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Needs at least a week to really bloom. A few drops of mts vape wizard can help round and blend the flavors if you don't want to cut the sweetness with bitter wizard.

Menthol is very light. Mix at 0.4-0.5% or add 0.5% spearmint for more of a menthol cig flavor

Depending on how sweet your VG is the bitter wizard may need to be increased. Using Essential Depot Palm VG I had to up it to 2% to cut the sweetness enough.

Sweet but nice baccy back taste. Open to any ideas.

Yeah, I go chocolate/Cinnamon/tobacco quite frequently. It's a combo that works tho so why not. Am4a is good by itself, as is red Burley, but together there's just that extra layer of complexity. And DNB just to bring it all back to a pipe tobacco more than a dessert tobacco.

Some people say that this one is better than the original , one thing is 100% , that is not 100% clone of the original,maybe a next batch will come closer to the original but is near 85-90% qaccurate clone ..youe feedback would be 100% usefull for me !

steep time 25-30 days


This one has had so many different iterations that it raises philosophical questions as to whether it's even the same thing it started as. But I think it's finally where I wanted it. I really wanted a bold Tobacco with chocolate and leather undertones. Originally, the chocolate came from INW French Pipe, but it was rather weak in the mix, so I started throwing in some FE tobaccos with it. Eventually, it became clear that it was better without.

FE Captain doesn't necessarily have a strong chocolate note to it, but it is very rich and has an almost chocolate feeling to it, if that makes sense.

The Western was the hardest part of this mix for me. My first test of the TFA version had a cough medicine taste to me, so I've always avoided using it. The first attempt at this profile I used INW Western, which also had a very offensive taste, but I was hoping that mixing it super low and steeping would help it. It did not. To the trash that mix went. Next up was FA Cowboy. It didn't have the cough medicine taste, but it also didn't have a good taste. On to v3 I went. I finally gave TFA Western another shot, and this time things went much better. Either something with my tastebuds changed, or I just had to find the right place for it. Either way, it provides a nice bit of leathery taste here, and also adds a bit of that chocolate nuance.

FLV Red Burley is in there to add a bit more tobacco and a little bit of earthiness for the Western and Captain to mix with. All together, it ends up a nice strong, bold tobacco flavor.

DNB and Black Fire in there just doin their thang. Adding a bit of smoke and ash to the mix. As far as steeping goes, the Black Fire will dominate the first couple of days, so bare minimum is about 4 days. Optimal is 2 weeks.

This sumbitch may have taken a few months to finally get it where I liked it, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.


A strong tobacco blend that Roland Deschain would approve.enjoy..

This is a mild sweet tobacco that is very smooth but still has that satisfying tobacco feel. I've been messing with this profile for a while and its been difficult because a lot of tobacco flavors I've tried taste like green beans or have notes that don't pair well with my goal for this recipe. Also the majority of maple flavors I've tried taste like cardboard or are extremely harsh and unvapeable.
TPA Western is a flavor I've liked for a long time and i actually prefer it over RY4 double. it's a very hard flavor to describe, it doesn't have any real distinct characteristics but adds a mild "tobacco" flavor and has a bit of the same feel of RY4 without overdoing it. This flavor is best at low percentages paired with more pronounced flavors.
I just recently tried Soho and really like it as a mild tobacco that you can add pretty much any profile to and it will work. That's kinda what i like out of a tobacco flavor so it works perfectly for this recipe and my taste.
FA Maple syrup is by far the best maple flavor I've tried, and so far the only one i can stand to vape. I've tried a few others and although they all tastes great on the back of the hand, FA was the only one that doesn't tear my throat out.
I added the frosting to sweeten things up and toasted marshmallow blends it all together and adds those great toasted notes.
This is one of the most mild, smoothest tobaccos I've had but it still has that satisfying tobacco feel that keeps me interested in the profile. Enjoy.

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