(VT) Apollo Feijoa

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Used in 14 recipes at an average of 3.375%.


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Sitting here in Minnesota during an April snow storm dreaming of summer. I then single flovor tested Apollo Feljoa and it felt like a fruity summer escape. That's when a 123 is born. Add in some punchy strawberry and the wonderful pink guava a wonderful summer getaway comes to life. The recipie is built off the pink guava. The strawberry and Apollo accent it perfectly and bring out new notes and fill it out. Juicy, fruity, bright, and punchy. Enjoy

Apollo Feijoa & Peach Pudding.

After ordering Apollo Feijoa from BCF. I started researching culinary recipes that used it, and I came across a AF & Peach Rice Pudding. So I figured I would take a stab a creating an ejuice using that profile. Though i have never taste a feijoa in real life. I think i did a pretty good job in creating a great tasting ejuice out of it.

VTA Apollo Feijoa: This stuff wasn't as potent as I hoped I single flavor tested this at 6% and didn't get any weird off notes. The recommended single flavor range according to vta is 5%-9%. Range for mixing is 1%-5%. So I went with AF at 3% that way I could still taste. Through the vanilla cream, rice, and peach.

FA Peach: it is one my favorite peachs i own. I used it at 1.5% so it would push through the rice and pudding.

FE Sweet Rice: I stole this from @Shyndo. I had a problem with losing this in the steep & to the other ingredients . Shyndo uses it at 5% in his Mango Sticky Rice to ensure that doesn't happen. I tried it in here at it worked out great and solved my rice problem.

FLV Vanilla Pudding: This is my best pudding option I own & I believe it works great in here at 2%

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