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(VT) Blood Orange Champagne

Great champagne, fake-ish orange. Feels like an orange sparkling wine beverage you'd buy in a can, rather than a mimosa.

By: Vape Train (VT) - Buy Direct

Used in 150 recipes at an average of 2.552%.


Taken from this post , by @concreteriver

Setup: Recoil w/ flavor barrel, Dual 12 wrap 24g 3.5mm SS316 @.31 ohms. 60w power, 450F temp limit. Full Cotton Wicks.

Testing: Vape Train Blood Orange Champagne, 1%, 4% and 8%, 60/40 VG/PG base, Steeped 17 days.

Flavor Description: Great champagne, fake-ish orange. Feels like an orange sparkling wine beverage you'd buy in a can, rather than a mimosa.

The champagne here works really well. It has some fairly convincing effervescence, more so than FW Pink Champagne and probably pushing up against FLV Root Beer in the fizz arms race. Definitely tastes light and sparkling. I'm actually getting some of that mineral twinge you get from champagne that isn't straight prosecco. Light, but accurate, kind of booziness here. Doesn't go the sour acidic route like TPA Champagne.

The blood orange here isn't all that realistic. It feels like a flatter, almost candy blood orange flavor instead of a tarter actual citrus. Does taste like the blood variety of orange flavor though, with a light bitterness to it offsetting at least a bit of that candied body. That blood orange bitterness plays really nicely with that light mineral note from the champagne base. I'm not getting any real zest or heavy waxy notes. The orange here feels like a slightly more bitter version of FA Blood Orange.

That sweeter orange weighs down some of the etherealness of the fizzy champagne base, but overall it still has a pretty solid sparkle to it. Ends up feeling just a bit on the sweet side for a realistic champagne, but nothing too sticky or cloying.

Off-Flavors: Artificial rather than realistic blood orange flavor.

Throat Hit: Light? I mean, it has a bit of bite but nothing really explicitly harsh. Hit seems to fit with the profile.

Percentage testing:At 1%, I'm not getting much out of this. Light texture, light mineral tang from the champagne, and a bit of thin bitter orange.

At 4%, this is actually pretty well balanced. Light, fizzy texture. Sweet blood orange flavor, starting to taste a bit candied but not too cloying.

At 8%, nothing really tastes offensive based on the profile, but I feel like that blood orange is maybe getting too sweet and candied and is steamrolling that champagne base. That blood orange bitterness is also getting a bit aggressive and throaty.

Vape Train suggests using this at 2-5% in a mix, or 5-9% standalone. That sounds fine. Just based on these tests, I'd probably be around 7% as a solo flavor, 5% for a cocktail application where both the orange and champagne are going to work for you, and maybe 2-3% where you're mostly trying to grab the texture and some orange.

Uses & Pairings: Cocktails, basically.

You could the easy route, march in lock step with ID10-T and pair it up with FLV Morning Mimosa like in his "1-2-3 Sparkling Mimosa." Congratulations mixers, he beat us all to the low hanging fruit. But we can go deeper.

If you want to stay on the brunch theme, you could probably cover up some of that pronounced oranginess with a heavier peach flavor like JF Honey Peach or FLV Peach and get yourself a perfectly serviceable bellini. It's going to be sweet, but brunch and all.

I don't think you'll be able to mix around the orange, but you have some cocktail options where it can be slipped in fairly unobtrusively. You want to do a French 75? The orange in here could be bent toward a more generic citrus with some extra lemon. I'd say the cognac version would probably work a bit better, but this should work just fine with the gin version. I'd even say you could do a classic champagne cocktail and just don't call attention to the fact you're using orange instead of lemon. Add some INW Shisha Punch and you're set to go.

Still not odd enough? I think the fizz in here could make a fairly effective cocktail texturizer, giving a thinner body to some pretty traditionally heavy and not really liquid-like alcohol flavors, especially with a light touch of cooling. That champagne flavor isn't too aggressive and will be pretty easily masked by more aggressive and darker liquor flavors. Plus, a boatload of stuff uses orange liqueurs like Curacao, Grand Marnier, or even just chunks of oranges.

Does your old fashioned taste like an old fashioned hard candy? Lighten and brighten it up with some of this mess.

You want to go big and try to get a workable sazerac-esque cocktail with a spin like a Millionare? Try some of this.

It's also pretty good solo if you're into that sort of thing.

Second Opinions: Noted literally just did an episode on Oranges. At 3:40, the mighty ID10-T has some notes on this one. Selected excerpts: "They ruined an amazing champagne flavor by adding blood orange flavor to it." "It's yummy, it's not bad." "super accurate champagne flavor" "not actual orange juice" "generic store brand 0 calorie sparkling water (type of orange)" ... and just for the record I'm pretty sure I coined the FLV Prison Wine term. Fite me.

Here's the product page. Their description: "bubbly champagne flavour with a dash of blood orange. This is a fantastic unique flavour profile to lead the way into beverage and alcohol styled e-liquid recipes. This flavours versatile to use, and lends a champagne like mouthfeel note that’s infused by a clean subtle citrus note from the blood orange. Great for making cocktail type recipes or adding depth to existing fruit or ejuice recipes. This flavour pairs well alcohol flavours such as vodka and almost every type of fruit and even candy recipes."

