(VT) Chocolate Mousse

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Cheesecake trinity with a little Sugar Cookie thrown in. VT Chocolate Mousse gets a little boost with CAP Super Sweet to give a nice chocolatey topping.


I made this as a tribute to the guys @ Developed the Real Three Musketeers!
Trying my hand at a classic. The Three Musketeers candy bar. The original is a soft fluffy chocolate nougat surrounded my rich Milk Chocolate how hard could it be? Shows how much I know. 20 versions later to get the flavors right.
I Started with the Nougat. Inw Nougat to be exact . And to give the nougat that fluffy chocolate taste I decided to use VTA Chocolate Mousse because its a fluffy chocolate, and when I first smelled it I thought of the fluffy nougat in a 3 Musketeers . And to fluff it up even more I went with FA Marshmallow because it's fluffy and has some body to it. Then for my favorite part the chocolate coating. Gremberry Farms Chocolate Overload is the best chocolate that I have but feel free to use Cap Double Chocolate V2 or another chocolate of your choice. The VTA Devon helps to soften the chocolates without muting the chocolates because it is basically a chocolate cream. And then add some FLV Sweetness and its done. Let it steep a few days for everything to settle.

A Banana & Chocolate Creme’ pudding

Tested off the Shake on a Hadaly 0.24 Ni80 Alien @ 55w

Banana VSO & VTA Banana Custard combine for a lovely full dessert banana flavour.

VTA Chocolate Mousse along with VSO Chocolate are my main chocolates with VTA Devon Cream adding to the overall chocolate & creme in the recipe.

VTA sweet cream is a great cream to add a thick mouthfeel & in my unhumble opinion brings forward the creaminess to this recipe

This was made to help and mix along with the guys from #developed during there live stream for S'mores. This mix came out very nice and balanced for a hard profile. Enjoy this mix!

This is a remix using all Vape Train Australia Flavors (yes using VTA Custard Tobacco one shot) based off the Five Pawns E-liquid Black Flag Risen it mimics two tastes that go together like no other.
Featuring a creamy coffee flavor, this mix is enhanced with a creamy flue cured sweet Virginia tobacco custard for a full-bodied taste. Mixed with chocolate mousse, Devon Cream, Caramel Mocha and Toffee flavors and finally topped off with a touch of walnut flavor.


Boston Cream Doughnut.

CNV Vanilla Pudding because Sanctum was right and this is a perfect, shitty doughnut filling.

FLV Milk Chocolate because it gets the job done without being too there.

VT Chocolate Mousse to make the Milk Chocolate more silky and linear.

FA Zeppola for body and over-all darkness

WF Glazed Doughnut/Crispy Wafer for the main body.

Mixer’s Club - November 2020 Entry

I’m not going to lie to ya’ll.. I didn’t SFT the chocolates. They were Hail Marys and the Lord has once again worked in my life.

What I am getting is the smoked part of the butterscotch on top, the almost dark chocolate right under and then the bright butterscotch/marshmallow on the bottom.

Imagine a fancy box of chocolates that they would share at a Bilderberg meeting that they would enjoy while planning how to replace us all with robots. Clean, thick chocolate. Dense marshmallow. Smoked butterscotch because powerful people like to hurt themselves with scotch. I got everything that I wanted out of this except for the hardness of those chocolates which, I believe, is impossible.

This is sweet and I was going to leave out the sweetener, but I argued with myself enough and I lost. You’re getting sweetener.

A chocolate and mint pudding pie with chocolate cookie pie crust :)

Wanted to take a different spin on this vs the usually mint chip ice cream.


I love Cheesecake, and made this with Bananas, but it needed something else and Chocolate was just calling out to me.. Was talking to my friend ID10-T and his ingenious Idea to drizzle it in butterscotch was well, Da Bomb!!! But in the first version as Wayne said it was a tad muddled and just didn't have the Cheesy in the Cheesecake.Well here it is the best in my humble opinion, Chocolate Banana Cheesecake Drizzled in Butterscotch! Tastes good right off but after a 3 day steep delish however its Divine after 7 days!


Light chocolate coffee (imagine chocolate milk with a hint of coffee) with hints of graham, vanilla and marshmallow. Good right away. Increase chocolate mouse if you want that note more pronounced. I personally do not like super heavy chocolate vapes.

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