(TPA) Whipped Cream

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Profile: Pineapple, Blueberry, Dragonfruit smoothie.

Inhale: Pineapple, Blueberry, then dragon fruit starts to come through. Exhale: Fruit Blended into smoothie.

  • MUST STEEP atleast 7 days or will have slight harshness.
  • Mix comes together overtime, 10-14 Days the recipe really comes into its own

Profile: Your home made apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Inhale: Apple Pie first then starts to meld with ice cream. Exhale: Apple pie blended into Icecream finish with Icecream as end note. Y

Update 2.0-
Switched percentages of FA Apple Pie and Cap Apple Pie v2 as FA Apple Pie was more crust than filling and I wanted a more saturated vape.

  • Will be ordering Flavorah Apple Filling very soon for v3 of this recipe to saturate that cooked apple vibe a little more.
  • Stay tuned as V3 will be the best yet!

Profile: Butterscotch Custard/Ice Cream Hybrid

Inhale: Butterscotch into Cream Exhale: Cream into Toffe/Custard Finish.

Work in progress, your classic butterscotch custard with a toffee infusion. twist


Profile: Raspberry Light Cheesecake

Update 2.0-
* Rating is for V1 of this recipe, dropped INW Raspberry to 2% after something I discovered myself as well as through feedback.
* Cheesecake notes and nuances should become more pronounced after reducing INW Raspberry to 2%
* V3 might have different cheesecake base so stay tuned.


Profile: Your favorite summer time treat as a child orange Creamsicle.

Inhale: Creamy sweet/citrus Orange Exhale: Sweet Candy Orange Ice Cream

  • Orange Cream gets better the more time has passed.
  • Starting percentage for super sweet is .75% anything lower and your getting more oranges and cream than icecream.
  • V2 will include Mandarin orange or some combination of fresh/candied orange.

blueberry waffle icream the blueberry ice cream flavour is aq canadian coimpany vidiy or ejuicesdotca

Fresh apple pie with ice cream topping what more can you want. Marshmallow is to help the flavors. Meld a bit more increase mouth feel. Might switch out a cream or add bavarian cream blend gets better with steep.


I have a weird pallet. Fruits and creams seem to be my thing. This is also my first published recipe so be kind.

My favorite fruit is a Pineberry. It's like a pineapple and strawberry had a illegitimate love child. I made that happen and tossed in kiwi, zeppola, and cream for this fresh from the farm fair vape.
Tpa strawberry ripe and strawberry gummy prop each other up as I'm strawberry mute to a degree.
Add in some kiwi for a more lush mouth feel and sweetness.
I went with ssa Thai pineapple for the full body it provides to round out the fruits.
The creams are light in this recipe and the zeppola just adds a hint of depth.

Huge shout out to the guys and gals and pals on the discord who helped me figure mixing things out.

This is an actual all day coffee/cappuccino vape “no joke” it taste great after 5 days steeping but can be vaped sooner.it is a mild coffee thats what allows it to be vaped all day.the white chocolate comes through really nice after the 5th day of steeping and the whipped cream on top just finishes it.if you want a strong coffee you can go up to 10% with Lb cappuccino

This recipe was created in my 2nd episode of DIY all day vape Roulette on my YouTube channel Chasing Clouds and Flavor Reviews. I attempt to make a ADV in one sitting using %’s that I make up as I go with flavors I pick too toss together and hope to make something delicious. This is a great shake n vape that might need work. I appreciate any thoughts of how I can make this new recipe better only using the included ingredients and maybe swapping one or adding one flavor. Thanks Josh aka Chasing Clouds and Flavor Reviews

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 50 / 100 Solo: 5.0% Mix: 2.5% Steep: 2 days Difficulty: 90 / 100

Fluffy light cream, nice and buttery with a slightly overpowering sweetness.

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