Maintained by: ceedee

25 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Celebrate Summer with rainbow ice cream floating in tropical Champagne.

The Ice Crean Base is LB Van ice Cream, VT French Vanilla, and TPA Rainhow Sherbet to give the lovely rainbow sherbet taste.
The Punch is VT Blood Orange Champagne with VT Mango Juice, and VT Passiin Fruit and Mango.

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Blood Orange Champange - VTA Along with the Tangerine SC - WF adds a perfect effervescences feeling in the vape.
Island Mango - WF with Sweet Coconut - FLV and Passion Fruit - FA Gives off a nice body and slight sweetness to the mix.
Jamaican Rum - TPA gives off a slight rum base.
Soursop SC - WF will tie it all up with hints of Pineapple, Banana and Tartness to give it a fine tropical feeling.

This is a very interesting mix of flavors and each bring something so different yet so right to the mix.. I tested this mix on various products including as follows and not in any order.. MTL @40w, Dripper with dual coils @Mechanical Device, Dripper with single coil @75W using RDA ( Recurve ) with single coils and restricted air holes @Squonk Device.
This could make a very warm summer day feel like you are on a sandy beach with your toes in the water...

The flavors will pop in all the configuration I mentioned and I do think it will pop in a tank as well..

this is a summer time beverage that is based off of a baja blast flavor profile. it is a shout out to all the GRADS !!!

LB Blue rasp is the perfect Blue raspberry for this flavor profile and provides that distinct blue note that is characteristic for this profile
The creaming soda, lime and blood orange provide that citrus contrast to the sweet blue raspberry
The rum is well RUM .. and provides some base notes and depth to this profile
The sorbet adds some additional citrus notes and the needed cooling sensation for an iced cocktail
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This is a light white sangria that is perfect for the summer. Sangria is a summer drink of wine, mixed fruit, brandy, sugar and a clubs soda or ginger ale
The Ginger ale creates the base for this mix. While the ginger is a weak note it does add some sweetness and adds the impression of the ginger spice at 4 - 5 %
The cranberry apple create the mid note of this mix and blends well. The FLV cranberry apple is a very strong flavor and needs to be used low % but could be boosted a bit more if you want a more prominent cranberry note.

The brandy and Sparkling wine helps to bring that grape booze note forward that is part of sangria along with the blood orange and sorbet to bring that cooling sensation .

The lime and sorbert create that citrus and acid balance to the sweetness of the mix
NOTE: The basil does not have to be added but works really well as a note that is present on the exhale and is similar to what you may experience with mint but slightly sweeter and not as overpowering.
Add sweetner to taste
LOOKING for a group to learn about mixing your own juice check out these groups and youtube channels


FLV Prison Wine finally found its partners in crime.

I love FLV Morning Mimosa, even though it really does taste like pretty much like prison wine. Or maybe because it tastes like prison wine. Brings back memories of my more miscreant youth.

Vape Train has created a ridiculous concentrate in Blood Orange Champagne. It's a remarkably accurate champagne flavor that tastes like it has blood orange flavoring added to it, rather than actual orange juice or blood orange juice. Which means it’s kind of weird, but it’s not unpleasant. It’s sweet and bubbly (which is pretty freakin cool) and actually tastes like champagne more than the other champagne/sparkling wine flavors I've tried. Specifically it's a light and sugary champagne like Spumante rather than Brut or Dry. It's definitely not as boozy as it should be, nobody is getting tipsy at this brunch, but it's fizzy enough for a change. I wish that champagne flavor was sold separately, because why would you add blood orange flavor to that? I don’t know, it’s mind-boggling. It’s specifically blood orange, but it tastes like the same blood orange flavor you get from store brand blood orange flavored zero calorie sparkling water, and not like the San Pellegrino Blood Orange sparkling juice beverage that has real juice and yummy sugary calories.

WF Orange Juice has its own issues. Here's a flavor that pretty much actually tastes and feels like OJ, which is apparently quite a feat for oranges. And then they go and add sucralose to it. Unless you like put splenda packets in your OJ, this is a problem. So much sucralose that it doesn't work by itself as an OJ, it gets offensive before you can use enough to really fill out an orange-forward profile like a mimosa. But just a little bit of it here at 2% helps the fermented orange in Morning Mimosa make up for the silly blood orange flavor in that VT concentrate. Sweetener level seems about like adding 0.25% CAP Super Sweet to your recipe. Detectable, but not obscene by any stretch.

FLV Morning Mimosa's orange zest notes mingle with and nearly overpower that blood orange flavoring, which WF isn't zesty enough to do alone. Down at this 1% the baser orange juice doesn't get too fermented when mixed with a brighter orange, so it doesn't bring it into jailhouse hooch territory. Meanwhile, its somewhat funky but otherwise accurate champagne flavor gives VT's some more boozy character that it needs, but doesn't weigh down its superior effervescence.

If you're in the "cold things should be cold" camp, add some of your favorite cooling agent to this at your preferred strength. 0.5% WS-23 (30% Dilution) works for me.

Flavor Notes