(TS) Graham Cracker

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Used in 10 recipes at an average of 0.65%.


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This is a delicious papaya lime tart. I have to thank Darren Cole for his pastry combination fro!m his lemon tart recipe. The only difference is I used Twisted Sketch graham cracker at .30% instead of Tfa graham cracker clear. I have to say these Twisted Sketch concentrates are pretty damn amazing. Very strong and very good. The same goes for Papaya punch by Flavorah its my new favorite papaya very good and very strong at .75% you get a good papaya flavor from this concentrate even at such a low percentage. Overall this is a very delicious recipe that pulls off this profile in less than 4% total flavor concentrate in the whole recipe and it tastes great the next day but it really shines after a 3 day steep. And the twisted sketch Graham!m cracker can be switched to tfa graham cracker clear at 2% but you can't go wrong with picking up an order of Twisted sketch concentrates a 10ml bottle will last for ever they are the strongest flavors I have ever used and they taste great.😁😄😁😀😆

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