(TPA) Whipped Cream

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With this mix I was trying to make a coffee cake type of flavor with a cinnamon crumble topping.

CAP Sugar Cookie makes up the main fluffy "cake" like note of this recipe while still keeping it light enough to leave room for other flavors.

INW Biscuit is used to just add butter and depth to the CAP Sugar Cookie and make for a fuller mouthfeel.

The CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl and TFA Brown Sugar are used for the top cinnamon crumble part of the recipe and the CDS also lends itself to the cake note.

FA Booster (Tiramisu) is the main coffee note that also has a bit of a cake at the percentage used in this recipe. Just a little bit of FA Dark Bean Espresso is used to fill out the coffee, that shit is strong.

Lastly the TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and TFA Whipped Cream are used as a cream base to smooth the recipe out without bogging down the rest of the flavors.

If you want a less in your face coffee flavor the FA Booster (tiramisu) can be lowered to 0.75-1%
0.5-1% sweetener optional.


Gofry its banana strawberry waffles Still in progress. All feedback is appreciated

Uh, Strawberry cheesecake with a little extra I guess. I needed a little more substance with my previous attempts so I changed some of the Strawberries, added the whipped cream and it definitely helped. I have a problem with Straw Ripe so this was getting on my nerves, the sweet really helps!

If you're into very fruity and sweet juices, definitely make a batch of this. Amazing!

The pineapple flavor was bought on amazon. Tastes like candy pineapple more than fruit. Sub it with any pineapple.
The blue raspberry and silly rabbit are the real players here.

You won't regret it! :)

This recipe is not my original. I adjusted the total flavoring from 39% down to just over 20%. The original can be found on you tube on chance of clouds channel. The flavor profile is simply Raspberry strawberry cakes goodness.

Well here it is winter time and i've finally come to a version of a Bubble pop sucker that is actually really tasty and authentic. It is very reminiscent of when you finally get to the bubble gum center in a few places if that makes sense. This is at least the 5th reversion so If ya like Candy vapes please give this one a go and let me know how ya likey


A clone of Shurb by Jimmy the Juice Man. Great fresh, best after one or two days.

All relevant notes can be found on Reddit -



I've been raving over a strawberry and banana shake who's original creator is @vapordude. That recipe quickly became an ADV for me.
When I was trying to make everyone try this recipe I showed it to @RageIsALotOfWork, I knew he doesn't like strawberry vapes, but I was still raving, he had the brilliant idea of making a PB&B, so I did.

It's an absolutely amazing vape.

A delicious peanut butter and banana with sweet vanilla milk and cream undertones topped with a fresh whipped cream.

Banana cream gives you a nice fresh banana flavor not to ripe but just fits well into the creams.

Sweet cream, Bavarian cream, cheesecake graham crust, vanilla swirl, and the vanilla custard make up that rich vanilla milky cream. Sweet cream and the cheesecake graham gives it that dairy flavor while the Bavarian cream and vanilla swirl add in the vanilla along with the vanilla custard which also adds weight and holds everything together in this recipe.

Lastly the whipped cream is just used as a topping. Picture a peanut butter and banana milkshake glass with that whipped cream on top that's exactly what it is there for just to finish it off.

5 day steep
Tried to keep this recipe using only tfa but capella vanilla custard v1 works better in my opinion but tfa vanilla custard will do fine.


This is it, I have enough pondering on this for a long time. Finally got everything I needed and gave it a shot. In the beginning I had no idea where to start with this recipie. Then Exclusivegirl came out with her Green Tea Recipie. So I used the idea of the to begin my blueprinting. So without her or that recipie I would have been completely stuck. Major props to her.

FW White Chocolate - I used this above all the others because to me this one is more stronger on the white chocolate flavor and the one I prefer

TPA Sweet Cream/Whipped Cream and CAP Vanilla Custard - these are all here to blend that crunchinless and keep that white chocolate creamy. With out them the white chocolate would be there on the inhale but loose flavor very quickly. They really help that WC keep flavor and maintain throughout the recipie.

CAP Sugar Cookie and TPA Rice Cruniches - These are obviously the Wafer. To me they complement each other very well.

CAP Super Sweet is there to give it sweetness.

I really enjoy this recipie and I hope you do to!

This recipe was inspired by Cinnaps by Tear Drip e-liquid.
I wasn't trying to clone it perse just really liked the profile of the e liquid the original is very bland and lacking boldness.

The profile is Apple cinnamon parfait.
On the inhale you get the strong apple flavor that stays through out the vape. In the middle the creamy yogurt and grain comes through, with the cinnamon coming on the back end.
(Cap) creamy yogurt (Fa) meringue (Tpa) whipped cream for the yogurt base,
(Cap) creamy yogurt to get the yogurt started (Fa) meringue to add a little body and sweetness (Tpa) whipped cream to round it .
(Tpa) Apple and (FA) Fuji for the apple profile. I use (tpa) apple to get a red apple and (fa) apple to boost that apple flavor.
(Cap) Sugar cookie and (Cap) Cinnamon Danish Swirl for the grain aspect or crunch as it were in the parfait, I used (cap) sugar because I didn't want an an over powering crunch, more a nice soft sweet cookie, but by its self there wasn't enough grain to it hence the cinnamon Danish Swirl to up the grain and to introduce the cinnamon into it.
And finally FLV rich cinnamon this was added simply to give it a touch more cinnamon. As far as sweetner goes this is to simply lift up the yogurt without it, it's a little tart not horrible but it is noticeable

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 50 / 100 Solo: 5.0% Mix: 2.5% Steep: 2 days Difficulty: 90 / 100

Fluffy light cream, nice and buttery with a slightly overpowering sweetness.

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