(TPA) Watermelon Candy

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Been wanting a Tigers Blood vape so i mixed one up using the flavors i had on hand. It was really good but i adjusted the percentages and this is my final version that i have been enjoying alot lately. You can adjust the sweetener and WS-23 to your liking or substitute using other sweeteners or cooling effect flavors. I also gave it a 4 day steep just so the flavors could meld a little. Hope you enjoy.

This is a Cold fruity refreshing summer vape that depicts the picture. Sweetened to taste. I used 1% sweetener and I have to steep menthol for around a week so that the minty flavor subsides, but the menthol with polar blast creates a nice cold frozen drink. If you want it even colder on the inhale you can add 0.5% WS-23.

Just a melon candy flavor. Love flavorah wild melon =) Shake and Vape approved.

just a simple gummy watermelon candy. sweet watermelon which is very candy like watermelon to me. TPA watermelon candy provides that tart candy watermelon note. 27 bears and cap jelly to create a gummy candy base. The cap apple simply adds more body and depth to the flavor that is needed in the middle. Vanilla swirl blends this all together with a slight sweet vanilla note

Mixed for mixin in the kitchen show on Gummy candy
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This recipe Inspired from Noted episode 51 after all the talk about what melons taste like gum and which are sweet and what is not a candy they touched on FLV bubblegum, they touched on how Koolada has a nice effect with melons and here goes what came out of listening to all that jiber jaber.. lol
I don't like koolada so I used WS-23. I did not steep this however i do think 3 days will help the papaya floral notes to smooth out and I think its balanced enough to be able to stand up to the test of time.

Enjoy its real good.

this recipe is a really weird one. i was drunk and i wanted something sour to smoke so i tried this and it worked. i hope you guys like it. it smells really sour but when you smoke this mix it wont taste that sour but it will taste perfect. please give me your review about it if you mix it

This is a watermelon peach candy vape. These fruits work surprisingly well together.

A remix with some newer flavors of something that go mixed up when I first started mixing. Redone and revamped with some major improvements. It is a peach/honeydew main profile, with some kiwi, and watermelon in the supporting role. All of the fruit is mingled with some sweet cream and Koolada is just a hint of coolness. This vape is very refreshing summer vape that gives you a light sorbet feeling on your palette. Was a favorite back in the day, and I have a feeling this is going to come back into the rotation once more.


Here is the old recipe if anyone is interested.

Soda base adds the fizzy bite.

Wild melon, watermelon, watermelon candy make the base watermelon flavor.

Pear candy adds the body.

Yumberry adds slight tartness to the soda base.

Dragonfruit helps lift the watermelon candy making it a bit brighter.

Cotton candy adds to the candy quality.

Add whatever about of sweetner you prefer.


Been going after that true Melonade by ZAP for a while now. Here it is...
Honeydew II (TPA) 5% (yes, use v2)
Koolada 10% (TPA) Can be lowered to 0.25% or left out
Marshmallow (TPA) 0.5% for mouthfeel
Menthol (LB) Can be lowered to 0.25% or left out
Super Sweet (CAP) use between 0.25% and 1%
Watermelon Candy (TPA) 2%

Enjoy ;)

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