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A blend of the flavors of sweet, mellow ripe apple with a savory pie crust and caramel undertones.
It doesn't get more patriotic than Apple Pie and this is my version of that classic. I start with a flaky pie crust and for that VT Croissant with VT Butter Base, VT Pudding Base and a touch of VT Cinnamon donut create a nice light Pie crust. Next I needed to load that flaky crust with apples. And VT Fuji Red Apple, VT Granny Smith make a great apple duo. VT Shisha Double Apple can be a bit fragrant but brings a molasses note which helps cook the apples. Then to aid in the cooking of the apples and to add a caramel type glaze VT Sweet Mate and VT Scorched Caramel work wonders at creating that cooked apple flavor.
I chose not to use a vanilla ice cream but if I had VT French Vanilla @ 2% would add that ice cream aspect to the flavor.

A complex mixture of rum, with sweet peaches, a hint of strawberry with a cake topping. It is a fantastic flavor that comes off as a bit of a peach cobbler.
This has to be one of my favorite Five Pawns flavor profiles. Maybe because I love a peach cobbler. I started with my peach blend VTA White Peach is a mildly sweet peach and with the addition of Shisha Peach it definitely becomes a great peach flavor. VTA Apricot adds a slight tartness to the peach combo and VTA Strawberry Jam and VTA Light Rum adds an extra punch to the peaches.
Next for the cobbler top I used VTA Cinnamon Donut which is a very unique type of cake not quite a donut not quite a cake. It also brings a cinnamon note. I used VTA Butter Base and. Pudding Base to push the cake aspect in this. VTA Raw Sugar is my binder in here as it is basically a light brown sugar and aids in the punch of the peaches and the flavor of the cake topping.


If this is the first time you’re looking at one of my recipes thank you so much for checking me out. Check out my YouTube channel for lots more recipes!

The Blueberry Corn Bread Muffin is a white whale of mine. I’ve been through so many iterations of this profile, purchased numerous flavors and just been real unhappy with the outcome... until now.

Let’s start with the cornerstone of the recipe. That’s FLV Blueberry Muffin. This flavor is on the whole a disappointing muffin but what it IS is a solid baked blueberry note and a good place to start. I’ve added in a little WF Blueberry Jam to help the texture of that Blueberry. I didn’t want this profile to be abundantly blueberry, mostly just delicious warm muffin.

Since the blueberry muffin doesn’t have much muffin I’ve resorted to building my own. Starting with 5% OOO Corn Bread, that is exactly how much of that flavor I need to taste it, no more, no less. It’s a steeper but oh boy is it good. After 2 weeks it really comes through with that corn meal grain flavor and texture that’s truly unparalleled. The sweet fluffy portion of the muffin is easy with WF Angel Cake.

The recipe really needs VT Butter Base for that creamy buttery smoothness. Lastly just a hint of FLV Rich Cinnamon, because where I come from you can’t have a muffin without some cinnamon.

Sweeten to Taste.

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Sweet graham crackers dunked in milk. Milk and Meringue for that delicious sweet milk flavor. Butter because butter makes everything better! Graham cracker clear layered with Graham crust with Sugar Cookie because seriously, how can you go wrong there? Then a touch of sweetener to make it even sweeter!

If this is the first time you’re looking at one of my recipes thank you so much for checking me out. These recipes are geared towards mixers who are just starting out making their own eliquid. All of the flavors in this recipe are from a limited list of 35 ingredients. Check out my YouTube channel for lots more recipes!

Ah, the illusive peanut butter cookie. Sounds easy, isn’t though. TFA DX Peanut Butter is about as good as it gets but it’s not perfect. This flavor tends to fade away after a steep so I’m going to buff it up with 0.25% TFA pistachio. Next it needs some help with texture. FW butter pecan has a nice creamy caramel texture and some subtle nuttiness as well so I’ll add 2% of that.

For the cookie note I really like 2% INW Biscuit with 2% TFA cheesecake graham crust. The combo has some really good crunch and sultry dark sweetness just like a peanut butter cookie should. Add a little VT butter base for the buttery texture and flavor and I think we’ve got a decent Peanut Butter Cookie.

Sweeten to Taste.

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Rainbow Sherbet is a delightful frozen citrus cream. For the citrus note I’m pairing FE Lemon with FW Blood Orange and VT Persian Lime. All 3 make a full citrus flavor with all the juicy brightness.

