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(TPA) White Chocolate

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 560 recipes at an average of 3.543%.


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This is a lite sweet and creamy coffee vape, for those that like a darker blend, I would add a touch of Espresso. This recipe was created on Interactive Mixing on the Diydownunder network.

This is a chocolate milk vape. Requires 10 to 14 day steep, but it is well worth it. Nummy:)

This cookie vape was created on Interactive Mixing ,on the Diydownunder network. After 24 hours the cookie comes through well, not getting much white chocolate,but I am getting a coconut back note not sure where it is coming from, being a work in progress I will update as recipe steeps. Im puttin steep time as 4 weeks,but I will change if it steeps out sooner

A rich mocha coffee layered with creams and melted chocolate with a crushed candy cane (peppermint ) sprinkle

Whilst the original is very good (http://tjek.nu/r/ctR6), the addition of the caramel candy has made this so much nicer. Shake daily. I think it tastes amazing. A creamy, minty, candy toffee.

I'm a fan of rice pudding, but I have to lose weight, so I can only vape it. I tried a lot of rice pudding out there, but the rice was too much prominent. So I tried a lot of combination in order to calm down the rice and finally, don't ask me why, I put there the TFA white chocolate. And BOOM. Finally a sweet, smooth, tasty, all-day-vape rice pudding.
You will find some things strange in this recipe:
- that 4.25% of TFA white chocolate is unusual, it was a mistake in mixing, but it's the perfect percentage, believe me.
- Lemon zest could appear a strange flavor to put in here, but that 0.25 % give a brightness to all the recipe.
- the name it's not only a good word combination, it's the teaser for a lot of rice pudding combination I will recipe in future. In fact you can use this recipe (without cinnamon) as a perfect rice pudding base. Soon I will publish a Rice of a nation - jam, a Rice of a nation - coffee etc etc.
You can shake & vape or you can wait 2 night in order to taste the perfect combination of flavour.
Please review it, let me know what do you think about.

This was mixed on the show Mixing with me mates on the Diydownunder network.
After 1 week a great chocolate and cream doughnut


Bought some Meyer Lemon White Chocolate cookies on a recent trip to Publix. This is my take on them. They were thin with crisp edges (INW Biscuit) and gooey centers (FLV Cookie Dough). The lemon was bright and up front (FE Lemon) . . . riding on top of the sweet sugar cookie dough (CAP Sugar Cookie). They were liberally dotted with white chocolate chips (TPA White Chocolate/LA Cream Cheese Icing) and dusted lightly with powdered sugar (FA Meringue).

This recipe ia a strawberry dipped in white chocolate and vanilla Bourbon.

This a Kentucky inspired bread pudding. I hope you enjoy (great vape but will gunk up coils and in 2 days)

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