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This is a moist and delicious carrot cake, that’s full of flavor and which consists of soft baked carrot cake with coconut, walnuts, raisins and spiked with a touch of rum and then topped off with a fluffy cream cheese frosting.

I started with the carrot cake and of course Vape train makes one of the best. So I used Carrot Cake mixed with Cinnamon Donut to add a cinnamon note and add depth to the cake. Then I tossed in some Sweet Cream, Rum & Raisin, Sweet Mate and Desiccated Coconut to complete the cake. Then for the cream cheese frosting I used VTA Cheesecake which has a great cream cheese flavor, mixed with VTA Vanilla Buttercream Frosting to create a fluffy cream cheese frosting.

A blend of the flavors of sweet, mellow ripe apple with a savory pie crust and caramel undertones.
It doesn't get more patriotic than Apple Pie and this is my version of that classic. I start with a flaky pie crust and for that VT Croissant with VT Butter Base, VT Pudding Base and a touch of VT Cinnamon donut create a nice light Pie crust. Next I needed to load that flaky crust with apples. And VT Fuji Red Apple, VT Granny Smith make a great apple duo. VT Shisha Double Apple can be a bit fragrant but brings a molasses note which helps cook the apples. Then to aid in the cooking of the apples and to add a caramel type glaze VT Sweet Mate and VT Scorched Caramel work wonders at creating that cooked apple flavor.
I chose not to use a vanilla ice cream but if I had VT French Vanilla @ 2% would add that ice cream aspect to the flavor.

A complex mixture of rum, with sweet peaches, a hint of strawberry with a cake topping. It is a fantastic flavor that comes off as a bit of a peach cobbler.
This has to be one of my favorite Five Pawns flavor profiles. Maybe because I love a peach cobbler. I started with my peach blend VTA White Peach is a mildly sweet peach and with the addition of Shisha Peach it definitely becomes a great peach flavor. VTA Apricot adds a slight tartness to the peach combo and VTA Sweet Strawberry and VTA Light Rum adds an extra punch to the peaches.
Next for the cobbler top I used VTA Cinnamon Donut which is a very unique type of cake not quite a donut not quite a cake. It also brings a cinnamon note. I used VTA Pudding Base to push the cake aspect in this. VTA Raw Sugar is my binder in here as it is basically a light brown sugar and aids in the punch of the peaches and the flavor of the cake topping.
For a alternative version see my other version of this recipe.

This is a VTA based remix of Kibitzer eliquid by Five Pawns, part of their Red Series, it is a traditional pineapple upside-down cake, this blend i use scorched caramel and Sugarloaf pineapple to create a caramelized pineapple. You'll taste a pineapple juice infused in a moist yellow cake created using Cinnamon Donut, Butter Base, Vanilla Classic, Raw Sugar and Pudding Base. A touch of Cherry adds the flavor of marachino cherries on top of the cake.

VT Cinnamon Donut|WF Cinnamon Pastry - Cinnamon part of Cinnamon Roll.

WF Glazed Donut|VT Croissant|WF Shortbread Cookies|FA Cookie| JF Yellow Cake- Our Roll's bakery part.

WF Mascarpone Cream Cheese|CAP Ney York Cheesecake - Icing.

Supporting Flavours - CAP Vanilla Custard|TPA Marshmallow|Saline

Pre-Steep this in PG for some days may help the bakery notes be more balanced.

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I was actually tempted not to make this public as there is this whole stigma around mixing at high % and that we should be mixing low this imo is true for some flavors but with these flavors i like them high. I have let this steep for over a month and the only thing that dies down a bit is the strawberry. I also mixed it at half strength and a quarter strength wile its not bad it just doesn't have the same intense mouth feel as when there this high. I can see various reasons why you won't mix this like you can't afford it lol , you looked at it and thought thats way to high this guy is off his head, i am pg sensitive, i can't fit my pg nic in there ect
But if you like sweet intense mouth feel vapes and the perfect strawberry doughnut (imo) give this a try its good off the snv and just as good a month later. Mix it don't mix it its up to you as always.

As Vape Train concentrates are on there way to the USA very soon, hopefully it won't be too long till everyone gets to mix this bad boy up. This is without doubt, a spot on Mc Donald's Apple Pie. Sweet, gooey and slightly spiced. Enjoy!

Sub VT Cinnamon Doughnut for Capella Cinnamon Danish Swirl at the same percentage if you need to.


Back with a vengeance! I've been playing around with a realistic carrot cake mix for a while now. This mix replaces my initial release, that was far from a final recipe. This mix is feeling very polished now. The two aspects that are very difficult in this profile are the carrot, and the icing. The carrot needs to taste well incorporated, whilst the icing needs to be distinct and slightly separated.

The idea of vaping carrot is hideous, and on it's own it lives up to just that... It's weird and confusing. My original mix used only Vt's carrot, but using it as the only carrot ingredient was't working. Just upping the percentage on parano carrot just tasted unpleasant. Adding a small amount of Flavorah carrot boosts it perfectly. Then i layered it in with a fluffy cake base that makes it very familiar and incising. Fa labyrinth, Fw yellow cake (because it's just awesome), and Tfa vanilla cupcake are such a good combination. If i wasn't going to add a icing element, vanilla cupcake wouldn't have made it in here, but it's perfect for this mix. Labyrinth is a different choice to the norm, but i believe it's one of the key ingredients entirely necessary to tie the carrots and the cake together. To date, i'm yet to find a icing/frosting concentrate that can do what Lorann's cream cheese icing can, that's why its here. So now I've linked the carrot to the cake, and the cake to the icing, and the reason i'm happy with this recipe. the only subs for ingredients would be Capella cinnamon danish swirl for Vt cinnamon doughnut. And Capella super sweet for Vt sweet mate. There are no other subs for a reason, I've tried them... Enjoy!

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