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(VT) Cherry

By: Vape Train (VT) - Buy Direct

Used in 21 recipes at an average of 4.208%.


2 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


I know that everyone's first thoughts are going to be "OMG that is a lot of Cherry!" but you will just have to trust me if you enjoy Cherry Jolly Ranchers. The Vape Train Cherry is a fairly weak flavor in the first place whereas the FW Hard Candy is a bit of a bully. I tried to use the lowest amount possible of the Hard Candy but I felt like any less than this and it was not selling the Jolly Rancher taste. However by the time I had the Hard Candy high enough to be present it had drowned out the Cherry completely so I had to keep turning it up until it was present again. It took me several attempts to get this where I wanted it.
There is NO substitute for this Cherry and on its own you will still get some of the dreaded cough syrup vibe. I found it at Chefs but perhaps BCF will start carrying it at some point. The sour notes in this mix work to eradicate the cough syrup vibe you may get from it on its own. The Cactus is in there to give you that juicy mouthfeel and help increase the tartness from the Sour. I went out and bought a bag of the Jolly Rancher Suckers to see how close I was getting and noticed the slightest hint of Fuji Apple in the actual candies. I think this is as close as I am ever going to get to this profile. It needs a few days to settle in for best results. Off the shake the Cactus and Fuji Apple stand out a wee bit too much but they will blend into the Cherry and Hard Candy after a brief steep.

So i have been working on this for a wile now i didn't think the chocolate was up to scratch to begin with but after trying a few different ones like molinberry glamor chocolate i settled on this as it was the most authentic to the actual cherry ripe you get from the shops. Needs a week steep and you can probably sub out the raspberry with another raspberry as it is just there to support the cherry. The dedicated coconut and cherry mix really give you that authentic cherry ripe filling tast and mouth feel.

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