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(TPA) White Chocolate

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 562 recipes at an average of 3.541%.


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this is a very creamy white chocolate fudge with some candy canes broken up into little pieces on top great for this time of yr mix it at 70% vg and enjoy


this candy is from one of the most popular schenes from willy wonka and the chocolate factory when he told all of the kids too lick the wall and one of the flavors was supposed to taste like fuckin dicks or dildos so guys & gals give this one a mix if U wanna know what dicks really taste like. lol


This would be a nice cold drink with sitting around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning with your loved ones


This is my favorite cookie this time of the year bcuz it has the white chocolate chunks in it with alil bit of sweetnes from the sugar cookie and the golden butter and meringue is the bakery part of it than the brown sugar adds the sweetnes too the sugar cookie

The infamous... Strawberries and Cream... So in every mixers arsenal you know they have a S&C recipeand if not, that's just fucking weird because who doesn't?! I LOVE strawberries and who doesn't, unless you have an allergy to them. Ill have to crave wanting to Vape something with strawberries for the most part, and my go to is creams like it is for a lot of people. This took a lot of tweaking and playing around to get it where I wanted, and thats how TFA White Chocolate found its place in this recipe along with lemon. Both of these flavorings gave it that special kick I felt it needed. This one took a lot of work so I hope you guys enjoy it!

nothin like starting your morning out with a nice bowl of fruit loops with a little milk in the bowl guys this used to be one of my go too juices mix this up at 70/30 and give it a couple of days and it will be perfect

when i saw skiddlz thin mint frap recipe, i knew i had to mix my own version of it. starbucks White Chocolate Mocha Frap is delicious but with mint should be even better. doing my own version of skiddlz recipe for a couple of reasons. first i was missing most of the concentrats and second FA UP is shit imo with its cereal alcohol undertones. so pretty sure skidz recipe wouldnt do it for me.

CAP Cap, FW White Choc and CAP Pep are the main notes here. Caps Cappuccino is actually pretty good, tastes a bit like cappuccino candy, and fits profile better than other coffee flavors i got. i I love FW white choc so that's a nobrainer for me. used with tpa's version to back it up. it is a little bit dry so therefore butter cream and sweet cream come in. both are sweet and milky, they make white choc a bit softer and the profile more creamy. lastly cap peppermint for candy peppermint note.

i find it pretty hard to make complex recipes with mints, because it tends to overpower subtle notes. here in this recipe you can't taste too much of the white chocolate, although fw's version is pretty strong and distinct in most situations. It's subtle but definitely there with its sweetness and cacoa butter powder flavor. recipe is still good, not perfect, but decent. for me i could only taste a stronger white choc flavor without peppermint in the recipe. so i guess that would be an option

FW white choc apparently has sucralose in it and the other conc are also sweet ... so there's not really a need for extra sweetener.

No treat is more beautiful than an strawberry dipped into a bath of rich white chocolate. Strawberry White Chocolate e-juice is the next biggest thing!

My very first run at this, I've been trying to find a solid idea in which I could try the LB White Chocolate Peppermint. Give this a try and see what you think.

Ok, this is a recipe I enjoy and wanted to share but obviously all credits go to ExclusiveGirl.

You can find her notes below:

Her work in the kit kat portion is great so leaving the Green Tea out and 1.5% addition of Pistachio (TPA) did the trick.
I also think this profile would work with berries (strawberry) or nuts (hazelnut).
For inspiration:

Flavor/Development Notes from ExclusiveGirl:

White Chocolate (TFA/TPA) 4.5%:
What can I say about this. This is a very important flavor, I mean it's the main note in the real green tea kit kat. This is the base of the mix. It helps tie everything together in all of its white chocolate deliciousness. Yeah it’s not as creamy as I would like it to be, but it's a pretty damn accurate white chocolate. There is just the slightest hint of caramel when mixed for standalone or mixed with other creams that bring it out, but in this mix, you don't detect any caramel which is great. It has excellent mouth feel and really helps bring this mix into an ADV.

Vanilla Whipped Cream (CAP) 3%:
This flavor pulls double duty. Not only does it bring out the creaminess of the white chocolate, but it acts as the frosting between the wafers. It’s light and sweet and creamy.

Sugar Cookie (CAP) 1.5%:
This one actually does a bit of double duty too. Not only is it the wafer, but it also adds the extra sweetness needed for the frosting between the wafers. At a low %, it’s subtle, just like the actual wafer in the kit kat.

Flavor Notes