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I wanted to make a blue raspberry jello with whipped cream like I eat all the time with my kids. So good!


This is a reproduction of an excellent drink we found in South Korea. This has a real banana flavor, not like a Nestlé milk drink.


The king of all chewy candy, the semi-elusive Mango Hi-Chew. The candy itself is just as much about texture as flavor, as it manages to be the sweet spot between something juicy and sweet like a starburst and chewy and substantial like taffy. I tried to replicate that at best as I could in vape form.

The fruit flavor here comes primarily from CAP Sweet Mango. The concentrate has a really soft, almost buttery overripe kind of mango quality that manages to be thick enough it's almost chewy. It's lacking most of the brightness and acidity you expect from a mango flavor, and it gets super weird at higher percentages so I had to build my juice around the level of mango flavor I could get without dragging up all those buttery earth notes that CAP Sweet Mango can get when it's overdone.

In my experience, peach and mango candy flavors are fairly similar, and I've used a a small percentage of a juicy peach to add some spark to the sweet mango without making it taste like a peach candy. CAP Juicy Peach has slightly less throat hit than TFA, and adds some of the acid and wetness to match the actual fruit flavor in the hi-chew. Still fairly potent, and even .25% brings up some throat-hit issues that I had to address.

CAP Marshmallow is foremost a textual element in here. I want some fluffyness and volume to the juice, helping it hit that taffy kind of mouthfeel. I think 2% gave me a nice volume without muting out that mango or bringing in too much vanilla.

TFA Whipped Cream is an accommodation for the contest format, and used mostly as an emulsifier for that mango and marshmallow. It does a lot work here, keeping the throat hit from the peach under control, dulling some of the more ripe notes from the mango, and pulling down some of the dry sugar and vanilla notes from the marshmallow further into the juice while adding to the thicker mouthfeel. Triacetin is a helluva drug, and it ends up being pretty vital for the shake and vape part of the contest.

It's a candy, so I think some sweetener is definitely a fit for the profile. I've gone with 1% of TFA Sweetener, because I wanted some of the inherent ethyl maltol sweetness for the mango note here, as well as the heavier, sugary sucralose to sort of force the juice onto your palate and further deaden the sharp edges on the peach and marshmallow.

I mixed this at 70%VG and 1.5mg nicotine, just because I felt like the higher pg was accentuating the weird notes in the sweet mango, but it's not a night or day difference in terms of flavor over 60%VG.


A good recreation of my mom's favorite popsicle. An artificial yet sweet orange with a creamy soft serve ice cream in the middle.

With this mix I was trying to make a coffee cake type of flavor with a cinnamon crumble topping.

CAP Sugar Cookie makes up the main fluffy "cake" like note of this recipe while still keeping it light enough to leave room for other flavors.

INW Biscuit is used to just add butter and depth to the CAP Sugar Cookie and make for a fuller mouthfeel.

The CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl and TFA Brown Sugar are used for the top cinnamon crumble part of the recipe and the CDS also lends itself to the cake note.

FA Booster (Tiramisu) is the main coffee note that also has a bit of a cake at the percentage used in this recipe. Just a little bit of FA Dark Bean Espresso is used to fill out the coffee, that shit is strong.

Lastly the TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and TFA Whipped Cream are used as a cream base to smooth the recipe out without bogging down the rest of the flavors.

If you want a less in your face coffee flavor the FA Booster (tiramisu) can be lowered to 0.75-1%
0.5-1% sweetener optional.


Gofry its banana strawberry waffles Still in progress. All feedback is appreciated

Uh, Strawberry cheesecake with a little extra I guess. I needed a little more substance with my previous attempts so I changed some of the Strawberries, added the whipped cream and it definitely helped. I have a problem with Straw Ripe so this was getting on my nerves, the sweet really helps!

If you're into very fruity and sweet juices, definitely make a batch of this. Amazing!

The pineapple flavor was bought on amazon. Tastes like candy pineapple more than fruit. Sub it with any pineapple.
The blue raspberry and silly rabbit are the real players here.

You won't regret it! :)

This recipe is not my original. I adjusted the total flavoring from 39% down to just over 20%. The original can be found on you tube on chance of clouds channel. The flavor profile is simply Raspberry strawberry cakes goodness.

Well here it is winter time and i've finally come to a version of a Bubble pop sucker that is actually really tasty and authentic. It is very reminiscent of when you finally get to the bubble gum center in a few places if that makes sense. This is at least the 5th reversion so If ya like Candy vapes please give this one a go and let me know how ya likey

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By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 50 / 100 Solo: 5.0% Mix: 2.5% Steep: 2 days Difficulty: 90 / 100

Fluffy light cream, nice and buttery with a slightly overpowering sweetness.

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