rum and coke. Sweet cola and vanilla on in the inhale with the rum and mint on the exhale, can be a shake and vape but flavor deepen 3 - 5 days
cola base VT cola is a straight up cola syrup adding the holy vanilla adds some sweetness, spice and pushes that vanilla note up front. The Fizzy shertbet adds that citrus note that is essential to a cuba libre and also gives a slight impression of effervescence
rum I like the combination of VT light rum and FA Jamaican run for a spiced rum
sorbet adds a slight minty cooling and fruity back note that is used as a top note here with the cooling on the exhale
SUBS you can use INW cola which would work pretty well here, FA cola does have a bit of a carbonation and a bit more citrus notes but the syrup is a bit thin so would need a boost - caramel or a cream soda

NOTES: Add sweeter to your liking or a bit more lime if you like that bright pop up top. If you want more cooling I would add a touch of polar blast but the sorbet does add that on the exhale . if you want more Boozieness then bump the VT light rum .
Best vapes at 40 - 60 watts in a RTA/ RDA

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VT Turkish Delight - used for the rose note and for the caster sugar sweetness instead of extra sweetener
The cherry cola is used to boost the raspberry jam through the dominant cola.
VT Rb Energy Drink is enough to make the recipe pop due to its red berry fizzy candy syrup notes.
VT fizzy sherbert is a great additive for that simulated fizz
Sweeten to taste.
WS-23 can be increased but start low if a beginner.

Special thanks to Theo Kalaitzis

Inspired by

Coke/ Raspberry Rose Advert - the other advertisement I saw had ice cubes with a rose petal on the bottom with raspberries.


Here is my remix of a popular juice here in Australia. With Vape Train Fizzy Sherbet, you get a true fizz effervescence from this vape. Mix it, Shake it and vape it straight away!

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