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(VT) Barrel Oak

By: Vape Train (VT) - Buy Direct

Used in 28 recipes at an average of 1.642%.


6 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A delightful Sweet Orange Liqueur Brandy. The background notes of sweet orange is not over baring or bitter yet not so sweet either. You will also get a hint note of oak that Grand Marnier is so known for. So sit back and vape this, relax and enjoy with friends or alone.

A mix over the famous chocolate. 3 layers, chocolate, biscuit and caramel. Acetyl Pyrazine helps the biscuits become crunchier. Steep 7 days.

Sticky banana flambé with a butterscotch and vanilla cream.

Banana purée is still the best banana in my eyes so that was a fairly easy decision here, the golden syrup and barrel oak give that flambé liquid to the mix, the GS also helps the butterscotch... the milk and honey also aids the butterscotch/vanilla cream to bring out the sticky syrupy side and also the dairy side of the cream is highlighted... the super sweet is optional as it is sweet anyway but ahh what the hell.

3 days minimum but the longer the better as always. :)

September MixersClub submission I usually wait for feedback from the guys/gals of MixersClub before I release them but Im pretty happy with how this one turned out.

VTA Barrel Oak: Is fairly light in flavor but it has a really nice slightly charred whiskey barrel flavor.

FA Black Fire: Used it to help boost the smoky charred flavor in the VTA

FW Whiskey: Used it to boost the whiskey/bourbon in the VTA

FLV Cream: Is used as a binder and to help smooth everything over.

My tobacco blend: Red Burley adds to the wood notes in both Black Fire & Barrel Oak. Kentucky Blend pairs really well with Red Burley. The Tatanka I used it for a every so slight sticky chewing tobacco type note.

This isn’t a perfect well refined recipe. I just wanted to make a 123 recipe and this turned out to be pretty tasty

Ever since I single flavor tested VT Barrel Oak it has been screaming to me to be used in a tobacco. Red burley has some wood notes that plays well the charred whiskey and oak notes from VT Barrel Oak. FLV Native I used this to help back up the tobacco notes from the Red Burley and try to help them both survive a long steep

Not much to add, In all honesty, I started to try to clone a juice but it turned out to be a little jewel on its own.
VTA aromas keep surprising me.

Steep: 5 days to blend the flavors

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