(TPA) Watermelon Candy

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Watermelon and strawberry bubblegum !! Marshmallow is just here for the mouth feel! And everything works great here together , Ethyl maltol to round it off and give it that candy bubblegum flavor that I was looking for here ! My take of Watermelon & strawberry Bubblegum !! Mix it up people !!!!.. shake and vape best after about three days ..


It's a remix of Drippy HubbaHubba – creamy, soft, soluble gum with a watermelon, strawberry, kiwi and banana - similar to hubba bubba.
Watermelon is playing on front with a strawberry and kiwi just a tad behind it. Banana is a background flavor here but brings a little bit of creaminess with vanilla swirl and meringue, which is here also for sweeteness. FAs Marshmallow is a blender in this case and helps watermelon candy become a actual gum. Enjoy!

I was trying to clone Chubby Watermelon. I have the correct watermelon, but gave up because this is so much better. Nice ADV that doesn't overload your senses.

Needs about an overnight to steep and its ready to go, on the shake the gummy candy stands out too much. I really like the little bit of the sour aftertaste. You can play around with the sweetener I found 1.5 to be the point where it doesn't leave a sweet diet soda taste in your mouth and brings out the candy aspects. Added the Marshmallow in my 3rd version to round everything out and keep it smooth.

Tried alot of batches with TFA bubblegum and Loranns bubblegum and none of them tasted like chubby, this is as close as I have got. I actually like this a lot better than Chubby, the addition of sour makes it a nice run around town vape.

Watermelon strawberry menthol, has a nice sweet and menthol combo. Perfect after an overnight steep. 1.5% menthol is pretty light, can be adjusted to taste

Delicious fruity guava with a dark berry and slight watermelon sweetness. This is my first time using sweet guava and at this percentage it almost has a bubblegum taste to it.

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