For the cream just 3% FLV Cream for a nice thick cream note. I’ve added a little bit of VT Butter Base to give it some rich velvety texture and make it more like and ice cream.

Sweeten to Taste.

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This is an original creation to elevate your mixing mind and inner help you strive for that perfect recipe.

A little about me:
I've been mixing for family and friends for over 5 years and have been refining my trade ever since. My favourite profiles are dessert and bakery juices but do cater for any profile that is requested of me which gives me an opportunity to switch up the taste buds from time to time.

No notes on this recipe, the only notes are the ones that you inhale and exhale.

This is version 17 of its original state and ready to share with my vaping buddies.

Enjoy !!

Ok, so I'll say right off the bat, I've never had a corn cookie nor do I know if corn BREAD cookies are really a thing. I just think they should be. I love sweet corn bread and love sugar cookies so this is my attempt at making something that is a hybrid between one of those huge artisanal soft sugar cookies and sweet warm corn bread. The result is, well, to me it tastes good. I'll let you decide if that's what it really tastes like and if the name did it any justice. This has been my ADV for a few months at least now at hits me in all the right spots. Subtle, sweet, cookies with a cakey bread (and almost slightly custardy aspect). The corn note isn't overbearing, but it is evident as more of a corn syrupy sweetness with a dry corn bread sweetness in the finish.

I will spare all the details, but this has been through more than a few iterations. The key for me to getting the soft cookie/sweet bread texture where I wanted it was a combination of MB Soft Cookie Base, CAP Sugar Cookie, WF Cookie Butter and OOO Corn Bread.

Additional buttery texture results from the addition of VT Butter Base which is a fantastic butter, and my personal favorite.

The corn flavor/sweetness is lacking on the WF Corn Bread(even though it reads as a fantastic cake flavor and texture) and I really wanted this mix to come across as having similarities with corn bread so the WF Corn Powder is fantastic for adding a nice sweet subtle hint of sweet corn and corn meal. Used sparingly, it had the desired result, and if needed, could be easily bumped up to .75% or 1% even for more savory/sweet corn flavor.

TPA French Vanilla Deluxe is a MUST in this recipe. I tried a few others and I even tried it without. I can't fully explain why or what it is doing to the mix, but it adds a vanilla note that blends everything together nicely and compliments the cookie and sweet bread flavor. It is one of my favorite vanillas and it really shines in this mix.

SSA Ice Cream Vanilla was a late player in the game. I brought it in as general weight and body to the recipe. I wanted just an overall bulkier body then I was getting from the earlier mixes without it. As far as I can tell, it is acting similar to what vanilla swirl does to mixes, in that it just brings a bold body to the mix and doesn't really interfere with the cookie or bread texture. And most of all, to me it emboldens the vanilla note and makes it all that more rich and unctuous (that ones for you Cheebs).

I hope you guys like it, anyone that decides to give it a shot. I worked hard on this recipe to create something that I personally enjoyed as I had a vision in my mind of something I really wanted to vape, and I succeeded in that. If anyone else enjoys it, that's a bonus. Feel free to comment if you decide to give it a go and let me know how you think I did.


This is a VTA based remix of Kibitzer eliquid by Five Pawns, part of their Red Series, it is a traditional pineapple upside-down cake, this blend i use scorched caramel and Sugarloaf pineapple to create a caramelized pineapple. You'll taste a pineapple juice infused in a moist yellow cake created using Cinnamon Donut, Butter Base, Vanilla Classic, Raw Sugar and Pudding Base. A touch of Cherry adds the flavor of marachino cherries on top of the cake.

Going for a old fashioned Waffle House waffle with a big scoop of fluffy churned butter and a smothered with Butter Pecan Syrup.
My friends on Discord recommended LB Belgian Waffle backed up with SSA Crisp Waffle for the main waffle note. I added Cap Cereal 27 and Cap Sugar Cookie to add extra flavor to the waffle. For the fluffy butter I figured FW Butter Cream with VTA Butter Base would give me that creamy-fluffy butter note. For the butter pecan syrup I'm using FW Butter Pecan with VTA Golden Syrup. I didn't use maple syrup because I didn't want the maple syrup to overpower the Butter Pecan. And with the Maple notes in the waffles it may have done just that.

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